The Editor’s Desk, December, 2008

By Ken McKenna

Many people have a fascination with lists.  Perhaps it is because a list is an efficient way to consume and give order to information that interests you, or because it is simply a good way to quickly evaluate where things stand in a favorite subject, but a list (or ranking) is almost always a popular source of conversation for almost any topic.

At Hockey’s Future, we see this phenomenon with a few of our features.  Our most popular feature, the ranking of the top 50 NHL prospects, is always sure to produce a lot of conversation among hockey fans that visit the HF Boards.  And the ranking of the top 20 prospects of each NHL club that we publish a couple of times per season is always sure to spark some interest among fans of each team.

And in this month of December, we are posting our latest ranking of the prospect depth of each NHL organization.  In fact, the first two installments have just been added to the site, here and here.  This feature garners the same amount of attention that the top 50 receives, so we look forward to the chatter that ensues once the rankings are unveiled.  As always, the group that compiled the rankings put a good deal of effort into the finished product, so we hope that you’ll appreciate the efforts of our staff.

The NHL updates for this month will focus on the prospects developing in the AHL and ECHL.  Those two leagues have been in action for a couple of months, so it is a good time to gauge how the prospects down on the farm are progressing. Readers should begin seeing these articles within the next few days.

Of course, perhaps the biggest event of the month, at least in the world of hockey prospects, is the World Junior Championships taking place in Ottawa beginning December 26th.  Hockey’s Future writers Leslie Treff and Jason Menard will be covering this event for HF, so you’ll be sure to receive exclusive content directly from this much anticipated tournament.

Finally, after a short hiatus away from the microphone, Dustin Nielson returns to provide some audio courtesy of HF Radio.  Dustin will be posting a handful of podcasts each week, so be sure to make the HF Radio home page a regular stop during your visit to HF and the HF Boards so you can download Dustin’s latest audio offering.  Or, simply add the RSS feed to your favored RSS reader so you can receive notice of the latest podcast when it is posted at the site.

We at Hockey’s Future wish all of our readers the best of the season, and we hope you have a healthy and happy New Year.

Ken McKenna
Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future