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Czech 2002 prospects: Michal Barinka

by Robert Neuhauser
The small city Tabor in the south of the Czech Republic isn’t well-known outside the Czech
borders. History fans may know that in the 15th century the city was the main base of the
Husits, people fighting against all the evil in the catholic church in the Czech countries,
and also leaving a waste land on the places, where the battles took place. After they were
finally defeated in 1434, there was nothing for what Tabor would be known for. But die-hard
NHL fans may be aware of the fact, that some quality prospects who turned into NHLers were
born in Tabor. Just as the case is by New York Rangers’ Radek Dvorak or former Tampa Bay
Lightning Jaroslav Svejkovsky, both of them being first-rounders. And coming 2002, there is
another prospect for the draft, who has the tools to develop into a solid NHL player. Even
if he doesn’t look like a sure-fire first round talent. The guy I’m talking about is
defenseman Michal Barinka, a standout for the Ceske Budejovice juniors and the Czech Under-18

Michal Barinka was born in a family, where not his father, but his mother was involved in
hockey action. She was a teacher at an elementary school for sports, where hockey is the
main subject. She loved the game and her biggest dream was having her little son playing
hockey. So it was quite logical, that she brought him to the game very soon and Michal was
admitted to play for the C team of the youngest kids in Tabor when he was five years old.
As a tall guy, Michal was put by coach Rene Skalicky to the defenseman position and he felt
very comfortale there. He had Read more »

Interview with Tobias Stephan

by Joeri Loonen

Question: You didn´t play today against France – did you consider the French to be so weak that your team didn´t need you, or why else did coach Jakob Kölliker let Matthias Schoder play today?

Stephan: We´re neither arrogant towards the French team, nor do we consider it to be so weak. It´s just that both Matthias and I want to play and have to play for some time, and we´ve decided before the tournament that both of us will play at some time.

Question: So he would also have played today, if the opponent had been Canada or Russia?

Stephan: Yes.

Question: Now that you´ve beaten France you´ve definitely avoided to take part in the relegation round. Are you satisfied now, or do you aim for more?

Stephan: Even if we had lost today, we still would have a chance versus Russia tomorrow!

Question: But beating Russia is nothing to count on before…

Stephan: No, but now that we´ve won, we´re looking forward to facing the Russians, and then, next week, against other good teams.

Question: So you aim for a medal?

Stephan: Yes, that was our goal since the beginning of the tournament.

Question: You play for EHC Chur, a not-so-good team in Nationalliga A. Do you think you have more opportunities there to show how good you are?

Stephan: Yes, of course! I get more time to play there than I got in Kloten. I´m still young, and I think I still have time enough to play for a good team later, in few years.
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The Saga of Pat Jarrett

by Brad Coccimiglio

After Jason Spezza asked the Mississauga IceDogs to trade him early in the 2000-01 season, centre Pat Jarrett stated that he would not do the same thing.

My, how times have changed.

With Spezza playing for the Windsor Spitfires and Jarrett trying to get back on track after a slow start, Jarrett decided before Christmas to leave the team and request from the team, stating that he was unhappy with the team.

IceDogs General Manager Trevor Whiffen and Head Coach Don Cherry have said that they are willing to let Jarrett sit out the rest of the season, which would jeopradize Jarrett,s draft status. With the OHL’s trading deadline coming up on Jan. 10ththe possibility of that happening is good.

Whiffen has said that the IceDogs would no longer be pushed around by players and that there has been little interest in Jarrett thus far. Whiffen has said that the only calls he has received from other teams were ones of sympathy.

On the other hand Whiffen has said that they would welcome back Jarrett if he would be willing to re-join the team, and that their offer of lallowing him to join the team is still on the table.

Some teams have expressed interest in Jarret, but players have said that they do not want to be dealt to the IceDogs because of the situation there.

The IceDogs side of the story is no secret to the fans and media but Jarrett’s side is foggy.

Since leaving the team Jarrett has refused to talk about the situation with the media and say exactly why he left.

For, Jarrett’s sake, let’s hope that this situation gets resolved an Read more »

WJC: Interview with Sean Bergenheim

by pbadmin

HF:Finland just beat hosts and reigning champions Czech Republic to advance to the semi finals. Must be a great way to start the new year

Bergenheim: Yes for sure. I feel we dominated the first two periods while in the third our only goal was to protect the lead and advance to the semi finals.

HF: What was your reaction when you heared you had to face the Czech Republic in the quarter finals? Weren’t you a bit afraid of them because they do have home advantage and they had to make up for their lackluster performance so far?

Bergenheim: We know that they are a good team, but so are we. If we want to reach our goal we should be able to beat every team.

HF: Was this win a revenge for the lost WC-final last year?

Bergenheim: Not really. Of course it’s nice to beat the Czechs and the people in Finland must have liked it but it wasn’t our main intention when we enterred the ice.

HF: What is your opinion about Finland’s performance so far? You had a rough start vs Switzerland then had a lot of trouble with the power play vs Russia followed by a strong performance vs France and finally the impressive win over Canada.

Bergenheim: Every tournament we’ve played this year has been like this for some reason. We always start with a bad loss and gradually the team seems to gel

HF: What was the goal of the team before the tournament?

Bergenheim: Like many other teams problably that was and is the gold medal

HF: Are you satisfied with your own performance so far?

Bergenheim: Not so go Read more »

Robert Gherson named OHL Player of the Week

by League Press Release

Toronto – The Ontario Hockey League today announced that Sarnia Sting
goaltender Robert Gherson is the OHL Player of the Week after allowing just
one goal in two starts last week.

Gherson, a 17-year-old native of Toronto, posted a 2-0-0 record, along with
a 0.50 goals against average and .984 save percentage in two starts with the
Sting last week. He opened the week with a 22-save shutout performance
against the London Knights on January 3. It was his first shutout of the
season and second of his OHL career. Gherson followed up with a 41-save
effort in a 6-1 win over the Guelph Storm on January 6.

Gherson, Sarnia’s third round pick in the 1999 OHL Priority Selection,
improved his season record to 16-17-0 with a 3.42 goals against average and
3.42 save percentage.

Robert Gherson
Born: October 8, 1983
Position: GoalCatches: Left
Height: 6.00Weight: 152 lbs.
Sarnia’s 3rd round choice, 54h overall, in 1999.

OHL Totals7532551863.432

WJC: Interview with Deny and Patrick Bärtschi

by pbadmin

HF: First of all congratulations on the victory over Slovakia. A great way for the both of you to start the new year

Patrick: Yeah for sure. It was a tough game for us . The Slovaks play a good transition game and their puck control is very good.

Deny: We should have kept the lead after we went up 2-1 so late in the game, but in the end I think we deserved to win this game.

HF: What can this Swiss team achieve during this WJC?

Deny: So far we played with a lot of ups and downs, we’ll take it game by game.

HF: Are you satsfied with your own performance so far?

Deny: Yes I am satisfied with it.

Patrick: Yes, although I’ve been a bit inconsistent. Today I played well though I thought.

HF: In the semi final you meet Canada again

Deny: It will be a very tough game for us for sure. We usually have a lot of trouble against North American teams.

Patrick: I’m looking forward to meet them. I am looking for revenge. I want to kick their ass. Canadians always tend to say Swiss players have no balls, and indeed we didn’t show any in the first meeting but now we know how they play and they won’t get away with it so easily anymore.

HF: The both of you were top snipers in the Swiss top juniors leagues. Right now in the NLA your production has been limited to only a few points.

Patrick: We played 3 years in the juniors so the last year we were the veterans there which made it easier.

Deny: The gap between junior and senior level in Switzerland is big. We have to get used to the N Read more »

Russian Prospects NHL Draft 2002: Anton Babchuk

by Jake Dole

For more information please vitit

Talent Analysis:

At 6’5 Anton Babchuk has an imposing frame. Though he has not yet quite filled it in, weighing only 190 pounds, Anton has already developed a nasty physical edge to his game that will only get stronger as he grows. Defensively Anton is a very good, hard hitter, able to deliver hits along the boards or out in open ice. Besides delivering the hits, Anton also effectively uses his large frame to block shots. He plays a strong positional game, able to keep the opponents in front of him. For a guy his stature, he is a solid skater with good speed and above average lateral movement, but still has room to improve in the skating department. According to a Czechhockey observer, Robert Neuhauser, Anton is a “smart player and is willing to join the rush” and “has a very good offensive upside”. He is also a very effective powerplay quaterback, being a solid puck handler and being able to pass the puck “right on the tape” according to Mr. Neuhauser. Anton does have to improve his shooting. He has a powerful shot, but it is not very accurate. Mentally Anton Babchuk has a great hockey sense and plays a physical and “simple” style of hockey.

Back In Russia:
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