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Canucks Prospect Analysis (Pt. 2)

by pbadmin

Key to player reports
Player Name, Position
Chance of making the NHL: Scale between 1-10. 10 being a “sure thing”, 5 being “has to be lucky”, 1 being “no chance”.
Impact once in the NHL: Season Stats: Player stats from the NHL, AHL, CHL, US College hockey,

Projected Role: Where he will fit on his NHL team (basically “if things go well”).
Projected Stats: The types of numbers you can expect from him once he is established (best case scenario…the “peak” of his output, over an 82 game period).
Comparable Player: NHLer his style of play/potential resembles.
Notes: Details.

David Ytfeldt D
Chance of making the NHL: 8
Impact once in the NHL: B
Season Stats:
Projected Role: 2nd-3rd agitating defenseman
Projected Stats: 5g 20a 25pts 100pim
Comparable Player: Darius Kasparitis
Notes: Drafted as David Jonsson…changed his name, hoping the Canucks would forget about him… Was voted Rookie of the Year in the Swedish Elite League…was excellent in the World Junior Championships…known for borderline illegal physical play…progressed more than any other Canucks draft from 1998.

Bryan Allen D
Chance of making the NHL: 10
Impact once in the NHL: A- or above
Season Stats: OHL: 37 7 15 22 +14 77
Projected Role: 1st-2nd stay-at-home anchor of a defenseman
Projected Stats: 10g 25a 35pts 150pim
Comparable Player: Chris Pronger, Derian Hatcher Read more »