Play the 2009-10 HF NHL Hockey Pool!

By League Press Release

Want to test your knowledge of NHL players against other Hockey’s Future readers? Then join the Hockey’s Future NHL Hockey Pool today!

Even though the NHL season begins October 1st, you’ll have until October 15th to set your roster for the season. So you aren’t too late to get involved with the HF pool.

But, is the main attraction of this pool being able to claim bragging right over your fellow HF netizens? Well, I’m sure that’s part of the fun. But we’ll also be giving prizes to those that climb to the top of the HF mountain, so take a look at the HF NHL Hockey Pool website for more details.

And the best part? It costs nothing to join this pool! So you can get started today and get to work on building your HF powerhouse franchise immediately.

What are you waiting for? Just click on a link in this announcement and join the fun at the 2009-10 HF NHL Hockey Pool!