Red Wings Training Camp Day 1

By Jessica Haskin

The Detroit Red Wings Training Camp opened in Traverse City, Michigan at
9:40 a.m. Saturday. They were split into four different teams, their
rosters are as follows:

Team A
82 Adams, BJ
59 Barkman, John
74 Boutin, JF
11 Dandenault, Mathieu
28 Duschesne, Steve
38 Elliot, Jason
62 Gaucher, Ryan
44 Golubovsky, Yan
72 Kopecky, Tomas
57 Nilsson, Magnus
60 Perras, JF
68 Richardson, Bruce
14 Shanahan, Brendan
51 Van Leusen, Aaron
54 Wedderburn, Tim
36 Young, BJ
19 Yzerman, Steve
45 Zinger, Dwayne

Team B
52 Ballantyne, Paul
81 Bogas, Chris
77 Brand, Aaron
22 Butsayev, Yuri
24 Chelios, Chris
47 Davis, Ken
48 Deleeuw, Adam
91 Fedorov, Sergei
13 Kozlov, Slava*
20 Lapointe, Martin
58 Leonov, Dmitri
35 Miller, Aren
85 Seyferth, Sean
70 Suursoo, Toivo
43 Verbeek, Tim
27 Ward, Aaron
76 Wiksstrom, John
73 Williams, Jason
31 Wregget, Ken

Team C
42 Avery, Sean
78 Barnes, Ryan
63 Borodkin, Anton
65 Davison, Kori
21 Devereaux, Boyd
23 Gill, Todd
96 Holmstrom, Tomas
71 Jinman, Lee
46 Kuk, Dustin
32 Kuznetsov, Maxim
25 McCarty, Darren
75 McNeil, Shawn
55 Murphy, Larry
30 Osgood, Chris
61 Peach, Sean
37 Rodgers, Mark
56 Villeneuve, Marc
50 Villeneuve, Martin

Team D
17 Brown, Doug
39 Brule, Steve
53 Chambers, Josh
33 Draper, Kris*
40 Dzieduszycki, Matt
2 Fischer, Jiri
41 Gilchirst, Brent
83 Jacques, Alexandre
79 Kearns, Justin
66 Lakos, Phillipe
34 Legace, Manny
5 Lidstrom, Nicklas
18 Maltby, Kirk
80 Patterson, James
67 Sgroi, Mike
15 Verbeek, Pat
49 Vogel, Ron
3 Wallin, Jesse

* Didn't come to camp due to contract hold outs.

Team A and Team B played each other at 9:45. Playing 2 periods of 30
minutes running time each. Toivo Suursoo had a spectacular morning
scoring 2 goals and an assist in a 5-0 game against Team A. Both
Wings jerseys didn’t keep Bruce Richardson and Dmitri Leonov from
fighting for about a minute before the refs finally pulled them apart.
Tim Verbeek and BJ Young also went for a whirl. Aaron Ward showed
Magnus Nilsson how checking was done in the NHL when he slammed him
against the boards. Sergei Fedorov came down the ice by himself with 2
defensemen back, Ryan Gaucher and Yan Golubovsky, but Fedorov blew past
them stuffing the puck through Jason Elliot’s 5 hole, thus showing the
young guns how to score. Steve Yzerman received a penalty shot, taking
the puck and smoothly skating down the ice. Around me I heard whispers
of “Will he shoot?” “Will he deke?”. Everyone wanting to see what the
great NHL player would do with this shot. Yzerman took his shot and
missed the net. Showing the youngsters what not to do on penalty

On the other rink Team C and Team D didn’t seem to be getting quite as
aggressive, although Darren McCarty and Manny Legace were rough housing
a little. Phillipe Lakos scored a nice goal when he was awarded a
penalty shot against Martin Villeneuve.

News and Notes:

Ken Holland on Tim Verbeek, “Tim has some of the same traits as his big
brother Pat. He was one of our best players at our Prospect Camp, and
will play some exhibition games.”

Holland also said that Dustin Kuk played very very well up front, and
that Paul Ballantyne played better and better every game.