Q&A with Tyler Beskorowany

By Holly Gunning

Tyler Beskorowany is coming off a rough year with Owen Sound in which he saw an average of 37 shots a game,  had to fight for playing time and was overtaken in the playoffs by the draft-eligible Scott Stajcer (NYR). He’ll get an opportunity to wipe the slate clean with the Kingston Frontenacs this season, where he was recently traded. A contract with the Dallas Stars, who drafted him in the second round in 2008, awaits if he can turn it around.

Now playing at the 2009 Traverse City Prospects Tournament, the 6’5" Beskorowany had a 2-1 shootout victory over the Minnesota Wild on Monday. He will play today in the fifth-place game against the Detroit Red Wings.

Hockey’s Future spoke to the 19-year-old Sudbury, Ont. native after Wednesday’s game against Columbus in Traverse City in which he backed up Richard Bachman.

HF: They put you to work with the white board on the bench today, were you tracking shots?
TB: Faceoffs today.

HF: Who did well?

TB: (Kyle) St. Denis did well, (Mathieu) Tousignant. Everybody did OK. It was pretty much 50/50 all over the place.

HF: You were posing for a picture just now with a Columbus player, is he a friend from junior?
TB: Yeah, I’ve played with him the last two years and we got to know each other pretty well. Paul Bezzo, he had a goal tonight. It’s nice to see him out here.

HF: He wouldn’t have scored that goal if you were in net, right?

TB: Probably not (laughs). I told him that too while we were taking the picture.

HF: So you got traded to Kingston this summer, are you real excited?
TB: Yeah, I am. Great city, the guys are great. The coaches — can’t say enough about Dougie Gilmour and the goalie coach there Kory Cooper. It will be a fun season and we should do well.

HF: Maybe you won’t see so many shots this year?
TB: Probably not. Our defensive corps is pretty strong this year, we have (Erik) Gudbranson, who is supposed to be ranked top-five right now in the NHL draft. (Brian) Lashoff, who’s playing with Detroit right now. (Taylor) Doherty, who’s with San Jose. With the players we have, we should do well.

HF: Was Owen Sound tough to play behind due to the system? Were they more run and gun?
TB: Not really. Me and (Scott) Stajcer, we both knew we were No. 1’s and we knew that one of us would be gone this year. Him being the younger guy and having a little bit of experience in the playoffs last year I think they kept him for that.

HF: Are you two pretty good friends?

TB: Yeah, we chat all the time and we still keep tabs with each other. We chatted yesterday actually. Things are going good for both of us. It’s better this way that we’re both No. 1’s now and both going to get a lot of games.

HF: Have you worked with Kory Cooper yet?

TB: Yeah, I’ve been in Kingston for two weeks already. My one buddy played for their Jr. A team down there last season so he introduced me when I went down. Cooper knows what to work on me, he’s a smart guy. He’s been doing this for a lot of years now.

HF: You’ve got Mike Valley here with Dallas now too, what have you guys worked on this week?

TB: While we’re here, we’re just getting a feel for the puck before games. He doesn’t want to work us too, too hard. We have camp coming up.

HF: Is he going to come and visit you during the year?
TB: I think so. We’ve talked about that and ways we can watch video with each other and chat online. I guess one of his buddies has a website where I can actually see what he’s doing on the screen. He can say something’s wrong with my glove and point it out on the screen. If he can figure that out, we should be able to do it like that.

HF: What is Dallas saying about your progress, are they being real encouraging?
TB: Yeah, they’re just pretty much telling me to keep working hard and keep doing what I’m doing. I need a solid season and I think that’s what they’re waiting for. They’re telling me don’t give up, just keep working hard, take everything as a learning experience and go from there.

HF: Is there anything in particular they want you to improve on?
TB: Consistency, really. I know that I have to work on that. I think that was a big part of last year, the reasons why I didn’t do as well as I wanted to do maybe. I saw it, Dallas saw it, everybody’s seen it.

HF: Who’s the best shooter on this Dallas tournament team?

TB: Hmm. Once you get up to this level everybody’s able to shoot the puck and place the puck. Jamie Benn can place the puck pretty well when he wants to. (Ivan) Vishnevskiy has a hard shot from the blue line.

HF: Do you ever skate out in the summer?

TB: No, but I like to when I go home for Christmas, get on the outdoor rink and shoot pucks around with my buddies. It’s fun when I play with them. They like to have me on their team or if I’m not on their team they like to hit me into the snowbank, just because I’m up to this level and they’re not used to that kind of thing.

HF: You seem like someone that people would want to pick on anyway.
TB: I know, I know (laughs). I’ve always been that bigger guy that everyone just likes to pick on for fun. I’ve gotten used to it, but yeah.

HF: It seems like you’re having a really good time here.

TB: I am, yeah for sure (smiles). It’s my second year here, I got to know the guys a lot last year. It’s nice to come back to familiar faces and just chat it up with everybody, see how things are going back on their junior teams.

HF: Are you really pumped up for tomorrow? (placement game) It’s a big stage.

TB: Yeah, I have a lot to prove to the organization. I think it’s a big game just to show them what I can do. Just to prove to them that I am working on my consistency. I had a good game against Minnesota so I want to come back out and have another strong game and show them that I’m capable of doing that.