Finnish Preseason Game: Kärpät v. Jokerit

By pbadmin

Kärpät beat Jokerit, a Finnish Elite League team, 4-2 (1-0 1-1 2-1). Goals were scored by Martin Bergeron (2), Mikko Haapakoski, and Niklas Hagman. Goals for Jokerit were scored by Jari Kauppila and Jukka Tiilikainen. The referee’s kind of spoiled the game, by giving penalties for every touch. One goal by Niklas Hagman was called back without a clear reason.

Ten prospects from these teams:

Antti Kangas (stats not available at the moment)
Comments: Big goalie, good in blocking shots and glove hand is pretty strong too.

Lasse Kukkonen (no stats available at the moment) Didn’t seen him play.
Mikko Lehtonen (junior:games 22, goals 7, assists 8, points 15, penalty minutes 51, +13, kärpät: games 2, goals 0, assists 0, points 0, penalty minutes 5, +1)
Comments:Good skater… is very aware of offense… knows when to take risk and joins the attack well. Strong defensively too… doesn’t get outplayed. He is going to be big in the future.

Jaako Niskavaara (kärpät: games 35, goals 13, assists 24, points 37, penalty minutes 48, +29)
Comments: Hard and accurate shot, very offensive defensemen, not very strong in own end. Makes too many mistakes. Has an excellent shot and is very good on the power play.

Sami Siltavirta (kärpät: games 45, goals 1, assists 6, points 7, penalty minutes 79, +17)
Comments: Big tough defensemen… No one goes around him, and he’s a really good hitter. Good in penalty killing, and strong in front of his own net.

Petri Isotalus (kärpät: games 38 goals 4, assists 8, points 12, penalty minutes 24, +5)
Big guy who is good in front of net and in the corners. Also very good on the penalty killing line.

Niklas Hagman (blues and hifk: games 31, goals 2, assists 2, points 4, penalty minutes 16, -1 -drafted by florida 70 overall)
Comments: Fast and strong forward with nice shot… sneaks in on breakways nicely. Also enough size to stay in front of net. Future NHLer.

Kimmo Koskenkorva (kärpät: games 47, goals 15, assists 11, points 26, penalty minutes 47, +26)
Best skater in the whole league. Unbelievably fast (4.46 secs from own goal line to opposite blue line last year), with a nice wrist shot to add to his package. Good hitter due to his speed, even though he is small player. Didn’t get drafted which is a miracle.

Juha Joenväärä (kärpät: games 46, goals 16, assists 36, points 52, penalty minutes 60, +20)
Comments:Good fore checker.. needs to work on his stickhandling, but rules in the corners, and has a good shot.

Jari Viuhkola (junior:no stats available, kärpät: games 14, goals 5, assists 5, points 10, penalty minutes 6, +7 -drafted by chicago 158 overall)
Comments: Future star, sees the game in different level than other players in offense, nice passes. If plays all season, this will be his break-out year.