Henrik Zetterberg – the next star

By pbadmin

Henrik Zetterberg – the next star

Henrik Zetterberg has been playing great the whole season. He was drafted very
late (210 overall) by Detroit Red Wings in 1999. The truth is that he wasn’t a
top prospect last season. But the way he is playing this year is incredible.
He has dominated in the 2nd Tier League with Timra and been playing great on
the National Junior Team. Detroit made a real bust when they drafted him. He
is expected to join an Elite league team next season and that will make him
one of the top candidates for the Rookie of the Year award. So far Zetterberg
has 23 points (15g, 8a) in 28 games with Timra.
So what makes Henrik so special? He is not big, but he has great moves and an
impressing scoring touch. His skating skills are above average and he’s good

Zetterberg was the best player in Sweden’s (vs Switzerland) opening game in
WJC. He showed some great puckhandling skills and scored a highlight goal on
his own. He got much ice-time, on the power-play as well as on the penalty
killing unit.

The report above was courtesy of Johan Nilsson, who runs his own Elitserien page located
at: http://www.eliteprospects.com/. I highly recommend
checking this site out, as it is one of the best sites on the net in regards to hard to find Swedish hockey info.
Johan does a great job with the site, and updates it daily. You cant beat that so VISIT NOW!!

Sweden vs Switzerland 7-1

0-1 Flavien Conne
1-1 Christian Berglund (Magnus Hedlund)
2-1 Henrik Zetterberg
3-1 Gabriel Karlsson (Bjorn Melin)
4-1 Viktor Wallin (Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin)
5-1 Magnus Hedlund (Bjorn Melin)
6-1 Christian Berglund (Peter Messa)
7-1 Tony Martensson (Per Hallin, Christian Backman)

Sweden didn’t start the game very well. The players seemed nervous. It didn’t
take along time before Switzerland had a goal from Conne. Asplund did a
terrible mistake when he couldn’t keep a very weak shot so on the rebound
Conne scored.

This was an awaking call to Sweden and they started playing better. Christian
Berglund scored a fine goal on a breakaway thanks to defender Magnus Hedlund
who delivered a great pass.

Sweden was dominating the 2nd period with 15 shots while Switzerland only
managed 4 on Asplund. Henrik Zetterberg was outstanding and he scored a great
goal on his own. A couple of minutes later Dallas draftee Gabriel Karlsson had
his 1st goal of the tournament.

The Sedin twins played well during the game and their highlight came when
Daniel delivered a brilliant pass to defenseman Viktor Wallin who than had an
open net.

Sweden started the 3rd period slightly unconcentrated. But after a while the
best defenseman of the game, the 5-6 tall Magnus Hedlund scored on a shot from
the blue line. Switzerland was a beaten team and Christian Berglund and Tony
Martensson ended the game with two more goals.

The Top 5 Swedish Players:
1. Henrik Zetterberg, 1 goal
2. Christian Berglund, 2 goals
3. Magnus Hedlund, 1 goal, 1 assist
4. Daniel Sedin, 1assist
5. Niklas Kronwall