Kings Organizational Roster

By pbadmin

“Tough to Play Against.”
As of April 7, 2000

Owners: Philip F. Anschutz and Edward P. Roski Jr.
Governor: Robert Sanderman
President/Alternate Governor: Timothy J. Leiweke
Senior Vice President/General Manager: Dave Taylor
Assistant General Manager: Kevin Gilmore
Assistant to the General Manager: John Wolf
Director of Player Personnel: Bill O’Flaherty
Director of Amateur Scouting: Al Murray
Director of Professional Scouting: Ace Bailey
Scouting Staff: Serge Aubry, Greg Dreschel, Gary Harker, Rob Laird, Vaclav
Nedomansky, Parry Shockey, John Stanton, Victor Tjumenev and Ari Vuori
TV Commentators: Bob Miller and Jim Fox
Radio Commentators: Nick Nickson and Daryl Evans
Head Coach: Andy Murray
Assistant Coaches: Ray Bennett Mark Hardy Dave Tippett
Goaltending Consultant: Don Edwards
Trainer: Peter Demers ATC
Captain: D Rob Blake
Alternates: D Garry Galley and LW Luc Robitaille
Arena: Staples Center [18,500]
Training Center: Healthsouth Training Center
Team Colors: Purple White Black and Silver
Affiliates Lowell AHL, Long Beach IHL Mississippi ECHL and Trenton ECHL
Flagship Station: KRLA-AM 111 [Los Angeles]
Radio Network: KBET 1220 AM Santa Maria, CA, KGEO 1230 AM Bakersfield, CA,
KHJJ 1380 AM Palmdale/Lancaster, CA, KSHP 1400 AM Las Vegas, NV, KAMP 1430
AM El Centro, CA, KMET 1490 AM Banning, CA, KTRO 1520 AM Ventura, CA, and
KKAL 106.1 FM San Luis Obispo, CA
Baker, Kevin |6’01″|206|R|R|790615|99 D 7TH |Belleville OHL |
Barney, Scott |6’04″|198|C|R|790327|97 D 2ND |Lowell AHL |
Belanger, Eric |6’00″|177|C|L|771216|96 D 4TH |Lowell AHL |
Berg, Aki Petteri |6’03″|220|D|L|770728|95 D 1ST |Los Angeles NHL |
Blake, Jason |5’10″|185|C|L|730902|99 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Blake, Rob |6’04″|220|D|R|691210|88 D 4TH |Los Angeles NHL |
Blanchard, Sean |5’11″|198|D|L|780329|97 D 4TH |Lowell AHL |
Boucher, Philippe |6’03″|221|D|R|730324|95 T BUF |Long Beach IHL |
Brennan, Kip |6’04″|196|L|L|800827|98 D 4TH |Sudbury OHL |
Brennan, Rich |6’02″|205|D|R|721126|99 WD |Lowell AHL |
Buchberger, Kelly |6’02″|210|L|L|661202|00 T ATL |Los Angeles NHL |
Bylsma, Dan |6’02″|205|L|L|700919|95 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Campbell, Cory |5’11″|192|G|L|810727|99 D 3RD |Belleville OHL |
Charron, Craig |5’10″|180|C|R|671115|T 00 TOR |Lowell AHL |
Chartrand, Brad |5’11″|185|R|L|741214|99 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Clarke, Noah |5’09″|175|L|L|790611|99 D 9TH |Colorado College WCHA |
Corkum, Bob |6’00″|222|C|R|671218|00 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Cousineau, Marcel |5’09″|180|G|L|730430|99 T NYI |Los Angeles NHL |
Crain, Jason |6’03″|190|D|L|800103|99 D 3RD |Ohio State CCHA |
Egeland, Allan |6’00″|175|C|L|730131|T 00 CGY |Long Beach IHL |
Emerson, Nelson |5’11″|175|R|R|670817|00 T ATL |Los Angeles NHL |
Fiset, Stephane |6’01″|215|G|L|700617|96 T COL |Los Angeles NHL |
Galley, Garry |6’00″|202|D|L|630416|97 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Gillies, Trevor |6’03″|210|D|L|790130|99 FA |Mississippi ECHL |
Hannus, Tommi |6’00″|180|C|R|800627|98 D 7TH |TPS Turku FIN |
Henkel, Jim |6’02″|186|C|L|790525|98 D 8TH |Rensselaer ECAC |
Hogan, Peter |6’03″|183|D|R|780110|96 D 5TH |Lowell AHL |
Hymovitz, David |5’11″|188|L|L|740530|99 FA |Houston IHL |
Johansson, Daniel |5’11″|176|C|L|810705|99 D 4TH |Modo SWE |
Johnson, Craig |6’02″|200|L|L|720308|96 T STL |Los Angeles NHL |
Karalahti, Jere |6’02″|210|D|R|750325|93 D 6TH |Los Angeles NHL |
Lafayette, Nathan |6’01″|205|C|R|730217|96 T NYR |Lowell AHL |
Laperriere, Ian |6’01″|201|C|R|740119|96 T NYR |Los Angeles NHL |
MacIsaac, Dave |6’02″|225|D|L|720423|99 FA |Lowell AHL |
McGrattan, Brian |6’03″|210|R|R|810902|99 D 4TH |Mississauga OHL |
McKenna, Steve |6’08″|247|L|R|730821|96 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Melyakov, Igor |5’10″|176|L|L|761223|95 D 6TH |Novgorod RUS |
Modry, Jaroslav |6’02″|215|D|L|710227|96 T NJ |Los Angeles NHL |
Murray, Glen |6’03″|225|R|R|721101|97 T PIT |Los Angeles NHL |
Nemecek, Jan |6’01″|215|D|R|760214|94 D 9TH |Long Beach IHL |
Nogues, Jean-Francois|6’01″|154|G|L|810510|99 D 5TH |Victoriaville QMJHL |
Norstorm, Mattias |6’02″|205|D|L|720102|96 T NYR |Los Angeles NHL |
O’Donnell, Sean |6’03″|235|D|L|711013|94 T BUF |Los Angeles NHL |
O’Neill, Mike |5’07″|160|G|L|671103|99 FA |Long Beach IHL |
Palffy, Zigmund |5’10″|180|R|L|720505|99 T NYI |Los Angeles NHL |
Papineau, Justin |5’10″|160|C|L|800115|98 D 2ND |Belleville OHL |
Parros, George |6’04″|210|R|R|791229|99 D 8TH |Princeton ECAC |
Phillips, Greg |6’02″|205|R|R|780327|96 D 3RD |Lowell AHL |
Podollan, Jason |6’01″|202|R|R|760218|99 T TOR |Lowell AHL |
Pudlick, Mike |6’03″|190|D|L|780224|FA 00 |St Cloud WCHA |
Reinprecht, Steve |6’00″|190|C|L|760507|FA 00 |Los Angeles NHL |
Robitaille, Luc |6’01″|215|L|L|660217|97 T NYR |Los Angeles NHL |
Rosa, Pavel |5’11″|188|R|R|770607|95 D 2ND |Long Beach IHL |
Rullier, Joe |6’03″|198|D|R|800128|98 D 5TH |Rimouski QMJHL |
Scott, Travis |6’02″|185|G|L|750914|FA 00 |Lowell AHL |
Seeley, Richard |6’02″|199|D|L|790430|97 D 6TH |Lowell AHL |
Shefer, Andrei |6’01″|180|L|L|810726|99 D 2ND |Halifax QMJHL |
Simons, Mikael |6’03″|195|C|L|780115|96 D 4TH |Mora Ik Allsvenskan SWE |
Smithson, Jerrid |6’02″|190|C|R|790204|FA 00 |Calgary WHL |
Smolinski, Bryan |6’01″|202|C|R|711227|99 T NYI |Los Angeles NHL |
Storr, Jamie |6’02″|195|G|L|751228|94 D 1ST |Los Angeles NHL |
Strbak, Martin |6’03″|198|D|_|750115|93 D 9TH |Bratislava SLOV |
Stumpel, Jozef |6’03″|225|C|R|720620|97 T BOS |Los Angeles NHL |
Thomas, Scott |6’02″|200|L|R|700118|99 FA |Long Beach IHL |
Tiilikainen, Jukka |6’00″|170|L|L|740404|92 D 11TH|Jokerit FIN |
Tuomainen, Marko |6’03″|218|R|R|720425|99 FA |Los Angeles NHL |
Vlasak, Tomas |6’00″|175|C|R|750201|93 D 5TH |HPK FIN |
Volkov, Alexey |6’01″|185|G|L|800315|98 D 3RD |Halifax QMJHL |
Vuorivirta, Juha |6’02″|190|C|L|760305|95 D 7TH |Tappara FIN |
Wernblom, Magnus |6’01″|200|L|L|730302|92 D 9TH |Modo Hc SWE |
Yeats, Matthew |6’00″|181|G|L|790408|98 D 9TH |Maine HE |
Zizka, Tomas |6’02″|198|D|L|791010|98 D 6TH |ZPS Zlin CZE |
Important Dates
Apr 09 – Regular season ends.
Apr 12 – Stanley Cup playoffs begin.
Apr 28 – Hockey World Championship in St Petersburg Russia begin.
May 14 – Hockey World Championship in St Petersburg Russia end.
Jun 13 – Tentative last possible date to end Stanley Cup finals.
Jun 23 – Expansion draft for Columbus and Minnesota in Calgary
Jun 24-25 – NHL entry draft in Calgary.
Jul 01 – Eligible players transferred to the free agent lists.


Apr H/A Opponent Result Apr H/A Opponent Result
07 H Dallas FSW 10:30 PM 09 A Anaheim ABC7 3:00
* – All Times Eastern

The Kings vs the National Hockey League:

01 Anaheim Mighty Ducks | 6| 1| 2| 2| 0| 01 New Jersey Devils | 1| 0| 1| 0| 0|
02 Dallas Stars | 6| 1| 4| 0| 1| 02 New York Islanders | 1| 1| 0| 0| 0|
03 Los Angeles Kings | -| -| -| -| -| 03 New York Rangers | 2| 1| 1| 0| 0|
04 Phoenix Coyotes | 6| 2| 4| 0| 1| 04 Philadelphia Flyers | 2| 1| 1| 0| 0|
05 San Jose Sharks | 6| 2| 3| 1| 1| 05 Pittsburgh Penguins | 2| 2| 0| 0| 0|
TOTAL PACIFIC |24| 6|13| 3| 3| TOTAL ATLANTIC | 8| 5| 3| 0| 0|

01 Calgary Flames | 4| 4| 0| 0| 0| 01 Boston Bruins | 2| 0| 0| 2| 0|
02 Colorado Avalanche | 4| 3| 1| 0| 0| 02 Buffalo Sabres | 2| 1| 1| 0| 0|
03 Edmonton Oilers | 4| 1| 2| 1| 0| 03 Montreal Canadiens | 2| 1| 1| 0| 0|
–*Minnesota Wild | -| -| -| -| -| 04 Ottawa Senators | 1| 0| 1| 0| 0|
04 Vancouver Canucks | 4| 2| 0| 2| 0| 05 Toronto Maple Leafs | 1| 0| 1| 0| 0|
TOTAL NORTHWEST |16|10| 3| 3| 0| TOTAL NORTHEAST | 8| 2| 4| 2| 0|

01 Chicago Blackhawks | 4| 3| 1| 0| 0| 01 Atlanta Thrashers | 2| 2| 0| 0| 0|
–*Columbus Blue Jackets | -| -| -| -| -| 02 Carolina Hurricanes | 1| 0| 1| 0| 0|
02 Detroit Red Wings | 5| 2| 2| 1| 0| 03 Florida Panthers | 2| 1| 1| 0| 0|
03 Nashville Predators | 4| 3| 1| 0| 1| 04 Tampa Bay Lightning | 2| 1| 0| 1| 0|
04 St. Louis Blues | 4| 1| 2| 1| 0| 05 Washington Capitals | 2| 1| 0| 1| 0|
TOTAL CENTRAL |16| 9| 6| 2| 1| TOTAL SOUTHEAST | 9| 5| 2| 2| 0|
* – Begin play next season.

Due to computer problems dealing with both software and hardware I havent
been able to post as often as I would like. I am sorry for the

The Kings have signed free agent D Mike Pudlick from St Cloud State WCHA.
He will report at the start of next season so that he can finish his school

The Kings have signed free agent C Steven Reinprecht from Wisconsin WCHA.
He is a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award. He will be assigned to the
Kings so that he can play a game or two at the NHL level this season.

When RW Donald Audette asked the Kings for a trade GM Dave Taylor went to
He sent faxes to the other NHL teams letting them know that he was willing
to deal Audette but not give him away. Atlanta answered the fax and the
Kings sent Audette and D Frantisek Kaberle to Atlanta for RWs Kelly
Buchberger and Nelson Emerson. The key to this deal for the Kings was the
addition of playoff experience, grit, character and leadership.

C Len Barrie was claimed off waivers by Florida. The Kings wanted him to
clear waivers for his roster spot. If the Kings hadnt made a deal at the
deadline he would have remained with the Kings. Barrie said that the Kings
would be the first team he contacts at the end of the season when he
becomes an unrestricted free agent.

The Kings traded C Don MacLean to Toronto for C Craig Charron.

The Kings sent future considerations to Calgary for C Allan Egeland.

The Kings signed G Travis Scott and C Jerrid Smithson to free agent

The Kings have traded LW Bill Huard to Atlanta for future considerations.
Reportedly it will be a draft pick but the conditions are yet unknown.

LW Vladimir Tsyplakov asked the Kings to trade him because he didnt want to
be around simply as an insurance policy. Since Tsyplakov can be an
unrestricted free agent after the season the Kings granted his wish by
trading him to Buffalo for a conditional draft pick in this years entry
draft. The conditions for this trade are as follows [according to reports]
the Kings will get an eight round draft pick if Tsyplakov leaves after this
season. If Buffalo resigns him the Kings will receive a mid round draft
pick according to GM Dave Taylor.

The Kings have signed unrestricted free agent C Bob Corkum to a one year
contract plus an option.

While GM Dave Taylor was working the phones to improve the Kings at the
deadline most teams wanted a) young prospects b) draft choices c) Stephane
Fiset or d) Jamie Storr. But Taylor was limited somewhat by the fact Fiset
was out with a groin strain at the time.

Former Kings D Jan Vopat is currently out for the season with a career
threatening skin condition. He is plagued by red blotches that swell up
itch and burn. Doctors are baffled by his condition. If anyone has any
further details on his condition I would be interested in hearing about it.

D Garry Galley is the Kings nominee for the Bill Masterton Trophy.

It will be interesting to see if the Kings exercise the option to be the
primary affiliate for Lowell AHL next season or share it with the NY

The Kings will be holding a Youth Hockey Camp at the HealthSouth Training
Center in El Segundo. The camp will be held this August from the 20th to
the 26th. It will be for boys and girls ages 5 through 16 of all skill
levels. Some of the instructors will be Luc Robitaille Rob Blake and Jim
Fox. For further information please call (310) 535-4516.

D Mattias Norstorm and D Sean Odonnell have a bet for who will have the
most points this season [goals are the tie breaker]. The winner will not
only have the bragging rights for next season but a dinner for 4 as well.
Below are the current standings:


During the All Star break the Kings scouts met to evaluate both amateur and
professional players.

It has been reported that the expansion Columbus Blue Jackets may not hire
a coach until after the season. One person rumored to be under
consideration is Kings assistant coach Dave Tippett. It had also been
reported that Tippett was under consideration for the Pittsburgh coaching
job before it was filled by Herb Brooks.

NO 2000 Draft Remarks
01 Los Angeles
02 Los Angeles
03 Los Angeles
04 Los Angeles
05 Los Angeles
05 Fm Philadelphia [D Steve Duchesne].
06 To Detroit [G Ryan Bach] [Conditional Pick].
07 Los Angeles
08 Los Angeles
09 Los Angeles
XX Fm Atlanta [LW Bill Huard] [Future Considerations].
XX Fm Buffalo [LW Vladimir Tsyplakov] [Conditional Pick].
XX To Calgary [C Allan Egeland] [Future Considerations].

NO 1999 Draft* Remarks
01 Traded to NY Islanders [RW Zigmund Palffy].
02 Traded to Buffalo [RW Donald Audette].
02@W Andrei Shefer Unsigned
03 D Jason Crain College
03 D Frantisek Kaberle Fm Chi/Signed/[LW Kelly Buchberger]
03 G Cory Campbell Fm Tor/Unsigned
04 RW Brian McGrattan Unsigned
04 C Daniel Johansson Fm NJ/NYI/Europe
05 G Jean-Francois Nogues Unsigned
06 Traded to Colorado [LW Eric Lacorix]
07 RW Kevin Baker Unsigned
08 RW George Parros College
09 LW Noah Clarke College
@ – compensatory selection for LW/C Matt Zultek * – The Kings have until
Jun 01 01 to sign their unsigned draft choices from 99.

NO OA 1998 Draft* Remarks
01 017 Traded to Colorado [G Stephane Fiset]
01 021 D Mathieu Biron [RW Zigmund Palffy]
02 046 C Justin Papineau Unsigned
03 076 G Alexei Volkov Signed
04 103 D Kip Brennan Unsigned
04 105 Traded to New Jersey [D Doug Bodger]
05 133 D Joe Rullier Unsigned
06 163 D Tomas Zizka Europe
07 190 C Tommi Hannus Europe
08 217 C Jim Henkel College
09 248 G Matthew Yeats College
*The Kings have until Jun 01 00 to sign their unsigned draft choices from

The Los Angeles Kings mailing list is located at


RW Scott Barney [IR: 1 Oct/ETR: Out For The Season] was assigned to Lowell
AHL to start the season but he has yet to play a game. It was determined
that he has a congenital back problem. His future was once very bright now
it will be determined by how he recovers.

D Philippe Boucher [IR: 1 Oct/ETR: Week to Week] has undergone surgery on
his foot on Apr 27. He is currently playing with Long Beach IHL. It is
unknown if the Kings will recall him for the playoffs.

G Marcel Cousineau [IR: Mar 16/ETR: Week to Week] has undergone emergency
surgery for acute appendicitises. It is unknown if he will be able to
return to the ice this season.

RW Nelson Emerson [IR: Mar 23/ETR: Indefinitely] is out with an fractured
left index finger. He was fitted with a cast from his elbow to his finger.
He has an outside chance of returning for the playoffs.

RW Zigmund Palffy [IR: Mar 15/ETR: Indefinitely] has suffered a strained
right shoulder. He is skating again and according to reports he is doing
his rehabilitation twice a day. He has a good chance of returning for the

C Bryan Smolinski [IR: Apr 5/ETR: Out For The Season] is out with a torn
medial collateral ligament in his right knee. No surgery is planned.

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