Isles demote Jason Holland

By pbadmin
After a strong showing in last night’s 1-0 loss to the Florida Panthers, the New York Islanders have decided to return Jason Holland and teammate Steve Webb to Kentucky (AHL). The team’s next game is a road game against the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Holland looked like a seasoned veteran on the ice. He took numerous shots. He even had a semi breakaway in which he almost became the hero of the game. Unfortunately for Holland, Florida’s game winner bounce off Holland and was redirected to the stick of Ray Whitney who scored the sole goal of the game.

Holland has been rumored in many trades. Most fans agree that he is one of the logical candidates to be traded as he has a load of talent. Since the team has such an over abundance of young defensemen, somebody will be departing soon bring in offense. J.P. Dumont is also still popping up in trade rumors around the league. Another scenario which would bring Holland back to Long Island is the trading of Dennis Vaske, the most likely defenseman on the roster to be traded. Vaske has also been plenty of rumors. One thing for sure, Holland will be back in the NHL this season.