Hawks Decide on Vancouvers Pick

By Bill Placzek

The Blackhawks have decided to take the Vancouver #1 in this year’s 2000
draft instead of waiting for the 2001 draft. The Hawk reasoning in this
decision was not an easy one. If the they chose to accept the 2001 Vancouver
pick, they would have had three #1’s in the stronger 2001 draft.. Would that
have been enough to wrest away Jason Spezza from the the worst expansion team
picking in 2001? Doubtful. They are clearly thinking
that Vancouver will be much improved with an entire season of Felix Potvin in
net and the Sedin twins arrival. It is ironic that the original pick the
Hawks traded away would have brought Henrik Sedin to Chicago, but they
instead took this #1 and bolstered their weak defense with Brian McCabe.
McCabe hasn’t been Superman on the backline. His deceptive plus/minus depict
s him in a negative light, but he clearly is one of the better guys of a
horribly weak bunch of defensemen.
Henrik on the other hand, represents a position the Hawks have suddenly
called a very important need; first line centre.

I still feel this was a stop gap trade when and happened and down the
line the hawks will forever wish they hadn’t made it.

Which takes us back to the the 2000 draft. These two #s currently #7 and
# 9 overall, prior to the lottery that if won by those picks would bring them
down four slottings.At his press conference announcing the hawkdecisionn Smith
said he felt this 2000 draft had 8 or 9 solid prospects and that influenced
hisdecisionn. Again, Hawk draftnicks cannot waste much time trying to pigeon
hole prospects into the two 2000 #1 picks. They may be used to secure average
major leaguers to fortify a roster that has few all around players at all
positions. Let’s hope GM Smith will see through to not take less than these
picks are worth. Obviously the goaltending position, a true scoring forward,
and a Brooks Orpik would be nice long term additions. This organization is
paying for years of poor drafting and weak over all player evaluation skills.
One must hope that if they again sacrifice these early picks, they go towards
trades that bring true stars, and not more McCabes.