Montreal Canadiens Prospects Tournament Game 3

By Paul Tanasi
Ok. First off, the team played much better…*clap clap* Burturlin (if
you’re still wondering) is in Russia and didn’t attend the tournament.
Another notable MIA was Mike Ribeiro. No, I’m not commenting on his
invisible play, he was actually not dressed and I don’t know why.

The first period was pretty much dominated by Ottawa as they quickly
went up 1-0 on a goal by camp invitee Peter DeSantis. Defenseman Jason
Maleyko made it 2-0 shortly thereafter. Not much happened offensively
fot the baby Habs although they still mustered 10 shots. In the second
period Montreal seemed to take immediate control. Although they went
down 3-0 on a goal by Ryan Craig, they fought back after some line
shuffling and made it 3-2 on goals by Jason Baird and Micheal Ryder who
was rocking on this night. Julien Vauclair made it 4-2 for Ottawa and
Eric Chouinard finished off the period with a pretty goal making it
4-3. Although the score didn’t necessarily show it, Montreal dominated
Ottawa. The Ryder-Larrivee-Guite line was the best line on the ice all
night and if not for some heroics from Mathieu Chouinard, Montreal would
have easily walked away with about 5 goals in the middle frame (outshot
Ottawa 16-7). The third period pretty much continued on the same pace,
more heroics from Chouinard but Sean Connors showed a little of his own
magic by making several spectacular saves. Tim Wolfe scored for Ottawa
then Jerome Marois replied for Montreal so it was back and forth, end to
end exciting hockey until Chris Kelly iced one into an empty net. Final
score 6-4.

A very exciting game, there were no fights which was surprising
considering the Tampa-Florida and the Montreal-Florida games were
slugfests. Standouts for Montreal included Connors, Ryder, Guite,
Chouinard and Larrivee. The defense looked pretty ordinary. Markov had
a few nice rushes but I found his defensive work was still a little
suspect as he coughed up the puck several times deep in their own zone.
Carkner who was a standout in game one was less of a factor in a game
that wasn’t as physical, but I still like his work ethic.

Individual Player Report (If I left a player out it just means they
didn’t do anything worth writing about.)

Daniel Payette – Camp invitee, had several good scoring opportunities
but had trouble finishing.

Eric Chouinard – Played much better than he did in Game 1 anyway.
Showed some flashes of speed and good puck handling. A year in Quebec
will do him good if they can teach him to play both ends of the ice and
better utilize his size.

Micheal Ryder – Awesome game, I expect he’ll be the top goal scorer in
Quebec as I said earlier. Plays hard, drives to the net and isn’t
afraid of the physical game.

Ben Guite – I like this kid. Killed penalties, was on the best line,
hits, skates…..etc. As I mentioned after Game 1, don’t be surprised if
he gets a callup to Montreal sometime during the season.

Christian Larrivee – Impressed me again, he should improve with time.

Jerome Marois – Reminds me a lot of the Yves Sarault, Eric Houde, Pierre
Sevigny’s of the NHL. Good hustle, decent offensive touch but unable to
take their game to a higher level in the NHL.

Jason Goulet – (IHL Michigan) Didn’t play much as the game wore on so
I can’t say much about him although he looks to be a speedy winger.

Mitch Fritz – Nobody to fight on Ottawa, didn’t play more than a few
shifts all night.

Matt Carkner – Played physical again and delivered a few good hits.

Andrei Markov – As I said earlier, looked good rushing the puck but
looked bad trying to clear his zone.

Jonathan Gauthier – Plays like a small defenseman although I don’t have
his stats. Looked a little out of place.

Sean Connors – Undrafted but could earn a spot in Quebec depending on
what happens with Hackett-Theodore. He *should* sur-plant Lindsay but
he may still be eligible for juniors (MJ WHL)

Ottawa Standouts:

Layne Ulmer – Sniper, power forward with decent size and a nice scoring

Chris Kelly – Captain of the Ottawa squad, excellent two way forward.

Chris Heron – 4 assists, US college player with good offensive

Martin Havlat – I wouldn’t call him the next Hossa, reminds me more of a

Peter DeSantis – Was on the puck alot and was in on several scoring
chances. Could have earned himself a contract with his performance

Mathieu Chouinard – I thought he was ready for the next level last
season which may explain his so-so year in the Q. IMO he could
challenge for the #1 spot in Ottawa. Not that Lalime and Hurme aren’t
any good, I just think that he’s as good.











*Note: the lines were shuffled all night.










Scoring Summary


Goal Ottawa – DeSantis (Heron)

Goal Ottawa – Maleyko (Vermette, Havlat)


Goal Ottawa – Craig (Walford)

Goal Montreal – Baird (Larrivee)

Goal Montreal – Ryder (Beaulieu)

Goal Ottawa – Vauclair (Giroux, Heron)

Goal Montreal – Chouinard


Goal Ottawa – Wolfe (Heron)

Goal Montreal – Marois (Larrivee)

Goal Ottawa – Kelly (Giroux, Heron) (en)

Montreal will play Florida in the consolation game and Ottawa will play
Tampa Bay in the finals.