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1999 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Anaheim Mighty Ducks

by pbadmin

This season, the Ducks have the 15th overall pick in the 1st round, followed by the 45th overall pick in the second round. The Ducks this year should obviously be looking to not only become a better team, but to have their top selection in the lineup as early as next season.

For Anaheim, their main problem is offensive help for the trio of Kariya, Selanne, and Rucchin. This year’s draft offers plenty of gifted offensive players, however, most of the pure scoring talent will likely be gone by the time the 15th pick rolls around. The Ducks, besides needing offensive help, also need a good backup goaltender to help Guy Hebert out, and also, a more pressing need, more help on the back line.

With the 15th overall pick, I believe the Ducks will try to pick up Taylor Pyatt, the left-winger from the Sudbury Wolves. Not only does Pyatt have great size (6’4″, 215lbs.) but he is not only physical, but he can score, too. Other forwards the Ducks are eyeing include Oleg Saprykine and Brett Lysak. As far as the blue line goes, defenseman Branislav Mezei and his huge 6’5″, 221lbs., frame seem to fit the mold of what the Ducks are looking for.

Although the Ducks need a backup goalie, I doubt they will pick one up until later in the draft. So, there you have it, my take on what the Ducks will do in the 1999 Entry Draft. I might be right, I might be wrong. We’ll all just have to wait till draft day to see…

Montreal Canadiens Draft Preview

by pbadmin

Having traded away their number one pick in this year’s draft to the New York Islanders, the Canadiens will have a simple plan on draft day; Draft the best player available. Without a number one pick the Habs are aware that any player drafted from the second round on will take several years to develop. This being said, it would be unwise to draft a player in order to fill a hole in your roster, as that hole is unlikely to exist by the time that player is ready for the NHL.

Currently the Habs need depth at center. Yet those holes will likely be filled within the next 2 years, as they have two solid prospects at center with Eric Chouinard and Mike Ribeiro. They are deep in Goaltending at the moment with Jose Theodore and Mathieu Garon toiling in the minors. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Habs’ management won’t take a look at Maxime Ouellete if he’s still available come the second round. Another need is offensive depth on the wings.

The Habs have not drafted a defenseman in the first two rounds since 1995, when they drafted Miloslav Guren in the second round. They have chosen a player from Quebec in one of the first two rounds every year since 1996. Last year they used there first 3 picks to choose players from Quebec; Chouinard in the first round, Ribeiro in the second round and Francios Beauchemin in the third round. This last trend could be by chance, but is more likely by design.
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St. Louis Blues Draft Preview

by pbadmin

Well, the ’99 season has come to a close. And now, as is tradition, we direct our attention to “The NHL Draft”. Even before St. Louis makes its first selection, Blues fans have reason to be excited about the team’s future prospects in the organization. The “build from within” approach instituted by CEO & President Mark Sauer and GM Larry Pleau is ahead of schedule. Young players, that in previous years would be dealt for immediate help, have begun to emerge from Worcester. Michal Handzus had a solid first season in the NHL. He is already regarded as one of the top defensive players in the game; the offense will come in time. Lubos Bartecko made contributions late in the year and showed that he is close to playing full time with the big club. In the playoffs, Jochen Hecht was a pleasant surprise. He showed the great puck skills and skating ability that enabled him to lead all players in points in Worcester. If he can continue his great play, expect him to settle in at left wing for the Blues next year. Jamal Mayers also played well down the stretch. And Marty Reasoner is not too far down the road. That being said, Let’s take a look at the possibilities for the Blues at this years draft.

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Dallas Stars Update-II

by pbadmin
In this update one can find a listing of the new projections for many of the Dallas prospects. With these projections come debate and differing opinions, but all are welcome. Please direct any comments to my email address, and I will respond to them all as quick as I can.

{My next article will attempt to resolve the debate over whether to keep Roman Turek or Eddie Belfour}

New Player Projections


1. Lyashenko 6.5

2. Gavey 5.5

3. Karlsson 7

4. Svartvadet 5.5

5. Jinman 3

6. Perry 3


1. Brenden Morrow 7

2. Botterill 6.5

3. Sim 6.5

4. Wright 5

5. Kapanen 6.5

6. Gainey 6

7. Elomo 6.5

8. Christie 4.5

9. Lind 6.5 ( not under contract )

10. Luchinkin NR


1. Bouck 6

2. Kristofferson 6.5

3. Flichel 3.5

4. Leeb 3.5

5. Timkin NR

6. Patera NR


1. Jackman 7.5

2. Lukowich 5.5

3. Buzek 5

4. Tsybouk 5

5. Erskine 5

6. McKercher 4.5

7. Bouchard 3

8. Petrochinin NR

9. Komarov NR


1. Marty Turco 7.5

2. Manny Fernandez 6

**1997 Draftee Signings**

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Sabres Report: Odds & Sods

by Ken McKenna

Back in the early 70s, the British rock band The Who released the album “Odds & Sods”, which was a collection of songs that had been left off of previously released albums for various reasons. In the spirit of that recording, I’ve decided to break from my usual Top 20 format to make this season wrap-up column a review of the playoff performances of certain Sabre prospects, as well as other random items from the post season.

The big news is, of course, that the Buffalo Sabres will be appearing in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 24 years. Meanwhile, down the I-90, the Rochester Americans liked the idea of the Sabres appearing in the finals so much that they defeated the defending Calder Cup champs from Philadelphia to return to the Calder Cup finals for the 5th time this decade. Based on these events, it is clear that the Sabres organization has finally become one to be envied by the rest of the NHL for the first time since Punch Imlach was GM of the Sabres. The Sabres may not land their first Cup this year, as they are definite underdogs against Dallas, but they will almost certainly be contenders for the foreseeable future. Their contender status is the result of good drafting and shrewd trading, not to mention excellent coaching. Rather than praise those responsible for the Sabres success (others have done this better than I could), I will simply wish the Sabre organization good luck in the NHL and AHL finals, and, like all other Sabre fans, I’ll sit back and enjoy the moment.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Preview: 1999

by pbadmin

The Toronto Maple Leafs have spent the past few years trying to pick up the pieces from a largely broken down franchise in the mid-1990′s. The management team, headed by President and General Manager, Ken Dryden, has decided to try to rebuild the team from the ground up, using the draft to add skilled prospects and the Leafs’ system to develop that talent.

Following the end of the Leafs’ magical playoff run in 98-99, Coach Pat Quinn earmarked a team need for more bigger, stronger, physical, forwards who have the speed and skills to be significant offensive threats as well. Associate GM, Mike Smith, then stated that the free agent route will most likely not be an avenue used by the team this year to “upgrade” their talent level. It appears that for the most part, the Leafs will use their own system to add to this “team need” as they enter a new season and a new milleneium in 1999-2000.

The Leafs went out, a bit, on the “proverbial limb” in the 1998 draft by selecting a largely unknown prospect in center, Nikolai Antropov from Kazakstan. Antropov has some potential as he is refining his game with the Moscow Dynamo team in Russia. Some in the Leafs’ system feel that Nikolai may push for a roster spot next season, but it is likely he will return to Russia for one more season and then may need at least a half of a season at St. John’s to acclimate himself to the North American pro game.
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Drafting the Perfect World…

by pbadmin

A clean slate. That is what the Avalanche will be looking for come this summer. Following a disappointment in the playoffs, the Lanche are faced with an interesting summer and new year. From a new arena to a new owner, this upcoming season will be one full of changes as the Lanche try to right what they feel to be a few “wrongs” in their system.

Let me first get a few things out before we even look at what the Lanche will go after this year in the draft, trades and free agency. Lacroix must stay, he’s made solid deals and wants to win. Kamensky, Lefebvre, Gusarov and their high salaries are all gone…unless they sign for less money. Fleury might not re-sign. He has less than a month till free agency and big money. Lacroix will be working overtime to get his lone big name FA signed. He does have a few plusses in his corner…Sakic and a team called the Avalanche. If or if not Fleury re-signs, Lemiuex, Donovan, and Sakic will be shopped around the league. Yes Sakic. Joe is in his last year of his contract and he has two things going for him…a cheap contract and star status, which means most teams will bite. Come next off season we could see Roy gone too as the expansion draft approaches and the Avalanche will be forced to decide on Roy or Denis. They can stop this by getting Atlanta to take Billington in the expansion draft hence preventing the Lanche from losing another goalie next year. My guess is the name Billington will be called on draft day. Now that the ground work is laid out, lets take a look at what the Lanche need and want.
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Atlanta Draft Preview: Rome Was Not Built in a Day

by pbadmin

No this old adage was not referring to Rome Georgia, but the expansion team Atlanta Thrashers could benefit from this saying and hopefully some luck. The Thrashers would like to be able to draft a future star player and maybe have something to build their marketing around in the media Mecca of the south. This could be a possibility as this years draft assuredly contains 4 or 5 players of great potential.

The Thrashers draft 2nd and with this pick in any draft you are reactionary to the what the team picking first does. Atlanta’s GM Don Waddell seems to be very interested in Sweden’s 6’1″ Left Wing Daniel Sedin. When asked if he thought the Sedin twins would not do as well if they were split apart, Waddell answered that they should both be stars on their own and keeping them together may not be realistic. Waddell also stated that his scouting staff have seen the Sedin twins about 20 times. Pavel Brendl would also be of interest to Atlanta but the feeling seems to be that Tampa will use the first selection to draft him. When asked about Patrick Stefan, Waddell without hesitation expressed doubt about Stefan’s long term health due to multiple concussions. “The team that drafts Stefan must be satisfied through medical tests that Stefan is able to continue to play in the NHL at a high level”.
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Pre-Draft Update

by pbadmin

As predicted, the Islanders house cleaning has already begun with the departure of team captain Trevor Linden to the Canadiens for the 10th overall pick. Linden didn’t produce on Long Island and this move frees up space down the middle. With two top ten picks for the second time in three years the Isles are expected to take a couple of forwards to bolster their goal scoring. At the 5 spot they are likely to pick one of two centerman, Jamie Lundmark or Kris Beech. It is reported that Milbury favors Beech’s size, speed, and two way game despite Lundmarks greater upside. At the 10th position the Isles will most likely selesct one of two wingers, Jani Rita or Taylor Pyatt. Pyatt is a huge left winger, however unlike Rupp he can actually score and is perhaps the fastest player in the draft. He won the CHL All-Stars lap skating competition with a faster time than Rico fata did last year. Jani Rita is also a likely possibilty if he is available at the 10th pick. He is a big fast right winger who plays a power game, however some question his scoring ability.

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Jeff Heerema Profile

by pbadmin

The Hurricanes’ top prospect this season goes by the name of Jeff Heerema. Heerema is a right winger who plays for the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario League. Heerema was drafted by the Hurricanes 11th overall in the 1998 NHL entry draft. He’s an outstanding skater who has a great shot an ability to put the puck in the net. His only real problem is strength, although that will come in time. The thing that the Hurricans like most about him is that he’s committed. He’ll pay the price to put the puck in the net. “He’s a guy who could develop into the best pure goal-scorer in our system,” said assistant GM Jason Karmanos. But Heerema is still a couple of seasons away from making a splash in Carolina, but the Hurricanes think he can become a big contributor when he arrives.