Red Deer Rebels Select Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with First Overall Bantam Draft Pick

By League Press Release

Calgary, AB — With the first overall selection in the ’08 WHL Bantam Draft the Red Deer Rebels selected Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of Burnaby, BC.

BWC forward Ryan Nugent Hopkins is a prospect who clearly stands in a class of his own as far as British Columbia prospects go.

The 1993-born center plays for the Burnaby Winter Club, and is a finesse player in the mold of OHL scoring star Steve Stamkos. The Red Deer Rebels made Nugent Hopkins the first overall selection in the 2008 WHL Bantam Draft Thursday morning.

The Portland Winter Hawks selected Airdrie, AB, sniper Ty Rattie with the second overall pick in the 2008 Bantam Draft.

Rounding out the top five selections, the Saskatoon Blades used the third overall selection to take Sherwood Park, AB, defenseman Duncan Siemens, the Edmonton Oil Kings selected center Michael St. Croix of Winnipeg, MB, with the fourth pick, and the Prince Albert Raiders selected Edmonton, AB, center Mark McNeill with the fifth overall pick.

To view complete results of the 2008 WHL Bantam Draft, click the following link:

2008 WHL Bantam Draft
Selections in Thursday’s WHL bantam draft of 1993-born players (with position and hometown):

Round 1

1. Red Deer, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C, Burnaby, B.C.; 2. Portland, Ty Rattie, LW, Airdrie, Alta.; 3. Saskatoon (from Prince George), Duncan Siemens, D, Sherwood Park, Alta., 4. Edmonton, Michael St. Croix, C, Winnipeg; 5. Prince Albert, Mark McNeill, C, Edmonton; 6. Saskatoon, Brent Benson, C, Weyburn, Sask.; 7. Kamloops, Colin Smith, C, Edmonton; 8. Chilliwack, Mitch Topping, D, Red Deer, Alta.; 9. Everett, Ryan Murray, D, White City, Sask.; 10. Brandon (from Kelowna), Klarc Wilson, RW, Edmonton; 11. Prince George (from Moose Jaw), Jesse Forsberg, D, Waldheim, Sask.; 12. Swift Current, Reece Scarlett, D, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 13. Kelowna (from Brandon), Shane McColgan, C, Manhattan Beach, Calif.; 14. Seattle, Connor Sanvido, C, Maple Ridge, B.C.; 15. Kootenay, Brendan Hurley, LW, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.; 16. Medicine Hat, Dylan Busenius, D, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 17. Regina, Myles Bell, D, Calgary; 18. Lethbridge, Phil Tot, C, Calgary; 19. Calgary, Peter Kosterman, D, Calgary; 20. Vancouver, Zach Hodder, D, North Delta, B.C.; 21. Spokane, Mitch Holmberg, RW, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 22. Tri-City, Zac Yuen, D, Vancouver.

Round 2

23. Portland, Tyler Wotherspoon, D, Surrey, B.C.; 24. Red Deer, Daulton Siwak, C, Olds, Alta.; 25. Prince George, Caleb Belter, RW, Edmonton; 26. Edmonton, Laurent Brossoit, G, Surrey, B.C.; 27. Everett (from Prince Albert), Tyler Giebel, C, Balgonie, Sask.; 28. Lethbridge (from Kamloops), Reid Jackson, D, Weyburn, Sask.; 29. Chilliwack, Cole Holowenko, G, Penticton, B.C.; 30. Saskatoon, Dalton Thrower, D, Vancouver; 31. Prince Albert (from Everett), Harrison Ruopp, D, Zehner, Sask.; 32. Kelowna, Zachery Franko, C, Winnipeg; 33. Moose Jaw, Joseph Kornelsen, LW, Abbotsford, B.C.; 34. Swift Current, Austin Smith, G, Calgary; 35. Brandon, Jason Swyripa, C, Calgary; 36. Seattle, Tanner Muth, D, Calgary; 37. Kootenay, Ryan Bloom, C, Calgary; 38. Medicine Hat, Dylan Bredo, LW, Edmonton; 39. Regina, Tyler Borstmayer, D, St. Brieux, Sask.; 40. Prince Albert (from Lethbridge), Beau Stewart, C, Outlook, Sask.; 41. Kamloops (from Calgary), Jordan Beverage, D, Pitt Meadows, B.C.; 42. Saskatoon (from Vancouver), Lukas Sutter, C, Lethbridge, Alta.; 43. Spokane, Brady Brassart, C, North Vancouver, B.C.; 44. Tri-City, Nils Moser, RW, Canmore, Alta.

Round 3

45. Portland, Brayden Holloway, LW, Wapella, Sask.; 46. Vancouver (from Red Deer), Luke Fenske, D, Penticton, B.C.; 47. Medicine Hat (from Prince George through Moose Jaw), Boston Leier, LW, Saskatoon; 48. Edmonton, Travis Ewanyk, C, St. Albert, Alta.; 49. Prince Albert, Brandon Formosa, RW, Mission, B.C.; 50. Vancouver (from Kamloops), Cain Franson, C, Sicamous, B.C.; 51. Chilliwack, Tim Traber, RW, Quesnel, B.C.; 52. Moose Jaw (from Saskatoon), Nathan Smith, RW, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 53. Everett, Joshua Winquist, LW, St. Albert, Alta.; 54. Kelowna, Tanner Clark, D, Rosetown, Sask.; 55. Calgary (from Moose Jaw), Kyle Schmidt, D, Waldheim, Sask.; 56. Edmonton (from Swift Current), Kyle Dech, D, Winnipeg; 57. Brandon, Liam Liston, G, St. Albert, Alta.; 58. Seattle, Ryan Armbruster, D, Neudorf, Sask.; 59. Kootenay, Michael King, D, Prince George, B.C.; 60. Medicine Hat, Sean Collins, D, Winnipeg; 61. Prince Albert (from Regina), Brock Balson, LW, Kamloops, B.C.; 62. Lethbridge, Drew Graham, D, Chilliwack, B.C.; 63. Portland (from Calgary), Carson Hohmann, C, Arlington, Tex.; 64. Swift Current (from Vancouver), Graeme Craig, D, Red Deer, Alta.; 65. Medicine Hat (from Spokane), Todd Fiddler, C, Meadow Lake, Sask.; 66. Kamloops (from Tri-City), Tyler Hansen, D, Magrath, Alta.

Round 4

67. Seattle (from Portland), Colin Jacobs, C, Coppell, Tex.; 68. Red Deer, Matthew Pufahl, D, Saskatoon; 69. Prince George, Shane Pilling, D, Lethbridge, Alta.; 70. Medicine Hat (from Edmonton), Reid Petryk, C, Edmonton; 71. Prince Albert, Eric Williams, G, Langley, B.C.; 72. Kamloops, Kyle Buffardi, LW, Westminster, Calif.; 73. Chilliwack, Brent Wold, C, Lac du Bonnet, Man.; 74. Kelowna (from Saskatoon), Daniel Lee, D, Surrey, B.C.; 75. Everett, Michael Berry, D, Edmonton; 76. Kelowna, Jordan Paddock, D, Merritt, B.C.; 77. Saskatoon (from Moose Jaw), Graham McBain, LW, Winnipeg; 78. Swift Current, Adam Lowry, C, Calgary; 79. Kelowna (from Brandon), Jordan Cooke, G, Leduc, Alta.; 80. Seattle, Robbie Newton, RW, Saskatoon; 81. Kootenay, Jarrett Zentner, C, Red Deer, Alta.; 82. Vancouver (from Medicine Hat), Spencer Crow, RW, Melville, Sask.; 83. Moose Jaw (from Regina), Adam Clark, G, Strathcona, Alta.; 84. Lethbridge, Brandyn Hulit, D, Coutts, Alta.; 85. Calgary, Connor Hartley, C, Red Deer, Alta.; 86. Vancouver, Andre Parker, C, Melville, Sask.; 87. Spokane, Tanner Mort, D, Post Falls, Idaho; 88. Kamloops (from Tri-City), Kiefer McNaughton, D, North Vancouver, B.C.

Round 5

89. Moose Jaw (from Portland), Matthew Franczyck, D, Winnipeg; 90. Moose Jaw (from Red Deer), Kiefer Rivington, D, Pitt Meadows, B.C.; 91. Seattle (from Prince George), Mitch Elliot, LW, Prince George, B.C.; 92. Edmonton, Logan Sproule, D, Saskatoon; 93. Medicine Hat (from Prince Albert), Colin Mospanchuk, RW, Winnipeg; 94. Prince Albert (from Kamloops), Austin Frank, D, Calgary; 95. Chilliwack, Kale Derkson, D, Regina; 96. Saskatoon, Tyler Oswald, G, Sanford, Man.; 97. Calgary (from Everett), Brendan Santini, RW, Calgary; 98. Kelowna, Spencer Graboski, LW, Quesnel, B.C.; 99. Brandon (from Moose Jaw), Jordan Fransoo, D, North Battleford, Sask.; 100. Swift Current, Joshua Derko, LW, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 101. Brandon, Jeff Olson, LW, Kindersley, Sask.; 102. Seattle, Zach Walker, D, Saltcoats, Sask.; 103. Prince Albert (from Kootenay), Matt Waseylenko, D, St. Albert, Alta.; 104. Spokane (from Medicine Hat), Michael Aviani, C, North Vancouver, B.C.; 105. Regina, Dylan Stevenson, C, Shaunavon, Sask.; 106. Portland (from Lethbridge), Jessie Siemens, LW, Richmond, B.C.; 107. Calgary, Shane Gingera, LW, Winnipeg; 108. Prince George (from Vancouver), Bryton Udy, G, Calgary; 109. Spokane, Eric Kerluck, C, North Vancouver, B.C.; 110. Tri-City, Max Moline, C, Lethbridge, Alta.

Round 6

111. Lethbridge (from Portland), Jordan Baillie, RW, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alta.; 112. Everett (from Red Deer) Kole Harvey, RW, Virden, Man.; 113. Prince George, Zac Larraza, C, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 114. Edmonton, Keegan Lowe, D, Edmonton; 115. Kamloops (from Prince Albert), James Dombrowsky, C, Avonlea, Sask.; 116. Calgary (from Kamloops), Tyson Dallman, C, Prince Albert, Sask.; 117. Chilliwack, Derek Falloon, RW, Russell, Man.; 118. Red Deer (from Saskatoon), Channing Bresciani, D, Winnipeg; 119. Moose Jaw (from Everett), Kaleb Ross, LW, Winnipeg; 120. Kelowna, Jessey Astles, RW, Coquitlam, B.C.; 121. Moose Jaw, Joel Edmundson, D, Brandon, Man.; 122. Swift Current, Nicco Digiovannantonio, C, Clavet, Sask.; 123. Portland (from Brandon), Jory Jastrzebski, LW, Winnipeg; 124. Seattle, Tyler Alos, RW, Spokane, Wash.; 125. Swift Current (from Kootenay), Nathan Zimbaluk, D, Regina; 126. Medicine Hat, Victor Newell, D, Burnaby, B.C.; 127. Regina, Cory Nygaard, G, Winnipeg; 128. Kootenay (from Lethbridge), Brett Tesky, G, Regina; 129. Calgary, Jaynen Rissling, D, Edmonton; 130. Vancouver, Brendan Jensen, G, El Granada, Cal.; 131. Red Deer (from Spokane) Chad Robinson, LW, Minnedosa, Man.; 132. Tri-City, Zach McPhee, C, Vernon, B.C.

Round 7

133. Portland, Matt Saunderson, D, Saskatoon; 134. Red Deer, Tyson Ness, LW, Grande Prairie, Alta.; 135. Chilliwack (Prince George), Marcus Houck, C, North Vancouver, B.C.; 136. Edmonton, Stephane Legault, LW, Edmonton; 137. Prince Albert, Brody Robinson, RW, Red Deer, Alta., 138. Kamloops, Mitchell Corfmat, RW, Prince Albert, Sask.; 139. Chilliwack, Shay Folden, C, St. Brieux, Sask.; 140. Saskatoon, Rhys Kingston, LW, Coaldale, Alta., 141; Everett, Evan Morden, D, Swan River, Man.; 142. Spokane (from Kelowna), Brenden Edie, G, Springfield, Man.; 143. Portland (from Moose Jaw), Wyat Haustein, RW, Erskine, Alta.; 144. Swift Current, Preston Amundson, C, Edmonton; 145. Brandon, Jens Meilleur, RW, Elie, Man.; 146. Seattle, Seth Ambroz, RW, New Prague, Minn.; 147. Kootenay, Adam Rossignol, C, Cloverdale, B.C.; 148. Kamloops (from Medicine Hat) Christopher Manhas, D,
Richmond, B.C.; 149. Regina, Matthew Hildebrandt, C, Rosthern, Sask.; 150. Lethbridge, Sam Lawson, C, Calgary; 151. Kamloops (from Calgary), Kurtis Bond, RW, Williams Lake, B.C.; 152. Vancouver, Nathan Burns, LW, Edmonton; 153. Spokane, Matthew Lorange, D, Winnipeg; 154. Red Deer (from Tri-City), Colten Meaver, RW, Edmonton.

Round 8

155. Prince Albert (from Portland), Brendan Persley, C, Kelowna, B.C.; 156.
Red Deer, Paul Lamoureux, C, Sherwood Park, Alta.; 157. Prince George, Brady Goebel, RW, Stony Plain, Alta.; 158. Edmonton, Denin Boesch, D, White City, Sask.; 159. Calgary (from Prince Albert), Ryan Renz, D, Castlegar, B.C.; 160. Kamloops, Mitch VanTeeling, LW, Virden; 161. Chilliwack, Brett Wietzel, D, St. Albert, Alta.; 162. Saskatoon, Shay Laurent, D, Fort McMurray, Alta.; 163. Everett, Ryan Cadieux, G, Edmonton; 164. Kelowna, Dillon Simpson, D, Edmonton; 165. Moose Jaw, Tanner Burns, RW, Vernon, B.C.; 166. Swift Current, Michael Lazo, LW, Winnipeg; 167. Brandon, Josh Elmes, D
Brandon, Man.; 168. Regina (from Seattle), Ryan Baskerville, RW, Edmonton; 169. Kootenay, Dylan Schellenberg, D, Drumheller, Alta.; Medicine Hat, Pass; 170. Regina, Michael Sagen, LW, Kenaston, Sask.; 171. Tri-City (from Lethbridge) Brett Pile, D, Winnipeg; 172. Chilliwack (from Calgary) Curtis Houlden, D, Winnipeg; 173. Vancouver, Zach Hillhouse, D, North Vancouver, B.C.; 174. Spokane, Lane Rey, RW, Wolesley, Sask.; 175. Tri-City, Brendyn Illchuk, C, Winnipeg.

Round 9

176. Portland, Tayler Thompson, RW, Bredenbury, Sask.; 177. Red Deer, Colton Robak, D, Gilbert Plains, Man.; 178. Prince George, Max Fiedler, LW, Kelowna, B.C.; 179. Edmonton, Luc Vandale, RW, Edmonton; 180. Prince Albert, Thomas Sowa, RW, Edmonton; 181. Kamloops, Jordan Watt, LW, Corona, Cal.; 182. Lethbridge (Chilliwack), Shane Brolly, RW, Spruce Grove, Alta.; 183. Saskatoon, Carson Trask, C, Saskatoon; 184. Everett, Matthew Lumsden, RW, Winnipeg; 185. Spokane (from Kelowna), Drew Burko, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; 186. Moose Jaw, Jordan Wyton, LW, Lethbridge, Alta., 187. Swift Current, Clayton Chingee, RW, Prince George, B.C., 188. Brandon, Austin Lewis, C, Brandon, Man.; 189, Seattle, Trey Keenan, D, Argyle, Tex.; 190. Kootenay, Scott Helmkay, D, Colonsay, Sask.; 191. Lethbridge (from Medicine Hat), Alex Wakaluk, G, Bellevue, Alta.; 192. Regina, Aidan Crowther, LW, Calgary; 193. Tri-City (from Lethbridge), Jordan Liem, G, Surrey, B.C.; 194. Calgary, Dustin Skilliter, LW, Hudson Bay, Sask.; 195. Regina (from Vancouver), Tyler Pavkovich, D, Abbotsford, B.C.; 196. Spokane, Brett Blatz, D, Saskatoon; 197. Tri-City, Mak Barden, C, Surrey, B.C.

Round 10

198. Portland, Corbin Boes, G, Saskatoon; Red Deer, Pass; 199. Portland (from Prince George) Seth Swenson, LW, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 200. Edmonton, Brock Wellicome, LW, Surrey, B.C.; 201. Prince Albert, Garrett Zemlak, G, Saskatoon; 202. Lethbridge (from Kamloops), Matthew Scarth, LW, Calgary; Chilliwack, Pass; 203. Saskatoon, Adam Iwan, G, Winnipeg; 204. Everett, Jeremy Ward, C, Langley, B.C.; 204. Moose Jaw (from Kelowna) Kristopher Dalton, D, Red Deer, Alta.; 205. Moose Jaw, Garrett Haar, D, Huntington Beach, Cal; 206. Swift Current, Jesse Collins, C, Spokane, Wash.; 207. Brandon, Tanner Butler, D, Souris, Man.; Seattle, Pass; 208. Kootenay, Cody Bisbing, RW, Phoenix; 209. Prince George (from Medicine Hat), Blaine Thomson, D, Assiniboia, Sask.; 210. Regina, Dayton Reinboldt, C, Fox Valley, Sask.; 211. Lethbridge, Austin Yadlowski, D, Edmonton; 212. Calgary, Austin Daae, LW, Estevan, Sask.; 213. Vancouver, Aaron Hadley, RW, Castlegar, B.C.; 214. Prince George (from Spokane), Jared Linnell, C, North Pole, Alaska; Tri-City, Pass.

Round 11

215. Lethbridge (from Portland), Brock McDonald, C, Kelowna, B.C.; 216. Spokane (from Red Deer), Mitchell Fowler, C, Spokane, Wash.; Prince George, Pass; 217. Edmonton, Phil Gervais, RW, St. Paul, Alta.; Prince Albert (from Moose Jaw), Pass; 218. Lethbridge (Kamloops), Adam Reid, C, Chino Hills, Cal.; 219. Saskatoon, Jonathon Robinson, RW, Carlsbad, Cal.; 220. Everett, Keifer Johnston, D, Virden, Man.; Kelowna, Pass; Moose Jaw, Pass; Swift Current, Pass; 221. Brandon, Derek Sobkow, D, Brandon; 222. Kootenay,
Jagger Dirk, D, Penticton, B.C.; Regina, Pass; Lethbridge, Pass; 223. Calgary, Alex Roach, D, Quesnel, B.C.; Spokane (from Vancouver), Pass.

Round 12

Portland, Pass; 224. Everett (from Prince George), Austin Wuthrich, RW, Anchorage, Alaska; Edmonton, Pass; Kamloops, Pass; Saskatoon, Pass; Everett, Pass; 225. Brandon, Spencer Galbraith, D, Spruce Grove, Alta.; 226. Kootenay, Riley Simpson, LW, Innisfail, Alta.; 227. Calgary, Kevin Shek, C, Winnipeg; Vancouver, Pass.