Team Depth Chart of NHL Prospects
  • Depth and talent of center prospects
  • Defensive prospects mix size with mobility
  • Overall depth of system is strong
  • Little depth on wings, particularly right side
  • Lack of an elite goaltending prospect

About Prospect Scores and Probability

Prospect Criteria

Legend of Players' Leagues
Playing in N.A. Pro (NHL, AHL, ECHL, etc.)
Playing in CHL (OHL, QMJHL, WHL)
Playing in NCAA
Playing in Europe
Playing in Junior 'A' (USHL, BCHL, AJHL, etc.)
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League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Antti Raanta Pro 7.0 C
2. Mac Carruth Pro 6.5 C
3. Matt Tomkins NCAA 6.5 D
4. Ivan Nalimov Europe 6.5 D

Right Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Mark McNeill Pro 7.0 C
2. Ryan Hartman Pro 7.0 C
3. Chris Calnan NCAA 6.5 C
4. Matt Iacopelli Junior 6.5 D
5. Jack Ramsey Junior 6.0 D

Left Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Jeremy Morin Pro 6.5 B
2. Garret Ross Pro 6.5 C
3. Matt Carey Pro 6.5 D
4. Tyler Motte NCAA 6.0 C
5. Anthony Louis NCAA 6.0 C
6. Fredrik Olofsson Junior 6.0 C


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Teuvo Teravainen Pro 8.0 C
2. Nick Schmaltz NCAA 7.5 D
3. John Hayden NCAA 7.0 D
4. Alex Broadhurst Pro 6.5 C
5. Phillip Danault Pro 6.5 C
6. Vince Hinostroza NCAA 6.5 C
7. Drew LeBlanc Pro 6.5 D
8. Beau Starrett Junior 6.5 D
9. Dylan Sikura NCAA 6.5 D
10. Joakim Nordstrom Pro 6.0 B
11. Luke Johnson NCAA 6.0 C


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Ville Pokka Pro 7.5 C
2. Adam Clendening Pro 7.0 C
3. Stephen Johns Pro 7.0 C
4. Michael Paliotta NCAA 6.5 C
5. Klas Dahlbeck Pro 6.5 C
6. Dillon Fournier Pro 6.5 C
7. Carl Dahlstrom Europe 6.5 C
8. Sam Jardine NCAA 6.5 D
9. Nick Mattson NCAA 6.5 D
10. Trevor van Riemsdyk Pro 6.5 D
11. Luc Snuggerud NCAA 6.5 D
12. Viktor Svedberg Pro 6.0 C
13. Mathieu Brisebois Pro 6.0 C
14. Robin Norell Europe 6.0 C
15. Andreas Soderberg Europe 6.0 C
16. Robin Press Europe 6.0 D

Is Michigan State’s Defensemen Duncan Keith a Future Blackhawk Winger?

by Bill Placzek

No one doubts how well the almost six foot Duncan Keith his skating. He gets going quick and out- distances the guys around him. At Penticton Jr A he had a hefty 64 assists to go with his 18 goals, so he certainly displays skill, touch and instinct to carry the biscuit, jump into the plays from the defensemen position.

The question is would he actually be able to make it as an NHL defensemen at his size and strength. He doesn’t project to grow past six foot.
Could general manager Mike Smith have drafted him with the idea of him converting to a wing?

That might be very possible, for he certainly has pure speed and agility to create as an winger. He has not yet adjusted to the less free wheeling style of collegiate and has trouble with handling traffic as a college defensemen.

Sometimes players are chosen for their character, skills, and determination, and can be projected to another position as possible pros.
I wonder if that is what Hawk general manager Mike Smith had in mind by making him the Hawk second round pick.

I realize that the undersized defenseman has chiseled a place in the new NHL transition game and that this young man has the tools to be a Ballard/Bouwmeester type offensively creative player. I also understand you cannot teach speed, and Keith has an abundance of it. I just don’t know if he can make it on the backline. Steve McCarthy is an early defensemen pick we are already waiting to see handle the big men in the NHL. Can the Blackhawk defense have room for two? Or was he picked to play elsewhere Read more»

Round by round Predictions of Blackhawk picks.

by Bill Placzek

This Saturday and Sunday’s NHL entry draft allows all us non professionals to speculate on who are hometown teams will scoop up this weekend. Out of the locking gun cabinet, I will take out a shotgun and will try to shoot a couple NHL prospects out of the large barrel know as the amateur world hockey community.

Probably the toughest part about the NHL draft is simply trying to figure out exactly where my team will draft. The press secretary and assistants yearly tell me they will not have the final list prior to draft morning, so I have to scour the old deals, additional picks and try and piece the close to exact place the Blackhawks will draft BEFORE G.M. Mike Smith trades up or down out of them during the event. This year was a little easier, as Dan Flodin lead me to the NHL official list surprisingly out a couple days prior to this year’s event.
Barring the possibility of trades (although the hopes of a Philly like climb would be candy to any a Hawk fans mouth), I would like to predict a player at each of the present Blackhawk estimated picking positions, 21,54,86,156,188,219,251,282.
Although I want a forward at #21, I think the Blackhawks will reach and go defense, if the right defenseman is there. Not having the luxury of a chance at the four defenseman(Bouwmeester,Pitkanen,Whitney,Eminger),the Hawks will hope that Babchuk, Grebeshkov,or Vagner fall in their laps. If they are gone,along with forwards Jakub Koreis, and Daniel Paille, the Blackhawks select a winger at #21.
At #54, kneecapped Swedish defensemen Daniel Fernholn wo Read more»

Chicago Blackhawk North American Report

by Bill Placzek

Tyler Arnason Chicago (NHL) 21 3 1 4 4 / 3 0 0 0 0
&nbsp Norfolk (AHL) 60 26 30 56 42

Arnanson is learning example of exactly how difficult a jump to the NHL can be. Arnanson had a dream rookie season in the
AHL, surpassing any timetables set for him by the organization. Quick skating and shooting were what he showed in the AHL
and that warranted a look-see for the parent team. His arrival coincided with the Blackhawks slump around and after the
Olympics. He was played on various lines and with the arrival of Tom Fitzgerald, put with him to cover Tyler’s
ineffectiveness as a defensive player. Certainly should he could burst into playing situations and threaten, but ended up as
a minus three in the limited minutes he played. The Hawks were unafraid of his defensive limitations when the dressed him at
the start of the playoffs,or did they feel they were lacking fire-power with the other rostered players? His situation seems
tied to any movement at the centre position over the summer. Whether they Read more»

Blackhawks possibilities at No. 21

by Bill Placzek

The draft must be treated for what it is: a help three or four years down the road. One cannot necessarily draft based on the parent club’s present needs, as much as the sum total of what the present club strengths and weaknesses are, plus the minor pro affilliate possible prospects, plus the present projection of the prospects still not in the system who have shown they may be the clubs future.
Certainly the present Blackhawk team craves more physical all around defensemen. Drafting at No. 21 presents a problem for any team looking for defensemen as the ones who already look the pro part are scooped very early, usually gone by the picks in teens.
After the top 15, this 2002 draft crop (an elite four plus 11 solid prospect types), seems to be followed by a 50 player group which appears fairly close when trying to weigh one player against the other. The players all have positives and negatives in their game. The teams that make the correct choices with the selections into the early third round will be the ones bolstering their line-ups.
Can the Blackhawks be short-sighted enough to lock their sights on the defense position and ignore the chance to add goaltender and forward prospects? No, simply based on the fact that you can see more if a forward may be able to become an NHL over whether a defenseman making the transition to NHLer.
If Mike Smith was going to lock his sights on the position of defenseman with his first pick, here are the players most likely he will have to choose from:
Russians Kirill Koltsov ( Read more»

A Chat with Adam Munro

by Bill Placzek

Holding two number one picks in the 2001 draft, Hawk G.M. Mike Smith chose to pass on Rangers rookie Dan Blackburn in favor of Tummo Ruutu with his #9 overall selection.

While sitting at the draft as it reached the middle of round one, I wasn’t the only one feeling that the Blackhawk’s lack of depth in goal might lead to a ‘tender taken with the second first rounder. But all indications were that goalie might be Jason Bacashihua
would be the guy if a goalie was picked. He played for the Chicago Freeze, in a northwest Chicago suburb, and was rated a late first rounder.
He was in fact picked by Dallas a few picks before the Blackhawks picked.
The Hawks made Adam Munro their pick, surprising Adam and his Dad as much as the rest of us.
Was he a back up choice, or was it Tretiak’s high scouting marks that bumped him into the first round?
A big goalie, Adam presently progressing in the AHL.
Here is Ken McKenna’s interview with Adam:.

Q&A with Adam Munro.

By Ken McKenna.

Hockey’s Future : We’ll start with this season. Erie is on its way to another division title. How do you feel about the teams’ chances of going to the Memorial Cup?.

AM:I feel like we have a good enough team to do it this year. Last year we had a lot of skill, but I don’t know if we had the character there. This year, I think we’ve got a lot of experience from last year, we’ve got a lot of guys back. We probably don’t have as much skill, but a lot more character on this team this year than we did la Read more»

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