Atlanta Takes a Thrashing, 6-3 Detroit

By Jessica Haskin
I knew this game was going to be exciting when during the pre-game skate
Sean Avery was chirping to the Atlanta Thrashers every chance he got,
stretching over at the red line instead of at the face off circle with
the rest of his team, yapping continuously. Both teams came out
crashing and banging but didn’t take any penalties for the first three
minutes. Mike Sgroi took the first of the many penalties handed out
in the game drawing an interference call. Atlanta jumped at the
chance when Mike Weaver slammed the puck past JF Perras with 21 seconds
remaining on the power play. Detroit came back quickly scoring less
than a minute later. Ryan Barnes and Eric Bowen dropped the gloves for
the first fight of the night at 8:04, each receiving 5 minute majors.
30 seconds later Avery and Luke Sellars each received 5 minute majors
also after deciding to go for a whirl, which in turn immediately
inspired Kori Davison and David Kaczowka to give it a try.
Unfortunately for Davidson and Kaczowka they received game misconduct’s
along with their 5 minute majors. A few minutes later Adam Deleeuw and
Darcy Hordichuk got into a scuffle, each receiving 2 minutes for
roughing. Jason Williams also at the same time took a hooking penalty
putting Atlanta on the Power Play. Perras made a spectacular save on
Brad Tapper but Derek MacKenzie made the Red Wings pay when he put the
puck past Perras with just 18 seconds left on the power play. Jules-Edy
Laraque scored the third for Atlanta just 25 seconds later, sending the
puck just over Perras’ left shoulder. While short handed Magnus Nilsson
got the puck and took off with Tim Verbeek catching up, Nilsson passed
to Verbeek just a few feet in front of Rob Zepp, not giving him a chance
to do anything. With 2 minutes left in the first Avery and Laraque
dropped the gloves, the two smallest guys on the ice, yet two that make
up in spirit what they lack in size. Avery drew 2 minutes for
instigating the fight, 5 minutes for fighting, and was thrown out of the
game for his second fight. Laraque received 5 minute fighting major.
The first period ended with 66 penalty minutes, and 3 players being
ejected from the game.

The Second period started with a bang, when 2
seconds after they dropped the puck Sgroi and Hordichuk dropped the
gloves, it was a short fight but Sgroi cleanly beat Hordichuk.
Hordichuk left the ice obviously needing stitches for his bloodied face
and Sgroi sat in the penalty box for
his 5 minutes. Deleeuw and Kirill Alexeev went at it 4 minutes later
when Deleeuw didn’t like the slash Alexeev had given him. The fight
ended with Alexeev laying on the ice holding his wrist with a very
pained expression on his face. Alexeev left the ice with a dislocated
shoulder which may require surgery. Brad Tapper took a high sticking
call at 7:20. Barnes working with Verbeek and Dustin Kuk made Tapper
regret the slash, sending the puck past Zepp. The Thrashers made a
goalie change with T.J. Aceti replacing Zepp at 10:31 of the second. 50
seconds later Aaron Van Leusen scored assisted by Tomas Kopecky and
Verbeek. At 7:40 Kopecky scored a power play goal tipping in Anton
Borodkin’s shot, putting Detroit up 5-3.

The third period was relatively uneventful with only a few minor penalties and one goal scored at 1:55
by Borodkin, assisted by Kopecky. Both teams quietly left the ice too
worn out to be celebrating the win or to show any anger because of the