Kärpät beats FPS 11-0 (4-0, 3-0. 4-0)

By pbadmin

It was clear before the game that Kärpät will win, but not many people
believed it would be with such a big score. Kärpät has now scored 26 goals
in 3 games, has shut-outed opponent in both home-games, and still they
aren’t leading, because of harmful 6-6 tie with Diskos last week. In
scoring, there are 6 Kärppä players in best 7. (Martin Bergeron 4+4=8,
Vjateslav Fandul 3+4=7, Miikka Rousu 3+3=6, Sakari Palsola 3+3=6, Kimmo
Salminen 2+4=6 and Juha Joenväärä 1+5=6)
Today there was only one team on ice. Kärpät was better in everything, FPS
had given up before the game had started, and they were just standing and
waiting for game to end. FPS didn’t have a single good scoring chance. It
seemed that all Kärppä-players were playing great, but maybe it is because
of weak opponent, who were always at least two steps behind. Kärpät
dominated the game completely, shot 46 times, FPS had only 14 shots. Kärpät
should make the first pass in own zone a little faster, so they could move
to offense more quickly.

1st period:

Kärpät had good scoring chances, but the game was played over 8 minutes,
until the red light turned on for the first time. The goal was scored by
Miikka Rousu, who went around FPS-defenseman, and shot to top-corner. Soon
Kärpät got 2-man advantage, and Juha Joenväärä put the rebound in, 2-0.
Teemu Virkkunen scored under delayed penalty, and Vjateslav Fandul, who
played an outstanding game giving perfect passes, scored the last goal of
the period.


2.56 Kärpät Karri Kivi 2min holding

9.49 FPS Marko Ronkainen 2min hooking

9.57 FPS Tero Ihantola 2min holding

19.13 FPS Marko Ronkainen 2min hooking.


Kärpät 1-0 8.28 Miikka Rousu (Martin Bergeron, Jari Laukkanen)

Kärpät 2-0 11.19 Juha Joenväärä (Sakari Palsola, Jaako Niskavaara) PP

Kärpät 3-0 16.00 Teemu Virkkunen (Juha Joenväärä)

Kärpät 4-0 16.46 Vjateslav Fandul (Jaako Niskavaara, Kimmo Koskenkorva)

2nd period:

There didn’t happen that much until 9.05. Vjateslav Fandul had one shot
bouncing of the post, but at 9.05 Teemu Virkkunen and Mika Urpula started
pushing each other in the corner after a whistle. Then Tero Ihantola made a
really stupid move, when dropping his gloves and challenging big
Kärppä-defenseman Kristian Taubert. The fight didn’t last for long, one
punch by Taubert to Ihantola’s face, and he fell to ice bleeding. The ice
had to be cleaned from Ihantola’s blood, which caused a five-minute pause.
Jaako Niskavaara, and Sakari Palsola scored, until Martin Bergeron (goal,
two assists) made a beautiful goal, getting the FPS goaltender lay on ice,
and then flipping the puck in to half-empty net.


9.05 Kärpät Teemu Virkkunen 2+2min roughing

9.05 FPS Mika Urpula 2+2min roughing

9.05 Kärpät Kristian Taubert 5+20 fighting

9.05 FPS Tero Ihantola 5+20 fighting

9.43 Kärpät Sami Siltavirta 2min holding

10.03 FPS Ville Hakala 2min interference

10.51 FPS Tomi Suoniemi 2min interference

17.24 Kärpät Miikka Rousu 2min tripping.


Kärpät 5-0 10.27 Jaako Niskavaara (Sakari Palsola, Juha Joenväärä)

Kärpät 6-0 12.19 Sakari Palsola (Kimmo Salminen) PP

Kärpät 7-0 14.25 Martin Bergeron (Jari Laukkanen, Miikka Rousu)

3rd period:

The only question left to 3rd period was, will Kärpät get two-digit amount
of goals. They did, and it only took 5 minutes to score those 3 goals. The
8-0 goal, scored by Miikka Rousu (2 goals, one assist) was the most
beautiful goal tonight, an awesome pass from Jari Laukkanen (three assists),
and only thing left for Miikka to do, was to move the puck in to almost
empty net. Teemu Virkkunen also scored his second goal tonight, and other
two goals were scored by Petri Isotalus.


6.40 FPS Pasi Harju 2min tripping

7.50 Kärpät Kimmo Salminen 2min high-sticking

14.26 Kärpät Mikko Lehtonen 2min interference.


Kärpät 8-0 3.23 Miikka Rousu (Jari Laukkanen, Martin Bergeron)

Kärpät 9-0 3.41 Teemu Virkkunen (Sakari Palsola, Juha Joenväärä)

Kärpät 10-0 5.01 Petri Isotalus (Karri Kivi)

Kärpät 11-0 18.42 Petri Isotalus (Lasse Kukkonen, Jari Viuhkola)


G Antti Kangas:Didn’t play

D Lasse Kukkonen: Played his best game so far. Didn’t make any mistakes, and
his excellent pass let Petri Isotalus to break-away. 0+1 0min

D Mikko Lehtonen: Was again the best defenseman. No mistakes and couple nice
hits. Should take more responsibility in offense too. Brilliant. 0+0 2min

D Jaako Niskavaara: Also his best game so far, no mistakes which usually are
quite common to him. Nice goal on second period. 1+2 0min.

D Sami Siltavirta: Wasn’t playing that well, he wasn’t focused on the game,
and he made a couple of dangerous passes. Hasn’t been playing well this
year. 0+0 0min

F Petri Isotalus: Two goals in third period. First one was very lucky one,
when it bounced to net from FPS defender, but the second one on break-away
was great. 2+0 0min

F Niklas Hagman: Didn’t play, injured.

F Kimmo Koskenkorva: He wasn’t as good as usually. Now when Vjateslav Fandul
is giving great passes, I’m sure that he’ll score many goals in the near
future. 0+1 0min

F Jari Viuhkola: Delivered a couple of good body-checks, but was playing ok,
but didn’t shine. 0+1 0min

F Teemu Virkkunen: Played in line with Palsola and Joenväärä. Before he has
had problems in getting the puck to net, but today he scored two goals. 2+0

Best Kärppä Players:

*Martin Bergeron

**Vjateslav Fandul

***Miikka Rousu

Best FPS players.

Impossible to say.