Dallas Stars Draft 1999 Review

By pbadmin

After some speculation by various publications, the Dallas Stars chose not to move up in the draft, but rather chose to once again trade down for multiple picks instead. This gave Dallas more flexibility, while still allowing them to draft reasonably high in the second round.

Also, prior to the draft the Stars traded for ex-Michigan University product Warren Luhning. In return, the New York Islanders received the Dallas Stars third round pick in 1999, which could result in a relative steal for the Stars. This is due to the fact that the 6-2 185lbs right-winger has good size and speed, and possesses decent skills to go with a solid defensive game. In addition, Luhning is ready for the pros, as he has spent two years in the minors, has had two call-ups, and is already mature at the age of 23. Good pickup by Bob Gainey.

Other moves included the trading of Swedish prospect Per Svartvadet to the Atlanta Thrashers for the 184th pick (6th round) in the 1999 draft, and the flipping of the Blues 2nd rounder for a Stars 3rd rounder in this year’s draft (terms of deal not known). Here is a break down the Dallas Stars 1999 Entry Draft pick by pick.

{All stats are from the ’98-’99 season}

#33 Michael Ryan-C 6-1 170lbs 5/16/80

Boston College High School (USHS) gp-21 g-20 a-24 pts-44 pim-44

Central Scouting Report
“An excellent skater with a smooth stride … an agile player with excellent acceleration … skates well with the puck and is very strong in one-on-one situations … possesses good scoring ability and is an opportunist around the net … a very good passer and puckhandler and has a strong backhand which he uses often … a tireless competitor who battles hard for the puck … a feisty player who plays aggressive in the corners and around the net … a very emotional player.”
Simply put, Michael Ryan was drafted on the sole basis of his upside. This is because at the present he is very skinny, must add strength, and has played against lesser talent in the high school ranks. However, he does have some of the best skating ability available in the ’99 draft, and possesses high-end offensive skills as well. Was also named Mass. Player of the Year, and has signed a letter of intent to play at Northeastern University next season. As a result, Dallas made a bold move with this selection, something that they have rarely done in the early rounds.

#66 Dan Jancevski-D 6-3 208lbs 6/15/81

London (OHL) gp-68 g-2 a-12 pts-14 pim-115

Central Scouting Report
“A solid skater who is strong on his skates … effective along the boards and in the corners … moves the puck quickly to the forwards, often passing rather than carrying the puck … has great coverage in front of the net and clears opponents out with authority … a stay-at-home defenseman … plays a very aggressive game and competes hard … a punishing hitter.”

HF Comments:
“Dan has proven to be a good stay at home defenseman in his first season with the Knights. He has great size and uses it well in his own end. He finished with 100+ penalty minutes which proves he can play it tough. He does jump into the play when there is an opening. He doesn’t do it often but he has two more years to develop that offensive charge. He could be a wild card pick in this year’s draft. If he shows he can play both ends of the ice well in the playoffs, he could go as high as the beginning of the second round. He is a safer bet for early third though.”

A solid pick that showed great improvement all year long, and even capped it off with an impressive performance in the OHL playoffs. Will add nice depth to the Dallas defensive ranks, and he should continue to improve with more playing time. Safe, solid pick.

#96 Mathias Tjarnqvist-W 6-2 190lbs 4/15/79

Roda BK (Swe-Div1) gp-13 g-7 a-5 pts-12 pim-14
1999 WJC (Swe) gp-6 g-1 a-4 pts-5 pim-4 (+/-) +1

Mathias is two years older than most prospects, as he was passed over in both the ’97 and ’98 drafts. Unfortunately, he has yet to make it to the Swedish Elite League though, so his upside is probably in question. Mathias did however turn in a good performance at the 1999 WJC for Sweden, and he does give the Stars some size, speed, and versatility as a left-hand shot. Projected to be a third-liner with some nice intangibles, but this same pick could have been made in the later rounds.

#126 Jeff Bateman-C 5-11 165lbs 10/29/81

Brampton (OHL) gp-68 g-23 a-35 pts-58 pim-49 (+/-) -49

HF Comments:
“Talented Belleville native will be the number one center next season following Jason Spezza’s departure….durable for his size, one of only two Battalion players to have played every game this season….has been extremely productive over the second half of the season with 12 goals and 19 assists….fine skater and a good playmaker….possesses a good shot and a fine touch around the net….tenacious checker who works hard killing penalties….despite his lack of bulk, does not shy away from physical play…. feisty player who does not take a lot of penalties.”

Other Comments:
“Jeff had an impressive first season for the expansion Batallion. He is very offensively gifted but needs to add some more defensive responsibility to his all round game. He could also use a little more weight. 162 pounds is not impressive. He has 2 more seasons to gain weight and work on his defense. If he does, he should be a fine prospect.”

Bateman is one of the youngest players in the 1999 draft, and is also capable of becoming one of its most talented. He should continue to develop his offensive game on a weak expansion Batallion team, and should also continue improving his defensive coverage. Dallas will need to insist that he begin an intensive weight program in order to put more muscle on his frame though. In all, he could be a solid pick for the future, and is a reflection of the Stars increased focus on potential top six forwards.

#156 Gregor Baumgartner-LW 6-1 180lbs 7/13/79

Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL) gp-68 g-33 a-58 pts-91 pim-14 (+/-) +5

Gregor Baumgartner is a very interesting pick for the Stars. He has tremendous speed, good instincts, excellent vision, and great passing ability. What he doesn’t have though is the intensity and defensive coverage that Dallas really likes. Further more, Gregor is a re-entry from the 1997 draft where he was taken with the 37th pick overall by the Montreal Canadiens. This is a divergence from the norm for Dallas. He should play for the K-Wings next season, and will add needed skill to the forward ranks. This selection too is another indicator of the search for top six forward talents.

#184 Justin Cox-RW 5-11 160lbs 3/13/81

Prince George (WHL) gp-72 g-9 a-13 pts-22 pim-51 (+/-) -10

This pick represents a return to the strategy of taking a good checker as opposed to a fair offensive player. Justin has good skating ability, and plays with passion and determination. He still has a few years of junior eligibility left, and will be given this full time frame to develop.
#186 Brett Draney-LW 6-0 170lbs 3/12/81

Kamloops (WHL) gp-58 g-7 a-10 pts-17 pim-48 (+/-) +10

#215 Jeff MacMillan-D 6-3 200lbs 3/30/79

Oshawa (OHL) gp-65 g-3 a-18 pts-21 pim-109 (+/-) +18

An unspectacular player, but is solid nonetheless. He was at the Stars training camp in 1998, but failed a physical due to knee problems. Jeff however has seemed to conquer these problems, and has made himself a solid positional player. He too should be with the K-Wings next season, and will probably only be a career minor leaguer at best.

#243 Brian Sullivan-D 6-3 185lbs 6/27/80

Thayer Academy (USHS) Stats Not Available

Is a big and mobile defenseman that has committed to playing at Northeastern University next season. He was considered a top recruit for the NU program, and the Stars will give Brian a full four years to develop his raw skills.

#265 Jamie Chamberlain-RW 6-0 180lbs 10/2/81

Peterborough (OHL)gp-68 g-15 a-24 pts-39 pim-26 (+/-) -1

Central Scouting Report
“A confident puckhandler who will not hesitate to rush end-to-end … displays good hockey sense and has a strong wrist shot with a quick release … very aware of his defensive responsibilities and will take a hit to make the play … needs to become more consistent.”

HF Comments:
“Jamie is a well rounded player that is used in all situations for the Petes. He doesn’t have great size, but plays a little bigger than his 5-11 frame. He uses good positioning to make solid plays. He needs to be a little more aggressive to catch the attention of the scouts, but that may come in time.”

Jamie Chamberlain is an extreme value and talent this deep in the draft. He showed good skills as a rookie in the OHL, but a poor playoff showing resulted in his draft day slide. However, Jamie still is one of the younger players in this year’s draft, and should develop nicely in the coming years. This was a good pick for Dallas, as they add speed and potential to a previously thin right-wing position, while only using a very low pick to do so.

#272 Mikhail Donika-D 6-0 185lbs

Yaroslavl (Rus) Stats Not Available
1999 WJC (Rus) gp-7 g-0 a-2 pts-2 pim-6 (+/-) +1

Is a solid defenseman who has good defensive skills, and also has the ability to handle the puck. He was passed over in the in the last two drafts. Mikhail also played pretty well in this year’s WJC, as he displayed a solid array of skills. In turn, Mikhail could prove to be a steal this late, as the talent seems to be there, although the lack of size could hinder him.

This was a decent draft for Dallas on the whole, as they chose skilled players and role players alike. However, their general lack of European selections could be a grave error. This is because of the current contract issues associated with CHL players, and the fact that value and talent generally lie within the European prospect. But the Stars should have at least two or three future NHLers come from this draft, and that is good for any team.