Sweden’s Top 15 Prospects for the 2000 NHL Draft

By pbadmin

List done in association with former Midget AAA Elite coach, and current head coach of the National 18 Team.

1. Martin Samuelsson, Modo, F.

189 cm, 87 kg.

1982 01 25

Shoots: L

Comments: Big strong forward, good ability to score goals. Will get his
hockey education from the top-notched coaching staff in Örnsköldsvik, who
have thaught the Sedin brother´s and Peter Forsberg and all of the other
supreme talent coming up from the ”hockey factory” of the northern part of
Sweden. That factor is a guarantee for success.

2. Tim Eriksson, Västra Frölunda HC, F.

174 cm, 71 kg.

1982 02 05

Shoots: L

Comments: Fast player who can handle the puck. Only weakness is size. Might
have better speed than Samuelsson.

3. Magnus Hedlund, Mora IK, D.

169 cm, 62 kg.

1982 01 02

Shoots: L

Comments: Should had been ranked first if he had been bigger. Strong player
though, who has dominated the Allsvenskan (South) League this
season.Unbelivable player who has everything except size. But size will
come, his body hasn´t start to develop yet, but count on this player. Also a
good hitter despite his size.

4. Niklas Kronwall, Djurgårdens IF, D.

179 cm, 71 kg.

1981 01 12

Shoots: L

Comments: Playing with the big mighty Djurgården team of the Swedish Elite
League this year. Hasn´t played so much, but had his first year as a senior
in Huddinge (Allsvenskan North) kast season. Good solid player who always
has played with the National Team players who are born in 1980.

5. Johan Eneqvist, Leksands IF, RW.

183 cm, 81 kg.

Shoots: L

Comments: Two-way player, good vision and a god scorer. He´s the captain for
the National 18 Team and has good leader potential.

6. Herman Hultgren, Brynäs IF, D.

184 cm, 89 kg.

1980 06 25

Shoots: L

Comments: Very raw defenseman. Playing for the defending Elite League
champions, Brynäs. Good hitter and good vision. Was involved in a big fight
in last season´s playoff, when he challenged the big Johan Finnstrom of the
Luleå team. Good shot and a player who will grow into his role.

7. Kenneth Bergqvist, Brynäs IF, F.
188 cm, 91 kg.
1980 05 19
Shoots: R
Comments: A pure scorer who has got his breakthrough this season. Has scored
five goals so far in Brynäs, and playing in the second line with established
players in the offensive Brynäs team. Good hands and moves, must work on his
defensive play.

8. Henrik Lundqvist, Västra Frölunda, G.
182 cm, 75 kg.
1982 03 02
Catch: Left
Comments: Big talent in goal. Number one for the National 18 Team. Playing Jr
A for Västra Frölunda. Should be able to handle a backup role for the Elite
Team, but as so many times before, Swedish Elite Teams don´t risk to let
young players up. Currently Västra Frölunda has Mario Brunetta as their
Number one. And he´s from Italy!!

9. Niklas Wästlund, Modo, C.

181 cm, 82 kg.

1982 04 18

Shoots: L

Comments: Promising center from northern Sweden. Big part of the National 18
Team. Coming stronger and stronger..

10. Mikael Tellqvist, Djurgårdens IF, G.
181 cm, 75 kg.

1979 09 ..

Catch: L

Comments: This is a big big talented young goalie. His only problem
is,limited playing time. Has played two full games for Djurgården this
season,and he did really good. Tellqvist is a loan to the Allsvenskan
South´s Huddinge IK. Doesn´t get the chance in Djurgården because of
overrated starter Tommy Söderström. Was supposed to play for Team Sweden at
the WJC in Winnipeg last year, but an accident in a league game against
Malmö were he was hit by a puck in his forehead while the mask was thrown
off,made his participation impossible. This kid is as good as the Ranger´s
top prospect, Johan Asplund.

11. Jonas Nordqvist, Leksands IF, C.
187 cm, 86 kg.

1982 04 26

Shoots: L

Comments: Should had been ranked higher, but he has had a tough season so
far. Despites that he is a big prspect for the future. Strong center who can
shoot and handle the puck well.

12. Jonas Lennartsson, Mora IK, RD.

184 cm, 88 kg.

1981 04 16

Shoots: L

Comments: Big defenseman, regular shift on the power house of Mora. Also
nominated for the WJC.

13. Pelle Andersson, AIK, C.

173 cm, 70 kg.

1982 03 01

Shoots: R

Comments: A player who is coming stnger and stronger. He´s small, but in some
cases, size doesn´t matter. It might work out for this kid.

14. Johan Thelin, Västra Frölunda, C.

182 cm, 92 kg.

1980 05 02

Shoots: L

Comments: This is my dark horse on the list. Doesn´t score a lot of goals,
but this kid is a grinder who can play the game. Has potential of making
points, but the strict system which is used in Västra Frölunda affects
Johan´s opportunity to score goals. Has developed some great defensive
skills over the past three years, and this kid is also a leader on and off
the ice. Should be able to be as good as Andreas Dackell of the Ottawa
Very few, has realized what defensive skills this guy has.

15. Patrik Nilsson, Huddinge IK, C.

193 cm, 82 kg.

1981 05 18

Shoots: L

Comments: Real sniper, has nine goals and three assists so far in 15 games
for, Allsvenskan South´s Huddinge. Not discovered yet, also a dark horse.

Others of Note: Defenseman Lars Jonsson and Daniel Lunqvist, and goaltender Kjell Bennermark

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