Another Moose in Europe

By Andrew Bourgeois
Lonny Bohonos has become the second Manitoba Moose (Michael Stewart signed with Frankurt Lions of the German League.) to bolt for Europe as he signed with HC Davos of the Swiss League. The Moose were not even given the opportunity to have Bohonos back in a Moose uniform for the 2000-01 IHL season. Last season the Toronto Maple Leafs had agreed to assign Bohonos to the Moose instead of their AHL farm club in St. John’s Newfoundland. This years contrat negotiations had a different twist to it when the Leafs told Bohonos that he would have to report to the baby Leafs so he signed with Davos of the Swiss Elite League for bigger money.

“After last year, when he didn’t get called up, he was left wondering, ‘How long am I going to hang on to this dream?’ “ said Jim Sedgwick, Bohonos’s Winnipeg-based agent.

Sedgwick said since Bohonos didn’t get a sniff from the Leafs last year, Bohonos figured their actions spoke volumes about what they thought of him, although the money was big by minor-league standards.

Bohonos who left for Switzerland in early August where he will earn twice as much as he was earning in North America knows that there is also a downside when playing in Europe. “I know that while in Europe I will be out of sight and out of mind from NHL teams, but its something that I felt was right for me and it was something that I felt I had to do.” said Bohonos.

But the pressure is on Bohonos while in Davos as they expect Lonny to deliver alot of offence. “Everywhere you go to play there is a bit of pressure on a player to perform, but I think it will be good for me and I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead that awaits.” said Bohonos.
Last year Bohonos had 18 goals and and 33 assists for 51 points had similar offers from European teams but chose to play in North America hoping for the call up that never came. Though a few teams were interested in having Bohonos in their lineup but called it off after learning that he was a restricted free agent and would have to compensate the Leafs.


August 27, 1996 the Anaheim Mighty Ducks sign defenceman Adrien Plavsic.


Former Winnipeg Jet goalie Tom Draper appeared in 59 games between the pipes for the Minnesota Moose in 1994-95.


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