Hejduk It’s Looking Kinda Drury This Season

by pbadmin

The flip side of the Los Angeles Kings are the crop of freshmen in Colorado and in Florida. Part One referred to the downfall of mediocre teams giving no support to their rookies, namely the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mike Johnson. The Bruins on the other hand experienced many changes with their rookies Joe Thornton and last year’s Calder winner Sergei Samsonov. This week we will look at the possible future look of the NHL, by focusing on the Colorado Avalanche and the Florida Panthers.
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Buffalo Prospect Update

by Ken McKenna

Welcome to this belated edition of the Sabres’ Top 20.
There has been only slight movement since my last
offering, but there have been noteworthy
accomplishments by some of the prospects since November. The most notable achievements took place in the recently completed World Junior Championships, but there were also some individual game heroics by other prospects that deserve a mention. Here is the latest edition of the Top 20 prospects of the Buffalo Sabres.

1) Cory Sarich D 6’3 182

Holding steady in the top spot is Cory Sarich, the fine
young defenseman playing in Rochester. Cory has shown
continued improvement as the season has progressed, to
the point where some are referring to him as the total
package. He makes few mistakes for a rookie, plays the
body very well, has a good shot and contributes
offensively. The coaches have shown a lot of faith
in Cory, using him to kill penalties, play the point
on the power play, and play in the final minutes of
tight games. Recent offensive highlights for Sarich
have been two-assist games on 12/2 and 12/27, as well
as a first star award in the 11/27 contest. In short,
Cory is becoming the player that the Sabre scouts thought
he would be.

Team GP G A Pts PIM +/- GWG
Rochester (AHL) 34 3 16 19 42 N/A 0

2) Erik Rassmussen C 6′ 2″ 207
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Swedish Report

by pbadmin


After yet another failure for the Swedish national team in the World Junior Championships, no major criticism has been directed towards the team, the coach or the players. It seems like Swedes have gotten used to constant failures and constant choking in key-games.

The way I see it, the main reason for this is a lack of emotion from the players. Swedes are always disciplined, and they know how to play a system. They usually have a couple of very skilled players too, but as a team there is not enough heart and emotion. On-ice leadership is a problem too.

Just like stickhandling or skating is a talent, heart and grit is one too. Players can improve it to a certain point, but not all players can be the best skaters, stickhandlers, and not all can have the biggest hearts on the ice either. It seems to me like Sweden has been focusing so much on the defensive side of the game, and downplayed the importance of heart, that not many Swedes show emotion on the ice. The players who defy the system-hockey and show a lot of emotion on the ice are often told to play the system first, and that the emotion is secondary. It should be the other way around. To me, having the desire to win is the single most important quality in a player and when the players with the biggest desire to win are slotted into a role with little room to lead and change momentum of a game, the heart the player will show will suffer.
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Penguins Prospect Update

by pbadmin

December 31st, 1998

Well now that the new year is almost upon us and the holidays have taken their toll on myself(and my car, may it rest in peace), I’ve decided that the slacking off is going to stop. The most recent of these updates have been few and far between and I hope to remedy that right now. So enjoy it and the New Year’s celebrations, because a good number of us will be regretting it in the morning(the over-celebration that is).

World Junior Championships: Three Penguins draftees are participating this year, Andrew Ference, Mika Lehto, and Alexander Zevakhin. First round draftee Milan Kraft was left off of the Czech roster for seemingly no reason other than his migration to North America. Ference was medically cleared to play at the last minute and should help bolster a strong Canadian defense. Mika Lehto is seeing little ice time (just under 20 minutes in 3 games) for the Finnish team, playing backup to Mika Noronen. Alexander Zevakhin made the Russian roster by the skin of his teeth (he was considered a longshot to make the team) and has one goal for the offense-minded Russian team.
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Sharks Goaltending Prospect Report

by pbadmin

In this report, I’m going to cover what is undoubtedly the most important position on the ice. Take a look at Stanley Cup winners throughout history, and what do they all have in common? Goaltending. At the very least, it’s been good, if not great. Detroit has had Chris Osgood and Mike Vernon. In previous years it’s been names such as Broduer, Roy and Richter. So who’s going to be the goaltender for the Sharks when they eventually win the Cup? Will it be one of the below named players, or someone else currently with another team or in juniors?
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