Ortema’s specialty braces serving hockey players in Europe, North America

By Chapin Landvogt

Dennis Seidenberg - Boston Bruins - Ortema Knee Braces

Photo: Boston Bruins veteran defenseman Dennis Seidenberg just completed his 13th NHL season of a career that has been prolonged with the use of Ortema knee braces (courtesy of Ortema)


What was becoming a local specialty was taken international for the first time in 1997. The company then had a cooperation directly with the German Ice Hockey Federation in 2001 and a cooperation with the IIHF as of 2005. As such, Ortema can now be seen every Spring at every IIHF World Championship and often provides services and products right on site for players.

“Especially in continental Europe, we’ve often created a cast mold right at the rink for a player participating in the World Championships,” explains marketing manager Heiko Schmidgall. “I or an associate has then brought the casted mold back to the company and then returned to the event 24-36 hours or so later with the finished product. This has become a fairly common possibility.”

In the meantime, the company has come to be partnered with a number of doctors and therapists around the globe who go about creating the casted molds of their patients and sending them all the way over to Markgroningen to have the braces individually created in a complicated process involving painstaking detail. If necessary, alterations can be made at any time for any brace on the planet as long as they are shipped to the headquarters for adjustment.

With the efficiency, durability, and longevity of the braces gaining notice throughout the hockey world, the company will be looking to bring its specialty service and products more directly to customers outside of Germany. These aids are available to players of all categories and anyone who needs them. They sustain injured areas and can even be worn in advance so as to prevent any such injury from occurring. The ortheses solutions provided by the company do and will continue to allow hockey players around the globe to more successfully overcome injuries and play at a high level without the fear or risk of such injuries reoccurring.

This is very good news for the hockey world.

As a number of current and former NHL players can attest.

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