Wings are Airborne After Thrashing the Predators

By Jessica Haskin
Detroit won cleanly in an 8-5 game against the Nashville Predators.
Nashville took an early lead less than a minute into the game when Scott
Hartnell scored, assisted by Greg Classen and Konstantin Panov. Detroit
came back quickly though with Dustin Kuk scoring 28 seconds later. Brad
Twordick went for slashing and Anton Borodkin for holding. Then Brett
Angel was called for holding and a few seconds later Ed Hill for high
sticking. Kuk scored again for Detroit during the 5 on 3 advantage with
the help of Borodkin and Jason Williams. Tim Verbeek (Pat Verbeek’s
little brother) scored on the one man advantage 45 seconds later. Mike
Sgroi and Eric Gooldy played fisticuffs within a minute of the goal,
Gooldy getting the best of Sgroi. There were some rough moments with
Tomas Kopecky getting checked right in front of Nashville’s bench, with
Kopecky precariously half hanging in their bench. A little while later
Classen litterally “crashed” the net, sending the net and Vogel flying.
Kuk went to the box for roughing after doing some stick work to
Hartnell’s neck after Hartnell literally crashed the net, and was laying
in it. Classen scored unassisted on the power play. After the buzzer
for the first period there was a small brawl with a 2 minute minor
handed out to Kuk for slashing.

Nashville came back out with determination and Denis Arkhipov scored a
power play goal 24 seconds into the period. Detroit drew another
penalty for Phillipe Lakos holding the stick. Stuart MacRae struck 10
seconds into the power play giving Nashville the lead. Later on Sean
Avery was yakking with Hill before a face off and obviously they didn’t
like what each other were saying; but Sean went to center and Hill to
Left Wing. A few seconds after the face off Ryan Barnes settled the
argument with Hill for Avery. A few minutes of play later Miroslav
Durak hit Williams stick breaking it. Williams immediately took
exception to that and grabbed Durak throwing him to the ice, where they
wrestled till the refs came and pulled them apart. Each went to the box
for 2 minutes for roughing. Nashville later gave Detroit a 2 man
advantage when Hill and Dean Serdachny each took minor penalties a
minute and a half apart. Detroit set up in the zone and was making
beautiful passes when Kuk slammed it home not giving Jure Penko a
chance. Sgroi scored a bit later rushing down and firing the shot at
Penko, it slipped under Penko’s left pad but Penko unaware that it was
under his pad began to roll to the right, revealing the puck to Sgroi.
Sgroi dove and stuffed the puck in the net.

At 1:58 of the 3rd Jason Ulmer scored for Nashville, tying the game 5-5.
Gooldy and Sgroi went at it once again this time Sgroi getting the best
of Gooldy. Sgroi got 2 minutes for instigating the fight, and each got a
5 minute fighting major and a game misconduct for second fight. Verbeek
stole the puck and raced down the left side of the ice. He got slammed
into the boards at the other end but managed to get the puck to Barnes
who passed to Lakos who scored. Detroit drew two minor penalties and
gave Nashville a short 5 on 3, but Vogel played solidly and Nashville
was unable to put any in. With just under 4 minutes left Verbeek got a
breakaway scoring his hat trick, and sealing Nashville’s fate.