Vikingstad in First Camp With Blues, Norway Notes

By Evan Andriopoulos

Tore Vkingstad who tallied (9G4-5-9 10PIM)for the National Team of Norway has willingly accepted an offer from St.Louis to attend camp. Vikingstad has impressed the Blues scouts with his uncanny knack to find open ice and the net. Vikingstad a 6th round selection will leave Norway at the end of August and test himself with the Blues in dry-land workouts and on ice training.

Vikingstad`s ultimate goal is to make the parent roster of St.Louis and if he is assiged to their minor league affiliate he plans on returning to Sweden until his time is right to try a run at the NHL again.

In Norwegian Daily VG a translated version of what Vikingstad had went:

TV: I could have taken the contract offer now and been assured a place in the minor league, but I would like to have a shot at the NHL and if not return to play in Sweden. I would like to see how I can play in the exhibitions.-Told to Stavanger`s Aftenblad via VG.

If I am not on the team after I will return and play for Leksand in the Swedish Elite Series leaving Fårjestad.

Also Aker IHK of Oslo will participate in Gjøvik Mountain Hall, the site of some of the 1994 Olympic Ice Hockey Tourney. The roster has been set:

Rune K is only playing on Saturday. He is not staying,


Kent Nyholt (Goalie) AIHK 6.01 230 27
Evan Andriopoulos (Coach-Def.) AIHK-Inj. 6.02 225 31
Thomas Smefjell (Center) AIHK 6.03 190 26
Jon Kristiansen (Defense) AIHK 5.10 175 39
Eddie Kristiansen (Center) AIHK 6.03 190 31
Tomas Lyngås (Wing) AIHK 5.10 170 28
Erik Kristiansen (Goalie) AIHK 5.09 185 39
Øyivind Helgesen (Defense) AIHK 5.11 175 36
Dag Rustad (Goalie) FORWARD 5.10 180 29
Rune Johansen (Defense/Wing) Kalbakken 5.09 170 26
Paul Bø (Defense) AIHK 6.05 245 23
Øistein Mathisen (Wing/Center) AIHK 6.02 190 23
Erik Wolleng (Wing/Defense) AIHK 6.05 210 25
Oystein Hagelund (Defense) AIHK 6.01 180 22
Tomas Nilsen (Goalie) Injured 6.04 200 26
Rune Karang (Defense/Forward) AIHK 5.10 170 33

Not On Roster For Tourney/Unavailable to Attend.

Emil Khotari (Canada), Jakob Snilsberg (SUI), Tobias Emanuelsson(Sweden), Patrick Blomqvist(Sweden), Radek Vbor (Returned to Czech.Rep.), Truls Midtbø(Norway), Dean Karikidas(USA),Raymond Løvholm(Norway).