Riding Shot Gun

By pbadmin
Keeping it close to home and within the organization has been an Oiler trait since the the team arrived in the National Hockey League. This shows loyalty, not only to the players and staff, but the fans as well.

Both new assistants bring different but valuable skills and experiences which will aid in forming a strong team concept with the emphasis on improving every time you hit the ice. Both coaches believe in the system in place and will add little wrinkles to the plan by bringing out the best qualities in each player.

Adding another former Oiler dynasty teammate in ex-defenseman Charlie Huddy was a fine choice, with his experience with the Rangers coaching staff and five Stanley cup rings, he brings a lot to the table. His first project this year is to personally tutor the likes of Tom Poti, Eric Brewer and Sean Brown which is the perfect opportunity fot the trio to take their individual games to the next level. I would not be suprised to see Poti make it to the All-Star Game this season, while Eric may have the break out year the scouts have been waiting for, since the style of play in Edmonton suits his talents. And maybe most importantly, guiding Sean into a dependable tough defensive defenseman that plays with more discipline.

On the other side of the coin, Billy Moores has a wealth of coaching experience from coaching the University of Alberta, leading the Golden Bears to four CIAU championships in his tenure. However, Billy’s best asset is his ability to break down a player’s game and show him how to correct his habits, so he may make himself a more well rounded player. His strong teaching roots will be invaluable to this young team which has the potential to cause some serious damage in the postseason.

Having two individuals that have long standing ties with the community and the franchise will show through in their enthusiasim and commitment to take this team beyond it’s expectations.