Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Day 3

By Jessica Haskin
Teams B and C filed out onto the ice, the fans cheering when their
favorite NHL stars came out.

Tim Verbeek came out onto the ice and got quite the reception for a
rookie. Must be nice having the same last name as a Detroit star, eh

Sean Avery was back and skating, and showing everyone that he was ready
for the NHL players. Before the scrimmage both teams were warming up on
their respective sides when Avery skated by the blue line getting a
slash in on Chris Chelios on the way by.

Chris Osgood allowed 4 goals in his 30 minute tenure, while Ken Wregget
allowed 2. Darren McCarty got the puck and went to fire it at the net
but Martin Lapointe dropped down and took one for the team. As Lapointe
got up McCarty grabbed the puck that was laying by Lapointe still and
fired it under Lapointe and through Wregget’s five hole.

Dmitri Leonov and Avery got into a bit of a discussion and started a
stare down while starting to go slowly in the circle getting ready to do
the dance. But the refs noticed and blew the whistle for play to stop
and got between them before they went at it. When it appeared the Ref’s
had ruined the show, Mark Rodgers stepped up and made it happen, whaling
Leonov. Rodgers and Leonov had their dance for a few seconds before the
ref’s ended the show, for good this time.

With the first half ending 4-2, Team B, Team C had to get going if they
wanted to win this. Just over 4 minutes into the second half McCarty
scored against Aren Miller, with assists from Tomas Holmstrom and Marc
Villeneuve. Ryan Barnes tied it up less than a minute later with
helpers from Kori Davison and Larry Murphy. Lee Jinman put Team C ahead
after receiving a pass from Anton Borodkin.

Lapointe getting the puck from Chelios skated in from the redline.
Lapointe fired the puck toward Martin Villeneuve. Villeneuve dropped
down but the puck squeezed through his 5 hole and dribbled into the net.
Team B was now tied up with less than 5 minutes in the scrimmage.

2 minutes later Boyd Devereaux stuffed in McCarty’s rebound, regaining
Team C’s lead.

With a minute remaining Team B pulled Miller from the net. With only 2
seconds left Todd Gill, under some pressure, fired the puck from the
redline towards the net and missed the net. Chelios was down there and
with less than a whole second left grabbed the puck and shot it in his
own net, then turning and giving a big grin to the crowd.

On the other rink Teams A and D were battling.

Kirk Maltby pulled down Bruce Richardson, giving Richardson a penalty
shot. Richardson went flying down the ice putting several dekes on
Manny Legace. But Legace couldn’t be deked out, not this time, and
stoned Richardson.

Jiri Fischer sent a nice pass to Doug Brown, who put a beautiful deke on
Jason Elliot and scored. Justin Kearns received a pass from Matt
Dzieduszycki, and shot the puck over Elliot’s trapper. Kearns and
Dzieduszycki would each add another goal before the period was over.
Giving Team D a 4-0 nothing lead and Legace a nice shut out.

Shortly into the second Maltby tripped Mathieu Dandenault, no call being
made. Dandenault jumped up flying around to face the person who tripped
him, stick in the air ready to slash the culprit. Dandenault then saw
his opponent and decided that just skating away would probably be the
wise thing to do under the circumstances.

Mike Sgroi scored a nice goal on JF Perras, after receiving a pass from
Kearns, who got it from James Patterson. Dandenault “crashed” the net
at the other end, falling over Ron Vogel, sending Vogel’s stick to the
corner. Dandenault got up and started skating away, as he reached the
stick he looked for a brief second as if he was going to slide the stick
back to Vogel. But only for a brief second, He quickly changed his mind
and sent the stick further down the boards. Vogel regained his stick as
the play went to the other end of the ice.

Lidstrom received a penalty shot, as he was about to take off someone on
the bench yelled out to him, and signaled to go high on the stick side.
Lidstrom listened to the advice and scored a beautiful goal, high on the
stick side.

John Barkman scored a beautiful goal, a nice clean shot through Vogel’s
five hole. Brendan Shanahan came down the ice putting dekes on Vogel,
thinking he had the young goaltender totally dismantled, he calmly
backhanded the puck towards the net. Vogel still having one more move
in him stretched out his pads and stoned Shanahan, leaving Shanahan
quite surprised.

With 15 seconds left Lidstrom scored giving the final score of 7-1, Team

The players had fun fooling around in practice after the scrimmage was
over. As they were doing a drill of 2 on 2, Shanahan and Dandenault got
paired up. Dandenault got the puck while Shanahan pushed the net out
from behind Elliot. Dandenault scored in the “empty net”. Legace was
later seen laying on the ice making “snow angels”. I wonder if he was
getting practiced up to show his kids how to do it this winter? These
players may be getting ready for the regular season, but they are still
remembering how to stay light hearted and have fun.