Dmitri Kazionov

Dmitri Kazionov


Moscow Russia

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Tampa's 4th rd, 100th overall in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft


185 lbs.

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Dmitri Kazionov joined the Dynamo Moscow school of hockey at an early age. Dmitri’s first season with Dynamo’s junior farm team, Dynamo 2, was 1999-2000. He only played two games, scoring a single goal. During the 2000-01 season Dynamo’s management decided to promote Kazionov to the team’s Upper League affiliate, THK Tver. Kazionov did not have much impact on the team, playing primarily on the fourth line. After the 2000-01 season, Dynamo transferred him, along with another great prospect, Vladislav Evseev, to HC CSKA – the team coached by a Soviet great Viktor Tikhonov. He started the 2001-02 season with HC CSKA’s farm team, HC CSKA 2. He struggled with the team, scoring only a single goal in 10 games. Kazionov did not fit into HC CSKA and moved on to Lada Togliatti during the first break of the season. According to observers at HC CSKA, Dmitri had very little ice time in the two games he did play. He did not have the faith of Viktor Tikhonov, who is known for making decisions upon his first impression of a player. It is unclear whether his departure from HC CSKA was due to his lack of experience or due to a decision made by Viktor Tikhonov himself. Kazionov has not yet played for Lada this season, practicing with the team, but not dressing for games.

Dmitri Kazionov has been a member of the ’84 Russian National team since its formation during the 2000-01 season. During the 2000-01 season he centered Russia’s top line between Vladislav Yevseev and Maxim Krivonochkin. He has shown his talent and athletic ability at these tournaments displaying his ability to dominate competition his own age.

The 2001-02 season did not go well for Dmitri, who struggled to earn ice time with HC CSKA and Lada Togliatti. He also did not show anything special in International Competition.

Talent Analysis
At 6’3 and 186 pounds, Dmitri Kazionov is a solid sized forward. Kazionov is a great athlete, but has yet come to grips with his large frame. He is not very aggressive or physical on the ice, preferring to use speed instead of strength. He is a very fast skater with good lateral movement and stick handling. Dmitri’s shot is good for his age group, but proved to need improvement at a higher level of hockey in the Upper League. Kazionov is a natural center with his playmaking ability. He has great vision of the ice and uses his hockey sense effectively. Kazionov is not a liability defensively, showing potential as a two-way forward. He has been able to produce effectively at his age group level, but has shown immaturity when moved up to the adult Upper League. Dmitri’s only downside is his lack of maturity. He has shown talent at his age level and even while playing with those a few years older then him, but has not shown that same ability at the adult level. Overall, Kazionov has the talent, size to be a first line center, but needs to mature and hone his abilities at a higher level of hockey. He has struggled at the Upper League and the Super League levels and it remains to be seen if he can raise his game to be effective against professional athletes.
Kazionov is an exceptional defensive forward who possesses very good speed and stickhandling skills. He could be worth using on special teams, especially on a penalty-killing unit. Most importantly, Kazionov has a lot of room for development but it’s highly unlikely that he’ll make progress if he decides to stick with Dynamo for a few more seasons as he’s more of a filler on his current team.