The Blue and White Report Magazine is here!

By pbadmin

To All of you at Hockeysfuture,

I want to thank all of you at hockeysfuture, particularly Bryan and Eric Taylor, for your support and generous comments on my
writing for this great website over the past 2 1/2 years. Thank you Bryan, for giving me the latitude as the Maple Leafs’ editor.

From time to time, we must venture out and take a chance and that is what I’ve decided to do. Over the past year, I have closely
followed the Maple Leafs across a good portion of North America. I have interviewed most of their European and North
American prospects and spent countless hours conversing with each Maple Leafs’ player and reviewing every Maple Leafs
game over the 99-00 season. I have had the great opportunity to see, speak with or talk with a Leafs’ official or scout in
reference to almost every player in the Toronto organization. I have been able to obtain a behind the scenes viewpoint of the
team in action. I have been able to touch upon the underlying philosophy which permeates the organization on largely a firsthand

This work has resulted in the formation of a yearbook style magazine called “The Blue and White Report”. This hockey annual is
now available for the “serious Maple Leafs fan”. It will provide you, as the reader, with a unique look at all of the Toronto
players, often delving into their own analysis, goals and philosophies of play. Each Leafs’ player has an extensive scouting
report/profile and seasonal projections which you just might enjoy.

There are feature articles on many of the Toronto players as well. For you “hockeysfuture” lovers, I have provided extensive
profiles on the top 15 prospects in the organization, along with a capsule profile of each of the 2000 Maple Leafs draft choices.

For those endeared to the Leafs’ past, I have included two stories on “Maple Leafs of the past”. I had the wonderful experience
interviewing and writing about my all-time favourite Toronto player, Darryl Sittler and discovering some inside information about
the 41-42 team.

In addition to the magazine, I have developed a website to support it. The website address is The articles found on the website will be updated frequently and do not appear in the
magazine. They will be the result of my ongoing effort to report on the Maple Leafs’ organization. E-mail me with your questions
and I will try to find out the inside information that you desire.

If you wish to order the magazine, you may do so in 3 ways. You may order it on a secure online server on the website, You may call toll-free, 1-888-633-5703 from 8am to 5pm, eastern time or 1-888-633-5704
from 5pm to 10pm, eastern time and order it with your credit-card. You may send $6.95 Cdn, plus $1 shipping and handling or
$5.95 US, plus $1 shipping and handling to: The Blue and White Report, PO Box 437, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5W 1C2.
Again, many thanks to Hockeysfuture for their help and support which I fully pledge back to you.


Tim Hennie Writer and Editor: The Blue and White Report