The Editor’s Desk, March, 2009

By Ken McKenna

The rise of video on the Internet has been rapid in recent years. YouTube has been at the forefront of video’s ascendancy, with other, competing video sites seemingly springing up on a daily basis. The improvement in the quality of streamed video has been a major factor in the video takeover of the Internet, as has the desire of users to view video on almost any subject one can think of. Indeed, a media-related site without some form of video offering seems almost naked.

At Hockey’s Future, we recognize that having some form of video presentation is a necessary and informative addition for those that visit our site. Our informative coverage of hockey prospects has already helped garner the site a loyal following, and we will continue providing these reports as we have been doing for the past 12 years. But it is also time to add another leg to the stool which up to this point has included text and audio coverage, with video being the newest addition to the multimedia experience at HF.

We’ve dabbled with video a bit in the past year, with the exclusive video content produced at the 2008 NHL Draft being our first foray into this area. You can still find those videos at the HF home page. And now, the man behind that video coverage, Dustin Nielson, is presenting a new video project, called "HF Snap Shots". This feature, which will be running between now and the 2009 NHL Draft, will primarily cover the 2009 prospects. Dustin will be mixing in audio and video to provide an informative report such as those that he’s been providing with his webcasts and podcasts over the past couple of seasons. Dustin’s first video installment can be found by clicking on this link
. He’ll be doing these on a weekly basis, at least, so be sure to check back at HF on a regular basis.

Of course, video isn’t the only popular trend on the Internet. Social networking has taken the Web by storm in the past couple of years, with multiple sites providing communities where netizens can hobnob with family and friends. Hockey’s Future has created accounts at the most popular of these networking sites, mySpace and Facebook, where readers of this site can meet up with other, like-minded hockey fans, or simply show their support for HF. If you haven’t done so, you can become a friend at our mySpace page by clicking here, and/or join our Facebook group by clicking here. In addition, we’ve recently set up a Twitter account which allows up to update (or "tweet") followers on the latest news posted at HF. In addition to announcing the latest articles posted to the site, we’ll also alert our readers to the latest video or podcasts produced by Dustin Nielson and Jeff Dahlia, and post any newsworthy tidbits that our writers might gather out in the field. So, simply click on this link to become a follower of the HF Twitter account.

As if all of the above weren’t enough, HF will soon be releasing our ranking of the Top 50 NHL Prospects. This is probably our most popular feature, so I’m sure there will be a lot of anticipation for the release of the first installment. With some players from the previous ranking now having graduated from their prospect status, there is sure to be some change in this current edition of HF’s Top 50. Join the discussion at the HF Boards once this feature is released, as it usually generates generous helpings of opinion.

And, as we inch closer to June, you will see more activity related to the NHL Draft. Some of the profiles have been posted at the league pages, with more to come. And you can keep up with how this year’s prospects are ranked each month with each installment of the ISS top 30.

As always, there is a great deal to content at Hockey’s Future to satisfy any hockey fan. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy all that we do at HF.  We appreciate your support of the site.

Ken McKenna
Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future