The Editor’s Desk, June, 2008

By Ken McKenna

It has been a while since I have posted a "From The Editor" feature, but now seems as good a time as any to get back in the habit. The reason for this, of course, is next week’s 2008 NHL Draft. As the top hockey prospect resource on the Internet, we at Hockey’s Future view the NHL Draft as the premier, prospect-related event that we provide coverage of each year.

And coverage of this event we shall have, and as we have never had it before. The exciting news is that Hockey’s Future will be providing video coverage of the NHL Draft this year, a first for this site. The "Voice of Hockey’s Future", Dustin Nielson, in conjunction with the good folks at Tangle Media, will be shooting video in Ottawa over the course of three days which will be posted at HF for your viewing pleasure. Some of this video will be shot before the draft, including a draft preview show. Video shot during the draft will include interviews with drafted players, NHL team personnel, and a few other hockey dignitaries of note. And there will be a post-draft wrap-up show, where Dustin and Co. will dissect the draft floor happenings from the two-day event.

Of course, due to restrictions in place, this video cannot be truly live video. But it will be almost live, with video posted to the site not long after it has been shot. As to where you’ll find this video, the new Crave Video Player will be posted at the HF home page and in the 2008 NHL Draft Center. We may also place something at the HF Boards, but that still has to be discussed.

Needless to say, we are pleased and excited to be able to bring you this type of coverage. It gives you, the fan, a closer look into what transpires on Draft Day. And it provides HF with some exclusive video coverage that is a necessity in this era of a video centric Internet. We are grateful to the NHL for providing us with this access, and to Crave Online for getting behind this project.

But this isn’t the only coverage we’ll be providing of this year’s draft, as we’ll be presenting our usual round of articles and profiles related to the NHL teams and the players eligible for this draft. For instance, we’ve nearly finished our look back at the 2003 draft, and we’ll posting the draft previews for each of the 30 clubs leading up to Draft Day. Also, we’ve setup the basic profile framework for a number of the eligible prospects and will be adding information to those profiles over the next few days. So be sure to check our 2008 NHL Draft Center for the latest articles and profiles.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the coverage we’ll be providing of this year’s NHL Draft, and we thank you for being dedicated readers of Hockey’s Future.

Ken McKenna
Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future