Q&A with Chris Thorburn

By Brad Coccimiglio
Rookie centre Chris Thorburn of the North Bay Centennials just completed his first season in the OHL. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him a few questions.

Hockey’s Future: What are your thoughts on your rookie season?

Chris Thorburn: “It was a pretty good experience. The guys that I was with showed me the ropes. They took care of me. As a rookie going in I thought there would be a lot of hazing, a lot of peer pressure but I was proven wrong. On the ice I wasn’t too happy with my points overall but I thought I did have a good season progressively. At the beginning of the season I didn’t get too much ice time but throughout the season when the injuries came around I started to get a little more so, overall, I enjoyed my first year.”

HF: What are your thoughts on how the Centennials season finished up?

Thorburn: “Team wise, I think we did better than we expected, especially in the playoffs. We took Barrie to 6 (games). I was very pleased with the outcome and I’m hoping next year we can make a run with 15 returnees, possibly 18.”

HF: What do you think about the Centennials future in the next couple of seasons?

Thorburn: “Like I said, next year we’ve got 15 returnees for sure, possibly 18 depending on what our o/a’s (overagers) decide to do, but next year we’re supposed to make a run in the playoffs, so hopefully we can achieve that and maybe even go to a Memorial Cup in the next few years.”

HF: What about personal future?

Thorburn: “I just want to progress as an individual, improve my skills day by day and I want to see a lot of improvement in the next year. Next year (2000) is my draft year so, hopefully, I can have a good year and hopefully be selected in the first round, or in the draft, so hopefully that will work out.”

HF: You’re described as hard working player with good leadership qualities and good enthusiasm. What type of player do you describe yourself as?

Thorburn: “This year I learned that hard work will get you anything. I try to stick a lot to that and so far it’s been working really well for me. I like more of the finesse part of the game, but I like the physical aspect as well. If the hit’s there I’ll take it and I’ll also give it. I’m kind of an all-around player. Points are not my strong point.”

HF: What do you think about your future in hockey? What do you want to accomplish?

Thorburn: “Obviously every kid’s dream is to play in the NHL and I’m not any different. I want to be there one day, not for the money, just having fun doing the thing I love to do most and follow my dream.”

HF: What do you want to do after hockey?

Thorburn: “I’ve always liked computers although I don’t know much about them. I want to get into that, I want to get a good education because, obviously, you need something to fall back on and every dream has an ending. Sometimes it comes sooner than you expect. I hope I can get a great education and I’ll go into the field of computers when I’m done.”

HF: Lastly, concerning the NHL draft, is there any particular team that you want to play for?

Thorburn: “I have no real particular team, I’m not going to be picky with that. It’s the best league in the world and I’m not going to pick what team I want to go to so any team would be awesome and it would be a dream come true.”