Flyers AHL/ECHL prospects 2009-10 review

By Chris Shafer


Jonathan Matsumoto, C
6’0, 190 lbs.
Acquired: 3rd round, 79th overall, 2006

Out of all the forwards on the Phantoms roster, the 23-year-old Matsumoto’s performance was easily the least disappointing. In 80 games, he notched 30 goals and added for another 32 assists for 62 points on the season. Though he was second in scoring on the Phantoms in 2008-09, he led the way this season with only one fewer point than his prior campaign.

While he carried a lot of the responsibility as the lead forward for the team, he did not provide much help defensively. His -19 rating was tied for second worst on the roster and first among forwards. With his contract status for next season currently up in the air and a deep group of forwards joining the Phantoms next year, his strong play offensively may be the only thing that earns him a new contract. The Flyers still do not seem to consider him near the top of the list as a possible call-up.

Jon Kalinski, C
6’1, 180 lbs.
Acquired: 6th round, 152nd overall, 2007

At the age of 22, Kalinski has become one of the most versatile forwards in the Flyers prospect pool. His role of first Flyers winger call-up was recently taken by Andreas Nodl, but Kalinski has the added advantage of playing a very defensively sound game in the middle. He can win faceoffs and forecheck very well.

He was one of the only Phantoms forwards to have a relatively strong year. Though his rating suffered because of the team, he returned from the dangerous injury he suffered in 2008-09 very well, even earning himself a 10-game call-up where he notched two assists. In 69 games at the AHL level, he scored 10 goals and added another 18 assists.

Ryan Dingle, C
5’10, 180 lbs.
Acquired: Trade with Anaheim, 2009

When he came to Philadelphia in a trade that brought Chris Pronger to the Flyers, not much was expected of him. The 26-year-old Dingle took up a very minimal role with the Phantoms. Despite injuries spreading among the Phantoms forwards throughout the season, Dingle rarely got a heavy load of ice time.

In 54 games he scored only five goals to go along with another five assists. His contract is up as of July 1st, and he is not expected to be returning.

Andreas Nodl, RW
6’1, 196 lbs.
Acquired: 2nd round, 39th overall, 2006

Almost two years removed from making the Flyers roster right out of college, Nodl has still yet to find his scoring touch at the professional level, but that has not stopped the 23-year-old from getting into the lineup for other reasons. While in the AHL, his boardwork, forechecking, defensive play, and physical play have greatly improved over these past few seasons.

In 65 Phantoms games this season, Nodl scored 14 goals along with 20 assists. He did get a mid-season call-up when the Flyers for 10 games where he notched a single assist. When injuries hit the Flyers hard at the end of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, he leaped forward prospect Jonathan Kalinski as the top Flyers call-up.

Stefan Legein, RW
5’10, 185 lbs.
Acquired: Trade with Columbus, 2009

When the Columbus Blue Jackets felt their former second-round selection Stefan Legein could use a change of scenery after his now famous retirement and return, they did not hesitate to move him for a much-needed puck-moving defensive prospect. The Phantoms got ahold of the edgy 21-year-old at a time when they desperately needed some offensive support. He did not disappoint.

Legein brought an immediate offensive boost to the Phantoms even though it was not enough to save their offense. He finished second on the team with 24 goals while adding another 10 assists through the course of 71 games in Adirondack.

David Laliberte, RW
6’1, 198 lbs.
Acquired: 4th round, 124th overall, 2004

Laliberte, along with Matsumoto, Patrick Maroon, and Jared Ross, was one of the forwards who was a particular disappointment this season on the Phantoms. The team expected much better from him than 18 goals and 28 assists for 48 points in 66 games.

Even so, now at the age of 24, Laliberte earned his first NHL call-up this season while the Flyers suffered from injuries. He became the first Flyer since Eric Lindros score score a goal in each of his first two NHL games. He finished his call-up with two goals and an assist in 11 games. Like Matsumoto, his contract for next season is still up in the air.

Rob Bellamy, RW
6’0, 205 lbs.
Acquired: 3rd round, 92nd overall, 2004

Almost ready to turn 25, Bellamy is at the end of his second straight season in Adirondack with a limited role. His physical game has been put on the back burner behind other forwards who play a more complete game.

He accounted for two goals and five assists in the 62 games in which he took the ice, but with his contract up on July 1st, he may be one of the many who will not be returning to the Phantoms lineup.

Josh Beaulieu, RW
6’1, 180 lbs.
Acquired: 5th round, 152nd overall, 2005

For the third straight year, the 23-year-old Beaulieu had a short season in the AHL playing only 46 games. With very limited ice time, the edgy winger earned four points off of two goals and only accounted for 11 penalty minutes.

With his contract up, it is looking probable that he may be on the way out in favor of many of the new names headed to Adirondack next season.

Patrick Maroon, LW
6’4, 225 lbs.
Acquired: 6th round, 161st overall, 2007

It was a rough offensive year for the only team in the 2009-10 AHL season to score under 200 goals. The now 22-year-old Maroon certainly did not help matters. He was expected to largely be the Phantoms breakout forward this year. He started off the season slow thanks in part to an offseason injury that may have cost him his chance to play with the Flyers this season, but he eventually got his production back on track after a head injury gave him a little bit of time to rest mid-season.

The injuries held him back from playing a full season, but he did managed to increase his number of assists by two, registering 33 in the 67 games he played. His 11 goals, compared to the 23 he scored last season, were the biggest eye-opener. He was a power forward and crease menace considered one of the favorites to make the NHL roster out of camp last summer. He will need to play better next season in the AHL before the Flyers consider him again.

Garrett Klotz, LW
6’5, 235 lbs.
Acquired: 3rd round, 66th overall, 2007

Now 21, Klotz improved his grand offensive total of one assist in 36 games during the 2008-09 season to six including two goals in 73 games this year.

Since the Flyers have a number of skaters on the roster who can excel defensively as well as bring a physical edge to the game, it is not likely that the heavyweight will be called up. Since he is under contract next season, he might be the only fighter to return for 2010-11.

Matt Clackson, LW
6’0, 205 lbs.
Acquired: 7th round, 215th overall, 2005

With nearly 200 more penalty minutes than any other Phantom in 2008-09, Clackson returned to the lineup to bring the physical game in 2009-10. He once again led the Phantoms but only accounted for 174 minutes.

In 60 games, the now 25-year-old Clackson scored two goals and added four assists. His contract is up at the end of this season, and he is among a number of edgy Phantoms forwards who may not be back.

Kevin Marshall, D
6’1, 207 lbs.
Acquired: 2nd round, 41st overall, 2007

New to the professional game, the 20-year-old Kevin Marshall quickly discovered that the guys in the other colors were not going to cut him any slack for being a former QMJHL champion. The shut-down defenseman had to completely overall his physical game and emerged even tougher by the end of the season.

In 75 games he assisted on seven goals while adding two of his own and got much better as the season progressed. He will be back on the Phantoms in 2010-11 as one of the few players who received praise from the coaching staff at the end of a disappointing season.

Marc-Andre Bourdon, D
6’0, 225 lbs.
Acquired: 3rd round, 67th overall, 2008

Bourdon was named the Flyers seventh defenseman at the start of the regular season because of an injury emergency. He traveled for a bit with the team but did not get a chance to play in any games. He was sent back to the AHL, where injuries limited his game total to only 61, but the 20-year-old professional rookie managed two goals along with another 17 assists from the blueline.

Unlike his new teammate and former QMJHL competition Marshall, Bourdon’s physical game did not take an extra step at the AHL level. His defensive game suffered more, and though he received some praise for his season, Flyers assistant General Manager John Paddock acknowledged that Bourdon needed work in a few areas. It seems as though skating is a particular weakness to work on this offseason.

Joonas Lehtivuori, D
5’11, 180 lbs.
Acquired: 4th round, 101st overall, 2006

The 21-year-old came to the Phantoms last summer with the experience of playing three full seasons against grown men with Ilves Tampere of the Sm-Liiga, something that neither Kevin Marshall nor Marc-Andre Bourdon had. With the departure of Oscars Bartulis to the NHL, Joonas Lehtivuori became the top defenseman for the Phantoms.

In 66 games, he scored five goals with 18 assists for 23 points, but the weight of his play is not explained in the numbers. His calm, controlled puck-moving and defensive play became the biggest bright spot in the Phantoms season.

Denis Bodrov, D
6’0, 185 lbs.
Acquired: 2nd round, 55th overall, 2006

It was a short 17-game season for the 23-year-old Bodrov, who spent most of it fighting with the Mytishchi Atlant of the KHL over a contract dispute. He played 12 games in the KHL, registering only a goal, but after a lot of speculation, he finally made the jump to North America.

The Phantoms signed him to a contract, and he played well for the limited part of the season despite missing the last few games due to injury. He scored a goal and added three assists. As of right now, he is not under contract for next season, but he is likely to get an entry-level deal this summer.


Michael Teslak, G
6’2, 180 lbs.
Acquired: Signed as a free agent, 2008

It seems that the Teslak experiment has hit a very serious snag only two years after it started. They Flyers signed the now 24-year-old Teslak out of Michigan Tech, where he put up very good numbers. Since then he has spent only 16 total games playing at the AHL level.

He spent five games with the Phantoms this year, accounting for one win, a 3.86 GAA, and a .871 save percentage. The majority of his 2009-10 season was spent with the Wheeling Nailers of the ECHL where he won seven games out of 22 while recording a 3.83 GAA and a .872 save percentage. With his contract up and more goalies headed to Adirondack, it is not likely that he is kept on.

Jeremy Duchesne, G
6’0, 200 lbs.
Acquired: 4th round, 119th overall, 2005

Right before his entry-level contract basically finished with the end of the Phantoms season, Duchesne got in one NHL game. He played 17 total minutes but let in a goal. That pretty much sums up how his career has gone.

Like Teslak, he was ousted from Adirondack and sent to the ECHL. This season, he spent the majority of the time splitting games with the Kalamazoo Wings where he won nine of his 24 games, recorded a 3.20 GAA, and saved 90.4 percent of shots fired his way. He also played four AHL games with the Phantoms, winning only one of them and coming away with a 2.97 GAA as well as a .898 save percentage. Like Teslak, it is likely that his time with the Flyers organization is over.