Thoresen Nets Only Goal For Norway in Junior`s Loss, Nagel Stars in 4-4 Tie.

By Evan Andriopoulos
Patrick Thoresen who recently returned from camp in North America scored the lone goal in a 5-1 loss to Finnish Tappara. Thoresen has landed himself in his father`s stal at Storhamar for the season and is considered one of Norway`s brightest prospects. Lars Peder Nagel also played for Norway as they have put together perhaps one of their best National Teams in Years. The Norwegian team arrived right off the bus and were headed to the ice as the game time was changed and this did not suit the team well.

Line Up:
Defense:Petter SkollaMarius Fredriksen
Ola JohannessenSvein Magnus Melgaard
Andrè Høibyhagen Anders Helgesen
Erik HaugomPetter Barth Hansen

Forwards: Lasse FredriksenLars Peder Nagel
Jonas Andersen
Morten StrangstadLars Sandvold Moe
Knut Henrik Spets
Christian ThygesenPatrick Thoresen
Eirik Skadsdammen
Bjarte BjønnesKarl Johan Sundt
Peter Lorentzen

Goalie: Mats Johansen

In the other game, Norway rallied from a 4-1 deficit on goals by Lasse Fredriksen (2) and Christian Thygesen to finish with 4-4 tie.