2008 prospects: Igor Revenko

By Grigory Orekhovsky

Igor Revenko performed well for the Belarus national team at the 2008 U-18s and was second in overall scoring there. 6’, 180 lbs winger plays a very good passing game and has very good defensive awareness. When he was 12 years old, he played one season as a defenseman and that year helped him to understand the defensive part of the game, but he always dreamed to be a forward and with time turned to very dangerous winger. Revenko has good all-around game, doesn’t shy to play physical and he’s among the best Belarusian players of his age group.

HF: What a kind of guy are you off the ice?

IR: I’m kind, sociable, strike up acquaintances easy, exacting to myself and others.

HF: How would you describe yourself as a player?

IR: I’m team player, not selfish, like to make passes. It’s always fun for me to see that teammate score with my help. I can lead by example, can score in close games when the team needs it the most. I like to be vocal in dressing room and motivate teammates to compete in any situation. To be a leader is a comfortable role for me.   

HF: What are your biggest strengths?

IR: Playmaking ability, stickhandling, defensive play.

HF: What aspect of your game do you feel you need to work most on?

IR: My shot. I keep on working at it.

HF: What did you learn from this season?

IR: I learned that I can play against any rival and do it well. Now I understand better how to be more professional and that you always have to keep on working to stay competitive.

HF: What were the highlights of your very successful year?

IR: Gold medals with Junost Minsk 2 in Belarusian High League and participation in the U-18 WC.

HF: Who was the biggest influence in your hockey career?

IR: My parents, grandmother, grandfather and coaches Evgeny Butskevich and Vladimir Zablotsky.

HF: How was the experience of the U-18s?

IR: It was great experience for me. It’s very interesting to see all the teams and players from the whole world. I’ve got the great opportunity to play against different teams and players. I learned that I can play at a high level against best players of my age. It was the best tournament I ever participated in.  

HF: How do you think you played at the U-18 World Championship?

IR: I think I played well, showed my best qualities and was among the leaders of my national team.

HF: You were second in scoring there, just one point less than the top scorer of the tournament, Cody Hodgson. How does it feel?

IR: I’m satisfied with that result. Before the last game of tournament I was the best in scoring but in the last game Cody Hodgson left me just one point behind. I was at the final game and watched how he did it. It was not the best feeling, you understand, but I can say that I like the way Hodgson played at tournament and I know that I lost scoring title to worthy rival.

HF: How have you improved as a player from the start of this season?

IR: I make decisions quicker and better now, added strength and improved my skating. I think that I use teammates better, feel more poised with the puck and play better defensively.

HF: What plans do you have for the summer?

IR: It’s not much time for the rest … I’m going to work hard on my conditioning and be sure that I’ll be in the best shape before the start of the new season.  I want to be completely ready for new challenges and I will. 

HF: What do you like to do in your down time?

IR: I like to play computer games, especially Warcraft, have a good time with my friends. I like play soccer and chess too.

HF: How do you prepare before the game?

IR: I never feel nervous before the game, I always feel calm and like listen to my favorite music – Bullet for my valentine before the game.

HF: Have you heard people making comparisons of you and current NHL players?

IR: I did not heard about it but I think I play the similar style to Nicklas Backstrom from Washington Capitals.

HF: Who is your favorite player?

IR: I like Mark Recchi above all, but I like such players as Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk and Alexander Semin too.

HF: What is your favorite NHL team?

IR: I’m big fan of the New York Rangers from childhood.

HF: How do you feel about the upcoming draft?

IR: I hope to be drafted.

HF: What would you have liked to have been if not a hockey player?

IR: I couldn’t imagine myself as anything else but a hockey player.

HF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

IR: I see myself in the NHL.