Five Swedish NHL-Prospects Centre Of Controversy

by Peter Westermark

Five swedish junior players – Christian Berglund, Jonas Elofsson and Mikael Holmkvist of Färjestad and the Sedin-twins of MoDo – are finding themselves caught in the middle of a controversy which has lost all proportions.

In mid-june, the five above-mentioned players were selected for a junior-torunament with Sweden’s National Junior Team in Lake Placid and all of them accepted. But, a couple of weeks ago they made a U-Turn and said that they wouldn’t play. Their decision was made after the coaches of their respective clubs had talked to them and said that they needed them for pre-season games which they would miss if they accepted the invitation to play for the national team.

When the coaches spoke to these five players they said something along the lines of “We want you to play all pre-season games, because we feel that you should get the chance to earn yourself a spot as a regular on the team this season”, which could be interpreted as “if you leave you’ll sit on the bench when you get home”. Since neither of these players had been regulars on their team last season, and crucial years of their development are coming up, they felt that they should stay in Sweden and play the pre-season games.
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“MoDos great youth”

by pbadmin

MoDos great youth (5/1/98)
The history of MoDos fine youth program started in 1988. Yes MoDo has had youth stars even before this year. Thomas Gradin, Bo Berglund and Anders Hedberg all played in MoDo at an early age, but it was in 1988 that things really started to happen.

Angermanland has their best roster ever in the TV Puck, and the final against Stockholm was no problem at all. Markus Näslund who played for Ovik at that time, scored a hat trick and was choosen as best forward. The main thing that made it possible to start this youth program was the building of the new arena, the MoDo Hall. This made it possible to train and play more. The Hockey gymnasium woke up again after a few years without any big stars emerging. In the autumn of 89 all the players born in 1973 started playing at the hockey gymnasium. Those players included Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund, Hans Jonsson,Magnus Wernblom,Fredrik Bergqvist, Henrik Gradin and Andreas Salomonsson, all of whom played in the swedish league for MoDo.
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