Saint Minard

By HF Staff

Saint Minard

Edmonton Oiler goaltending prospect Mike Minard was named man of the year in the American Hockey League, receiving the Yanick Dupre Memorial Award for his contributions in the community of Hamilton. This Hamilton Bulldog is an example of the good will and charity that hockey players sometime do not get credit for in this era of high salaries and larger ego’s. Mini Munchkin’s is one of the many programs that Mike is involved in where he has purchased a block of tickets for the childrens hospital so the families can attend the games together.

As well as being a honorary captian and spokesman for the Nike/American Hockey League Streetdogs program that helps children to learn more about the game of hockey, he has help raise $20,000 as a spokesperson and poster player for the Toronto Dominion Bank’s “smiles on ice”. With Bill Ranford retiring this season Mike has a chance at being the back up goaltender to Tommy Salo especially with his performance in the last game of the season against the Calgary Flames in Calgary where he made a strong showing in the second and third period to preserve the victory.

The city of Edmonton will be very fortunate have a player such as Mike Minard with his contributions on and off the ice, if he plays anything like his boyhood hero Grant Fuhr. The Oilers could have another fine goalie to add to their storied history.I Wanna be like Mike!

Possibly in the near future the Oilers success could be in the hand’s of Mike or the Mike’s. With Michel Riesen, Micheal Henrich, Mike Comrie and goaltender Mike Minard adding to the lone Mike, Mike Grier who would welcome the help and confusion in the locker room and on the ice. Could you see poor Kevin Lowe yelling Mike and Mike off and you Mike and Mike your on and tell Mike to come over and talk to Tommy during the Commercial break!

It could possibly drive the coaching staff crazy and it might make Coach Lowe smile during the game, well maybe not but wouldn’t you like to hear the announcer calling this play during an overtime playoff game. Mike stops the puck behind the net and passes it to Mike and turns down the ice and throws an outlet pass to Mike who dodges a check along the boards and makes a nifty little dump off to Mike and criss cross’s with Mike into the oppositions zone pulls the defenseman wide and pass’s to Mike and he one times in the top corner where grandma keeps the peanut butter!