Vadim Khomitski


Voskresensk Russia


Dallas Stars

Currently Playing In:






Eligible for draft:








4th Round, 2000 draft by Dallas


185 lbs.

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Khomitsky has worked his way up the ranks in Russia from a low level-professional defenseman to a solid player in Russia’s highest level of hockey.

Khomitsky first saw some action near the end of the 1998-99 season, but his first real professional season was 1999-00. He started the year with his home town team, but was transferred to CSKA Moscow later in the year. He initially had a limited role with the club. During the 2000-01 season he began to settle into the club and his role expanded a bit as evidenced by his jump in production. He continued his progression with a very strong 2001-02 season for CSKA Moscow. In 2002-03, Khomitsky’s role regressed a little and against the better competition of the SuperLeauge, his production waned. Still, for his first Super League season, it was quite respectable.

Talent Analysis
Strengths: Khomitsky is a very aggressive physical defenseman. He is adept at hitting along the wall and in the open ice. He is also strong along the boards. Offensively, Khomitsky has good puck control and is an adept passer. He will jump into the rush on occasion. His mobility is also quite good.

Weaknesses: Khomitsky is undersized for a physical defenseman. To be NHL-caliber, he would probably need at least another 15 pounds of bulk. Despite having good agility, he lacks top-end speed. His shot is quite average. Because of his aggressive game, he tends to take himself out of position in defensive coverage to make a hit or challenge a player.

Khomitsky may have an outside shot at the Stars defense corps in the future. He has improved greatly since his draft, and he still has room to improve his overall game.

He has the potential to be a solid, all-around lower pair defenseman if he continues to improve.