Habs’ Prospects Camp (Week 2)

By Chris Boucher
Week 2 of the Prospect Camp began with the much anticipated return of Guy Carbonneau to the Canadiens’ family. Carbonneau, who expects it to take a couple of months to settle into his new position, looked quite comfortable on the ice. The prospects looked very anxious to be around him, almost colliding with one another in order to take passes from Carbonneau during warm-up.

Jason Ward and Eric Chouinard were on the ice nearly 45 minutes before the morning practice was scheduled to begin. Ward and Chouinard were joined by Roland Melanson. Melanson would feed the players the puck in front of the net. The passes would alternate between the backhand and forehand. Surprisingly, Ward seemed to be more comfortable than Chouinard, although Chouinard’s quick release and accuracy were prominent during the drill. Mathieu Garon also joined the drill, but that was just prior to the start of practice.

Canadiens’ assistant coach Clément Jodoin made his first on-ice appearance. He took over for André Savard, running most of the drills during practice. Savard was more of an observer, although he did contribute a few of his own drills.

Practice seemed to focus mainly on offensive and defensive triangles. Many of the drills were set up to be three on three’s . Jodoin was very specific as to how exactly the players were to cycle the puck. Carbonneau was a close observer during this section of the practice, occasionally offering some words of advice to the players.

Joining Marcel Hossa, and Dusty Jamieson on the sidelines were Jerome Marois, Jean-Francois Houle, and Evan Lindsay. All three players’ injuries were described as groin pulls. Mike Ribeiro returned and participated in all the drills. There was a new face on the ice, as defenseman Stéphane Robidas made his training camp debut. The on-ice portion of the camp continues Tuesday morning.

Prospect of the Day:

Eric Chouinard (C) 6'3/202 8/7/80 D-Mtl98(1/16)

1999-00 Quebec 50 57 47 104 +23 105 16 6