2000 Prospect Profiles (Plymouth Whalers)

By pbadmin

Kris Vernarsky

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 185

Team: Plymouth

Position: Left Wing

HF Comments: Big for his age, Kris still has a ways to go with his skating skills.
While his speed isnt bad, he skates with his legs too far apart, which affects his
agility. He has a decent shot, and passes well, but doesnt put up big numbers due
to limited ice time.
Kris’ defense is decent, but he needs to learn to shadow a little
better; he often leaves his man totally alone. Physical game has gotten better as the
season has worn on. He has size, but he doesnt use it to his advantage very often.
Kris needs plenty of ice time to be effective. In games where he gets
this, he plays well. When he doesnt get the ice time, his play suffers, and he
does little but eat up ice time. Also, when he doesnt get his ice time, he doesnt
get “into” the game, and is often a step behind the play. Has come on very well in
the playoffs, and has played a regular shift. He hasnt put up big
numbers, but he has been a physical presence, and shows flashes of
offensive brilliance. Similar to Charlie Stephens, this kid has all the tools, he just lacks polish. I cant wait to see him next
season when he is on a #2 scoring line.

Jared Newman

Height: 6′”

Weight: 180

Team: Plymouth

Position: Defensemen

HF Comments: Jared is a defensve defenseman, and reminds me a lot of his teammate,
Fisher. Plays the same smart defensive game, but has the size that
Fisher lacks.
Newman gets plenty of minutes despite playing for the deepest defensive
team in
the OHL.
Newman is excellent in transition, and has excellent defensive
especially for someone his age. Very rarely does he ever get caught out
Newman doesnt throw the body often, but he doesnt shy away from the
physical game
either, and can take a check and keep going.
Excellent skater with great balance and agility, but probably the most
detail to Newman’s repetoire of skills is his ability to accelerate
It’s very rare to find a skater at his age that is able to accelerate
this well.
Offensively, he doesnt put up big numbers and probably never will. That
said, he does know when to join the rush offensively, ala Adam Foote.