Camp Notes

By pbadmin

Note: Not all tryouts are included on this list.

Goaltenders: Christian Brosnard, Tim Keyes, Alfie Michaud, Garth Snow, Kevin Swanson, Mike Valley, Kevin Weekes.

Defensemen: Chad Allan, Bryan Allen, Murray Baron, Rick Bertran, Doug Bodger, Ryan Bonni, Clint Cabana, Regan Darby, Darrell Hay, Kevin Kellett, Zenith Komarniski, Kevin Mackie, Mattias Ohlund, Chris O’Sullivan, Ryan Shannon, Brent Sopel, Jason Strudwick, Rene Vydarney, Greg Hadwood, Peter Allen.

Centers: Steward Bodtker, Andrew Cassels, Artem Chubarov, Matt Cooke, Harold Druken, Darby Hendrickson, Josh Holden, Mark Messier, Reggie Savage, Steve Shrum, Jarred Smithson, Lubomir Vaic, Harry York.

Left Wings: Todd Bertuzzi, Donald Brashear, Mike Brown, Marcus Gustaffson, Steve Kariya, Brad May, Ryan Ready, Randy Rowe, Peter Schaefer, Jonas Soling, Ryan Thorpe.

Right Wings: Paul Ferone, Martin Gendron, Pat Kavanagh, Trent Klatt, Mike Lee, Brad Leeb, Vince Malts, Alex Mogilny, Bill Muckalt, Rob Pearson, Larry Shapely, Jarkko Ruutu, Markus Naslund.

Day 1

U of Maine UFA signee Steve Kariya impresses. He’s got that great speed. He was always buzzing around the puck. Looked very very tiny.

Bryan Allen and Doug Bodger were paired. Allen was pretty much invisible.

Greg Hawgood, IHL megastar, returns to the NHL to replace Adrian Aucoin to QB the VC power play.

Derek Diener, a tryout from Burnaby, got a broken arm when he crashed into the boards.
Artem Chubarov and Jarkko Ruutu played well. Chubarov seems to have really impressed Crawford, et al.

If he makes the Canucks, he gets $800k US for the year. If he doesn’t make the Canucks, he goes back to the Moscow Red Army, and makes 14 perogies per fortnight. Now THAT’S motivation. All NHL contracts should be like that.

Close to signing Schaefer, FAR apart on Aucoin, Jovo and Scatchard.

Michaud was the top goalie on the day. Naslund started earning his millions early by scoring a penalty shot on Alfie. That was the only goal against him.

Scorers on the first day:

Billy Muckalt had 2 goals. Mogs, Naslund, UFA signee (from Calgary) Ryan Ready, Lubomir Vaic, Jarred Smithson, Pat Kavanagh, and Reggie Savage had 1 goal each. Mess snagged two assists. Savage is probably going to the AHL.

Day 2

Artem Chubarov is getting some more hype. He has definitly impressed the coach (always a good thing). His clutch play in the WJC was impressive, but whether he can handle the NHL yet is questionable. Kicking ass in a Canucks training camp is a far cry from being a useful NHLer. Since he can only play in the NHL or back in Russia, you may see him stick, just because. Another year in the Russian system probably wouldn’t do him much good.

Chubarov is playing with Mogs. Alex says that Chubarov will be a future “star” in the NHL.

New goalie coach. Andy Moog says Kevin Weekes sucks up the knowledge that Andy is passing onto him, like a sponge soaks up knowledge.

Jarkko Ruutu scored two goals due to hard work and gritty play. His speed is also pretty good. Excellent forechecker.

Michaud is still playing like the best goalie in camp. We all know that Snow and Weekes have the spots sewn up however. Sort of like when Hirsch was great in the pre-season, and McLean and Irbe both stank (way back when Tom Renney and Pat Quinn were still running things in Vancouver), and yet Hirsch was the one sent to the AHL. At least in this case, Michaud needs some AHL seasoning.

Day 3

Goal goes off Ruutu’s leg. That’s his 3rd in 2 days. Bure who?
Bryan Allen hasn’t done much of anything well. He basically had all of last year wiped out, so maybe one more year in Junior wouldn’t hurt him.

Michaud continues to play great.

Even if he deserves to.
Chubarov continues to play with Mogilny, and play very well…
Druken is playing OK offensively, finally distinguishing himself…
Brown isn’t doing much of anything. Hopefully he gets in some scraps in the pre-season and kicks some ass.
Steve Kariya played better on the wing on Day 3, as opposed to when he was playing center. His lack of size doesn’t seem to be as much of a detriment on the wing.
Day 4

The Canucks rookie squad crushed the Canadian National Team, coached by “Master Motivator” Tom Renney, 6-2 on Friday. Steve Kariya had 2 goals.

Day 5

Assigned to Syracuse: C Stewart Bodtker, D Clint Cabana, RW Paul Ferone, G Alan Hitchen, G Tim Keyes, RW Vincent Malts, D Ryan Shannon, RW Larry Shapley, C Jerred Smithson, LW Jonas Soling, and G Mike Valley.
Returned to Major Junior: D Rick Bertran to Red Deer of the WHL, D Regan Darby to Belleville of the OHL, D Darryl Hay to Tri-Cities of the WHL, RW Mike Lee to Tri-Cities of the WHL, D Kevin Mackie to Kamloops of the WHL, G Kevin Swanson to Kelowna of the WHL, LW Randy Rowe to Belleville of the OHL and LW Ryan Thorpe to Spokane of the WHL.
Released: D Derek Diener, RW Rob Pearson, D Kevin Kellett, and LW Marcus Gustafsson.
Day 9

Assigned to Syracuse: C Brian Bolin, C Harold Druken RW Martin Gendron, RW Pat Kavannaugh, LW Reggie Savage, LW Ryan Ready, LW Mike Brown, D Ryan Bonni, D Chad Allen, D Trevor Doyle, and G Alfie Michaud.

Released: D Peter Allen.

San Jose at Vancouver (1-1)

The Canucks started off slowly, with Kevin Weekes letting in the first shot directed at him (what else is new?). After that Weekes stopped all shots although it was clear on the radio broadcast he was still down and out after stopping a number of first shots.
Kariya scored the first goal for the Canucks of the preseason, assisted by Cooke and Ruutu. Sounds like a good potential 3rd/4th line for the Canucks in the regular season. Kariya was the best player on the ice offensively and received game first star, a couple of big hits, and a bloody nose for his trouble. Kariya might have produced more but he played the majority of the game with Harry York and Trent Klatt, two players not noted for their offensively creativity.
Christan Bronsard stepped in and played in goal the second half of the game. He made several good saves and did not allow any goals. Look for him to get a two-way contract and share duties with Michaud down in Syracuse.

Neither Bertuzzi or Mogilny showed much inspired play last night. Cooke and Schaefer both played well; Ruutu’s name wasn’t mentioned much. The best defencemen was Zenith Komarnsky; he laid a number of big hits.
Montreal at Vancouver (3-1)

Montreal showed off its suffocating defence tonight, and the Canucks managed a whole twelve shots on Montreal. Or was it fifeteen? Who cares, because anything below twenty is pitiful.
Martin Rucinsky looked like a pre-season superstar. Then again, he just took advantage of a “Daze-d” Brent Sopel for his short handed marker.
Bill Muckalt was probably the best Canuck. He scored their only goal. The Naslund-Messier-Muckalt line was the Canuck’s best when they played, but they didn’t play much. They were not, however, effective on the PP.

Alan Nesreddine. First he takes on Mike Brown and gets thumped. Then he irritates Messier who lays a huge hit on him behind the Montreal net (and gets a Boarding penalty for his effort). Not knowing when to stop, he takes on Brad May — sans broken hands — and loses badly again.
The Canucks took lots of stupid penalties. So what else is new?
Alfie Michaud looked nervous in his first NHL action and fought the puck a bit. Rene Vydareny had a marginal effort.

Ottawa at Vancouver (6-5 OT)

A very exciting game, which Ottawa won in overtime 6-5. Ottawa dressed its NHL defence, and it showed through the first two periods, especially when working on the blue lines. The Canucks dressed their minor leaguers, and they were not very impressive. However, the Canucks’ forwards turned it on in the third and were able to make up deficits twice.
Kariya-Cassels-Mogilny: This line was pure excitement; all offence and very little defence. Steve Kariya and Alex Mogilny were had good success at breaking down a highly skilled Ottawa defence with their speed and excellent passing, but Kariya was also on the ice for four of Ottawa’s goals and finished with a -2 rating. Kariya had a goal and two assists. Same for Mogs.
Josh Holden was mediocre for most of the game. He scored a goal off a scramble in front of the Ottawa net. Bryan Allen had an undistinguished game.

Matt Cooke was impressive again. He scored a goal and played well on the PK along with Ryan Ready. Ready-Cooke-Ruutu was the second best Canuck line of the night. Ready passed well all night, and they all hit well and generated offensive momentum.
Kevin Weekes suffered a minor groin strain so Christan Bronsard had to play all but eight minutes. Christan was not as impressive as he was against San Jose, letting in six goals. The worst goal against him was a 60′ shot by Jason York after a failed Kariya-Mogs 2-1. Ottawa also dressed their minor league goaltending talent.
Trent Klatt scored. Part of the reason why the Canucks were able to come back was because they played disciplined. They took only four minor penalties; Ottawa took five in a row at one point.