Q&A with Jordan Fulton

By Alexander Frecon

Jordan Fulton is a junior with University of Minnesota-Duluth.  The winger has 10 goals and five assists in 30 games. The 21-year-old was a sixth round draft pick of the Calgary Flames in 2006.

HF: You’ve already matched your point total from last season, what do you attribute this to?

JF: I just worked hard in the offseason, and I’ve been playing with Justin Fontaine and Jack Connolly, two really skilled players I just go to the net hard and they feed me. I’ve just been playing well so far this year.

HF: How is the chemistry on your line?

JF: Our line has been playing really well lately. We find each other open easily and we just know where each other are. It’s been great.

HF: What kind of training did you do over the summer?

JF: I worked out four days a week and took one day. I worked really hard on my stick handling and shooting. I did a lot of leg and upper body workouts once or twice a week. I feel a lot stronger out there and a lot more confident.

HF: How has Scott Sandelin helped you in your development as a player?
JF: He’s told me the things I need to work on and I just work on them.  He tells me to keep my feet moving and to always protect the puck. And to always go hard to the net. He’s been great.

HF: Have you been in contact with Calgary?
JF: Yeah. They’ve been to about five games this year and I talk to them after. I’ve been emailing one of the Sutter’s and he’s been telling me what to work on so its been real helpful.

HF: Why did you decide to go to UMD?

JF: I really like the coaching staff and I love the rink. Also it was close to home and I’ve always wanted to play in the WCHA growing up. I grew up watching the gophers as a kid but you know, now I hate laughs them so you know, that’s how it goes.

HF: What are your goals for this season?

JF: Obviously we’re trying to get home ice. We’re fighting for first place right now so that’s our number one goal. We’re just trying to win every home game. I’ve been trying to keep going to the net hard and scoring and just trying to play well with my linemates.

HF: What aspect of your game are you trying to improve upon this season?

JF: I’d say my defense – it’s improved the most this season and I’m focusing a lot on that. Just being a two way player.

HF: What NHL player would you say you model your game after?
JF: I have to say Todd Bertuzzi. I’m kind of a power forward, grinding. I can be physical and I can score too. I like the physical aspect of his game.

HF: When did you realize you had a real shot at playing in the NHL?
JF: It was always my dream growing up. But once I started getting interviewed in high school by NHL scouts and once I got drafted I knew I had a chance. Getting drafted was a great moment for me.

HF: How do you stay focused each shift?

JF: I just take it one shift at a time, I go out there and I try not to get distracted and focus on my game.

HF: How do you react to the physical play in the NCAA?
JF: It’s part of my game. I like getting physical and I think its part of our game as a team. I think our league (WCHA) is one of the most physical leagues in the NCAA.

HF: What has your experience at UMD been like so far?
JF: It’s been great. This year has been the best so far and I just want to make sure that I keep it going and make it to the NCAA tournament and win the final five.

HF: What’s the biggest difference between you as a player now and as a freshman?
JF: I’m just playing with more confidence. I know the league more and I know how to play in it.

HF: You’ve been playing wing as of late but you started as a center. How was that transition?

JF: I’ve been playing wing the whole year. I played center my first two years of college but then a couple freshman centers came in and I translated to wing. I think it’s been working out better I think. I like to play low in the defensive zone and I’m good on the walls and I like to drive to the net.