Finnish Preseason Game: KÄRPÄT CRUSHED LULEÄ 4-0.

By pbadmin

After this game you could say that the team that was more active, won. That’s the simple fact. Kärpät was much faster, and played with great intensity. Luleå players no matter which way they were skating, always had a player in a white suit checking them. That forced Luleå into many mistakes in their own end. After the first three minutes each one of 3011 spectators knew that Kärpät was going to win. By how many points was the only mystery.

Luleå had their chances too. Most of these chance came from mistakes made by Jaako Niskavaara, who made some terrible passes in his own end. Luckily for him though, Markus Korhonen was goaltending perfectly. Luleå had a few break-away’s but still couldn’t manage to score. They had one shot that bounced of the post in 3rd period, when the score was 4-0, but that was when Kärpät wasnt skating full speed anymore. There was a lot of penalties blown by the referee, which turned into two power-play goals and one shorthanded for Kärpät.

1st period:
At time 2.42 Johan Hedström of Luleå took a penalty for high-sticking, and soon after that Martin Bergeron passed the puck from behind the net to team’s captain Jari Laukkanen, who was standing alone in front of the net, and he shot the puck in the top shelf. 1-0.
Kärpät checked hard throughout the first period, and the result was another goal. Niklas Hagman got the pcuk from Kristian Taubert, and passed it to the centre to Juha Joenväärä. He made a brilliant pass back to Hagman who shot the puck in.

After that second goal, referees stole the show by giving lots of penalties. Much of the remaining time in this period was power-play.


Kärpät 1-0 3.03 Jari Laukkanen (Martin Bergeron, Juha Joenväärä) PP
Kärpät 2-0 8.17 Niklas Hagman (Juha Joenväärä, Kristian Taubert)
Luleå 2.42 Johan Hedström high-sticking
Kärpät Sami Siltavirta 3.23 interference
Luleå Hans Huczkowski 3.23 roughing
Luleå 3.59 Igor Matuskin interference
Kärpät 10.05 Kimmo Koskenkorva roughing
Luleå 10.05 Mikael Lövgren cross-checking
Kärpät 11.52 Jari Viuhkola interference
Luleå 13.09 Johan Hedström slashing
Kärpät 17.27 Harri Aho slashing.
2nd period:
The referee couldn’t stop giving penalties, and so the 2nd period also included lots of penalty kill. Niklas Hagman intercepted a pass in Luleå’s power-play, passed it on to Sakari Palsola who skated into Luleås zone and shot a high shot that surprised Jarmo Myllys.
Sakari Palsola got mad at Fredrik Svensson in front of net, dropped his gloves and wrestled Fredrik to ice. Both received 2+2. Luleå had a couple of great scoring chances, but Markus Korhonen made several magnificent saves, and Luleås forwards could only wonder, “where did that glove come from”.

The final goal was scored by Martin Bergeron after a face-off. n Kristian Taubert shot the puck, Myllys saved, and Bergeron shot twice and the last one went in. Luleås player Jonas Tröndkvist checked Jari Viuhkola really dirty from behind near the boards, and got what he deserved, 2+10.


Kärpät 3-0 4.27 Sakari Palsola (Niklas Hagman, Harri Aho) SH
Kärpät 4-0 12.46 Martin Bergeron (Kristian Taubert) PP
Kärpät 2.47 Teemu Virkkunen holding
Luleå 5.03 Hans Huczkowski tripping
Kärpät 6.22 Sakari Palsola 2+2 roughing
Luleå 6.22 Fredrik Svensson 2+2 roughing
Kärpät 7.19 Jaako Niskavaara cross-checking
Kärpät 8.13 Jari Viuhkola slashing
Luleå 9.22 Jörgen Bennström interference
Kärpät 9.44 Teemu Virkkunen cross-checking
Luleå 12.41 Lars Edström interference
Luleå 15.49 Jonas Tröndkvist 2+10 checking from behind.
3rd period:
Third period was mostly just killing time and waiting for the final buzzer. Luleå had few scoring chances. Johan Hedtröms had a break-way for Luleå, but the saved was made by Korhonen. After a face-off, during Torbjörn Lindberg’s penalty, Luleå shot and the puck bounced off the post. With 10 seconds left in game Korhonen saw Kimmo Salminen alone in neutral zone, flipped the puck high, which lead to a break-away. However, Salminen didn’t manage to score.

no scoring.
Luleå 4.48 Osmo Soutukorva tripping
Luleå 6.49 Torbjörn Lingberg holding
Kärpät 10.54 Harri Aho slashing
Kärpät 13.44 Martin Bergeron slashing
Kärpät 15.53 Marko Pieniniemi interference.
G Antti Kangas: didn’t play.
D Lasse Kukkonen: He only played a couple of shifts, and in one of them he gave a nice pass, which would’ve sent Teemu Virkkunen to break-away but he didn’t get it. Played ok, when he was on ice, no mistakes. 0+0 2min
D Mikko Lehtonen: He was clearly the best defenseman on the ice today. Dominated the defensive zone, gave many beautiful open ice hits, and sent fast passes to get the puck out from own end. Brilliant. 0+0 2min
D Jaako Niskavaara: Played very bad game. His passes were awful, always going somewhere other then where they were meant to go. Most of Luleå’s chances were because of him. Only one good shot in lots of time on the power-play. 0+0 2min
D Sami Siltavirta: He didn’t shine, but he made no mistakes either. Was good in PK in front of his own net, and nobody went around him today. 0-0 2min
F Petri Isotalus: He’s line wasn’t playing so much, and usually when it was, it soon became a penalty and they went off ice. Took turns with Tuomo Harjula in 4th line. Gave a nice open ice check in 1st period. 0+0 0min
F Niklas Hagman: He was the best forward today. His speed was simply too much for Luleå’s defensemen, and he stole the puck from them over and over again. Also had few other good chances to score, but wasn’t succesful. 1+0 0min
F Kimmo Koskenkorva: Went around slow Luleå’s defensemen many times, and got a two on one attack with Jari Viuhkola, but they didn’t score. 0+0 0min
F Juha Joenväärä: Did lots of dirty work in the corners and was rewarded with two assists. Otherwise he was doing basic job. 0+2 0min
F Jari Viuhkola: He played in line with Petri Isotalus and Teemu Virkkunen and they didn’t play much. When they played, he gave lots of hard checks, and that’s why I think he should’ve been on the ice more. 0+0 4min
F Teemu Virkkunen: In 4th line, and he took turns with Teemu Käyhkö, so he wasn’t much on ice today. 0+0 2min
Best Luleå player: Osmo Soutukorva

Best Kärppä players. *Mikko Lehtonen
**Niklas Hagman
***Markus Korhonen