Q&A with Peter Delmas

By Ryan MacLeod

Peter Delmas is a lanky goaltending prospect who models his game around his size and quickness.  Selected by the Colorado Avalanche in the second round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, this 18-year-old from Allison, Ontario is already considered one of the best young puck stoppers in the team’s system.

The Avalanche traded utility player Brad Richardson to the Los Angeles Kings in order to acquire another second-round pick just to have a shot at drafting Delmas.

Hockey’s Future caught up with Delmas during Colorado’s prospect development camp.

HF: What has your experience been like at Colorado’s development camp?

PD: It’s been good. It’s been fast-paced, really quick. Workouts have been pretty tough, pretty demanding. But I’ve learned a lot. And I’m just going to incorporate that into my game.

HF: What sort of things are you learning from the coaches and the other players?

PD: How to be professional. How to take care of yourself. Just doing the little things to make you better.

HF: Colorado traded a good utility player in Brad Richardson to acquire another draft pick just to select you.  How does it feel to be a part of an organization that wanted you so badly?

PD: It shows that they really want you, and want to develop you. That was my No. 1 choice to go to, was a team that really wanted to develop me. It’s exactly what I wanted.

HF: What aspects of your game do you think can make you a good NHL level goalkeeper?

PD: Probably my quickness, my speed and my size. Just kind of incorporate all of that and just work on it throughout the years.

HF: This fall will be your second full year as the starter for the Lewiston MAINEiacs. How has your game improved since lacing up as a 16-year-old?

PD: I think I’ve gotten a lot more mature. I just know the game much better. I’ve been able to build on it from where I started. I’m a lot more confident and just hoping to have a solid year.

HF: What was the experience like when you were a part of Canada’s under-18 squad in 2007?

PD: It was pretty good. It was cool to play for your own country. It wasn’t the result that we wanted over there. But at the same time it was still a good experience.

HF: When people think of goaltending and Colorado, Patrick Roy immediately comes to mind. What goalie did you look up to as a kid and what player has most influenced your own style of play?

PD: I mostly looked up to Roberto Luongo. He has the same kind of style as me and I really like to pattern myself after him.

HF: What are your own personal goals as you head back to the QMJHL this fall?  Where do you think you need to improve as a player?

PD: I want to be the No. 1 goalie in the ‘Q’ this year. I want to win another President’s Cup with Lewiston. As far as improving, just little tweaks here and there. Just being consistent every night, because I am going to be playing a lot of games. Not too much, just build on last year.