IHL Players at NHL Training Camps

By Andrew Bourgeois

Now that NHL training camps are getting under way many IHL players will find themselves participating at the camps. Below is a breakdown of the IHL clubs that have players at NHL camps and what camp they are at.

AUTHORS NOTE: Due to the fact not all NHL clubs released training camp rosters some players may not have been mentioned.

Long Beach is included in the list though they are not part of the IHL due to the fact players from the Ice Dogs are attending NHL camps. Michigan K-Wings players are not listed due to the fact they are not in the IHL this year and Dallas switched affiliations to Utah and never released their training camp roster but most players with the K-Wings last season were under contract with Dallas and will be at the Stars training camp.
Some players are listed with 2 clubs due to the fact that they played with both IHL clubs during the 1999-2000 IHL season.

Greg Andrusa- San Jose Sharks
Chris Ferraro- New Jersey Devils
Steve Maltais- Columbus Blue Jackets
Derek Plante- Philadelphia Flyers

Craig Adams- Carolina Hurricanes
Steve Bancroft- San Jose Sharks
Erik Cole- Carolina Hurricanes
Brian Felsner- Carolina Hurricanes
David Karpa- Carolina Hurricanes
Greg Koehler- Carolina Hurricanes
Greg Kuznik- Carolina Hurricanes
Craig MacDonald- Carolina Hurricanes
Ian MacNeil- Carolina Hurricanes
Marc Magliarditi- Carolina Hurricanes
Jean-Marc Pelltier- Carolina Hurricanes
Randy Petruk- Carolina Hurricanes
Bryon Ritchie- Carolina Hurricanes
Mike Rucinski- Carolina Hurricanes
David Tanabe- Carolina Hurricanes
Nicos Tselios- Carolina Hurricanes
Shane Willis- Carolina Hurricanes

Kyle Calder- Chicago Black Hawks
Chris Feil- Chicago Black Hawks
Casey Hankinson- Chicago Black Hawks
Chris Herperger- Chicago Black Hawks
Ty Jones- Chicago Black Hawks
Ryan Kraft- San Jose Sharks
Michel Laroque- Chicago Black Hawks
Steve Larouche- Chicago Black Hawks
Brian McCullough- Chicago Black Hawks
Evengi Nabokov- San Jose Sharks
Jeff Paul- Chicago Black Hawks
Colin Pepperall- Chicago Black Hawks
Nathan Perrott- Chicago Black Hawks
Geoff Peters- Chicago Black Hawks
Dmitri Tolkunov- Chicago Black Hawks
Todd White- Ottawa Senators

Kaspars Ashashenko- Tampa Bay Lightning
Ben Clymer- Tampa Bay Lightning
Gordie Dwyer- Tampa Bay Lightning
Nils Ekman- Tampa Bay Lightning
Matt Elich- Tampa Bay Lightning
Kyle Freadrich- Tampa Bay Lightning
Steve Kelly- New Jersey Devils
Dan Kesa- Tampa Bay Lightning
Kyle Koss- Tampa Bay Lightning
Mikko Kuparinen- Tampa Bay Lightning
Mario Larocque- Tampa Bay Lightning
Paul Mara- Tampa Bay Lightning
Marek Posmyk- Tampa Bay Lightning
Dale Rominski- Tampa Bay Lightning
Samuel St. Pierre- Tampa Bay Lightning
Jan Sulc- Tampa Bay Lightning
Petr Svoboda- Tampa Bay Lightning

Viacheslav Butsayev- Ottawa Senators
Ivan Ciernik- Ottawa Senators
John Emmons- Ottawa Senators
Mike Fountain- Ottawa Senators
Konstantin Gorovikov- Ottawa Senators
Kevin Grimes- Ottawa Senators
John Grudden- Ottawa Senators
Janni Hurme- Ottawa Senators
Derek King- Ottawa Senators
Dieter Kochan- Tampa Bay Lightning
Chris Neil- Ottawa Senators
Rastislav Pavlikovsky- Ottawa Senators
Robert Petrovicky- New York Islanders
Karel Rachunek- Ottawa Senators
Darren Rumble- St. Louis Blues
Peter Schastlivy- Ottawa Senators
Chris Szysky- Ottawa Senators

Steve Bancroft- San Jose Sharks
Brian Felsner- Carolina Hurricanes
Mark Freer- Philadelphia Flyers
David Oliver- Ottawa Senators

Aris Brimanis- New York Islanders
Sean Haggerty- Nashville Predators
Steve Lingren- Vancouver Canucks
Tyler Moss- Carolina Hurricanes
Jon Rohloff- Carolina Hurricanes
Ray Schultz- New York Islanders
Jan Vodrazka- Vancouver Canucks
Dody Wood- Vancouver Canucks

Kaspars Ashtashenko- Tampa Bay Lightning
Jason Blake- Los Angeles Kings
Philippe Boucher- Los Angeles Kings
Brad Chartrand- Los Angeles Kings
Marcel Cousineau- Los Angeles Kings
Nils Ekman- Tampa Bay Lightning
Nikolai Khabibulin- Phoenix Coyotes
Jere Karalahti- Los Angeles Kings
Mikko Kuparinen- Tampa Bay Lightning
Dmiri Leonov- Los Angeles Kings
Jaroslav Modry- Los Angeles Kings
Pavel Rosa- Los Angeles Kings
Scott Thomas- Los Angeles Kings

Bill Bowler- Columbus Blue Jackets
Jason Elliot- Detroit Red Wings
Brett Hauer- Edmonton Oilers
Johan Hedberg- San Jose Sharks
Dan Kesa- Tampa Bay Lightning
Manny Legace- Detroit Red Wings
Keith McCambridge- Boston Bruins
Jim Montgomery- San Jose Sharks
Sean Pronger- Boston Bruins
Marc Rodgers- Detroit Red Wings
Jimmy Roy- Dallas Stars

Chris Murray- St. Louis Blues

Jonas Andersson- Nashville Predators
Andrew Berenzweig- Nashville Predators
Alexandre Boikov- Nashville Predators
Marian Cisar- Nashville Predators
Greg Classen- Nashville Predators
Jayme Filipowicz- Nashville Predators
Rory Fitzpatrick- Nashville Predators
David Gosselin- Nashville Predators
Jeff Kealty- Nashville Predators
Richard Litner- Nashville Predators
Chris Mason- Nashville Predators
Craig Millar- Nashville Predators
Marc Moro- Nashville Predators
Mark Mowers- Nashville Predators
John Namestnikov- Nashville Predators
Danny Riva- Nashville Predators
Kent Sauer- Nashville Predators
Karlis Skrastins- Nashville Predators
Pavel Skrebek- Nashville Predators
Petr Sykora- Nashville Predators
Ryan Trottier- Nashville Predators
Tomas Vokoun- Nashville Predators

Sylvain Cloutier- New Jersey Devils
Jody Hull- Philadelphia Flyers
Dieter Kochan- Tampa Bay Lightning
Cory Schwab- Vancouver Canucks

Kyle Kos- Tampa Bay Lightning

September 4, 1978 after 14 years as the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens Sam Pollock retires.

Former Pittsburgh Penguin, Winnipeg Jets Randy Gilhen was the Manitoba Moose’s first captain.

Frank Nighbor did not invent the pokecheck, players like Ernie Johnson and Jack Walker were pokechecking long before Nighbor did. Nighbor though was the first one to popularize the poke check in the 1920’s.

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