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  • Goaltending depth
  • Lack of depth on the wings

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League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Calvin Pickard Pro 7.5 C
2. Sami Aittokallio Pro 7.5 C
3. Spencer Martin CHL 7.0 C
4. Maximilian Pajpach Europe 7.0 D

Right Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Nick Magyar CHL 7.0 C
2. Garrett Meurs Pro 6.5 C
3. Luke Moffatt NCAA 6.0 D

Left Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Alexis Pepin CHL 6.5 C
2. Andrew Agozzino Pro 6.5 D
3. Trevor Cheek Pro 6.0 C
4. Paul Carey Pro 6.0 D
5. Julien Nantel CHL 6.0 D
6. Dennis Everberg Pro 6.0 D
7. Samuel Henley CHL 6.0 D


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Joey Hishon Pro 7.0 C
2. Michael Sgarbossa Pro 7.0 C
3. Conner Bleackley CHL 7.0 C
4. Brad Malone Pro 6.5 B
5. Nate Condon NCAA 6.5 C
6. Troy Bourke CHL 6.5 C
7. Colin Smith Pro 6.5 D
8. Mitchell Heard Pro 6.0 C


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Stefan Elliott Pro 7.5 C
2. Chris Bigras CHL 7.5 C
3. Duncan Siemens Pro 7.0 C
4. Kyle Wood CHL 7.0 C
5. Gus Young NCAA 6.5 C
6. Mason Geertsen CHL 6.5 C
7. Wilhelm Westlund Europe 6.5 C
8. Will Butcher NCAA 6.5 C
9. Anton Lindholm Europe 6.5 C
10. Karl Stollery Pro 6.5 D
11. Cody Corbett CHL 6.5 D
12. Gabriel Beaupre Pro 6.0 C
13. Markus Lauridsen Pro 6.0 C
14. Ben Storm Junior 6.0 D

Gabriel Landeskog assumes top role in Colorado’s fall Top-20

by John Canario
Photo: Gabriel Landeskog will look to make an impact in the NHL with the Avalanche right away. (Photo courtesy of Ken McKenna/HF)

With a couple of first-round draft picks among the top 11 selections in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, the Colorado Avalanche's top 20 prospects has changed dramatically over the past six months. The updated rankings include a pair of new faces in the top two positions in Gabriel Landeskog and Duncan Siemens. Fourth-round pick Joachim Nermark also makes his debut, while Ryan Stoa and Justin Mercier make the biggest downward slides.

1. (NR) Gabriel Landeskog, RW, 8.0C
Drafted 1st round, 2nd overall, 2011

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Colorado Avalanche 2011 draft review

by John Canario
Photo: With their second pick in the first round, the Avalanche selected defenseman Duncan Siemens 11th overall. (photo courtesy of Ken McKenna/HF)

Following a 29th place finish in 2010-11, the Colorado Avalanche were awarded the second overall selection in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft – their highest draft pick since the now-defunct Quebec Nordiques selected Eric Lindros with the first overall pick in 1991. A midseason trade with the St. Louis Blues saw general manager Greg Sherman acquire another early first-round selection. In addition to the two picks in the first, the Avalanche had just four more picks over the remaining six rounds.

In his third draft as Colorado's general manager, Sherman added three forwards, each of whom is capable of playing the wing, and three defensemen to the Avalanche's system.

Gabriel Landeskog, RW – Kitchener Rangers (OHL)
1st round, 2nd overall
Height: 6'0 Weight: 207 lbs

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Colorado Avalanche 2011 draft preview

by John Canario


Photo: Taken 11th in Hockey's Future staff mock draft, Sven Baertschi would make a great linemate for one of the Avs playmaking centers. (Photo courtesy of Holly Gunning/HF)


Top 10 prospects

1. Joey Hishon, C
2. Calvin Pickard, G
3. Stefan Elliott, D
4. Cameron Gaunce, D
5. Joel Chouinard, D
6. Tyson Barrie, D
7. Ryan Stoa, LW/C
8. Kent Patterson, G
9. Mark Olver, C
10. Jonas Holos, D

Team Needs
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