USHL – Feature Prospect: Rheese Carlson

By pbadmin

Name: Rheese Carlson
Pos: F
Height: 5-9
Weight: 172 lbs.
Born: 11/26/79
Hometown: Duluth, MN
Last Year’s Team: Rochester Mustangs (USHL)

1999-2000 Stats (USHL): (as of 10-9-99)

6 2 2 4 0
(2 ppg, 1 gwg)

1998-1999 Stats (USHL):
47 12 18 30 24
(3 ppg, 3 gwg, 2 uag)

JH: How would you describe your style of play? is it comparable to any current NHL player?
– I’m darn aggressive.
JH: Who is your favorite NHL player and why?
– Theo Fleury or Paul Kariya because they are aggressive and the way they move up and down the ice. They are fun to watch.

JH: What are your best skills and what are the skills you feel you need to improve on?
– One of my best skill is my ability to make things happen around the net. I need to work on my defensive play and getting everyone else involved.

JH: At what age did you first start playing hockey?
– I started playing when I was two years old.

JH: What colleges are you looking at, would you like to attend or are looking at you?
– I would like to attend something in the WCHA.

JH: Who has been the most important influence on you in your hockey career up to this point?
– My parents.

JH: Who were some of your inspirations growing up and who do you try to mold your game after?
– Growing up, I watched the likes of Dave Spehar and Chris Locker any of the good players out of the Duluth East program. I try to mold my game after Fleury and Kariya. I like the way they play. They are hard nosed.

JH: What advice do you have for all the young kids who would like to pursue hockey?
– Have fun. If you’re not having fun, it’s not worth playing.

JH: What are your first impressins of the coaches and players you’ve met playing with the Mustangs?
– We’re having a great time this year. Coach Huyber and Coach Eisler are great guys. They have a lot to teach.

JH: Are there any teams or players you’re looking forward to playing this season?
– All of them.