Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Day 4

By Jessica Haskin
With most of the games being high scoring at Training Camp so far, this
mornings first game between Team A and Team D seemed almost a little
slow with only 2 goals and very few penalties.

The first chance of the game was when BJ Adams got caught tripping Steve
Brule. Brule came crashing down on the net but JF Perras poke-checked
the puck away just as Brule was about to release his shot.

Later Tomas Kopecky was alone at center ice and was able to knock the
puck out of the air. Jiri Fischer and Nicklas Lidstrom fairly deep into
the offensive zone realized they had to get back, and get back quick as
they saw Kopecky’s 6’4″ frame racing down towards their net, with the
puck. Fischer was able to get enough of a hook on Kopecky to keep him
from scoring.

Perras and Ron Vogel both had shut outs in their first period of play
and were replaced with Jason Elliot and Manny Legace for the second
period of play.

Brendan Shanahan scored on Legace, firing the puck just inside the post
on Legace’s glove side. Boutin received a penalty shot and looked as if
he was just going to skate straight in and fire a shot with no dekes,
but at the last minute he turned and fired it in under Legace’s glove.

BJ Young was awarded a penalty shot against Legace shortly afterwards.
Young tried to do the exact same move Boutin had scored on, and Legace
thought he had been beat again. But he hadn’t. Legace laid there on
the ice, upset with himself for letting another one “in”. The ref
pointed to the puck laying off to the side where it had slide to after
hitting Legace’s pad. Legace looked over, seeing the puck he
jumped back up and smacked the ice with his stick defying anyone to
on him again.

On the other rink teams B and C were playing a close game. Tied up 3 to
3 with less than a minute left. Scotty Bowman came and told the time
keeper to run them 5 minutes overtime.

Aaron Ward and Chris Osgood had other plans though. With 5.7 seconds
left Aaron Ward ripped a cannon from the hash marks along the left
boards. Osgood later said it was too early to stop that fast and hard
of a shot. Aren’t you glad games are at night?

The game ended 4-3 Team B.

Kirk Maltby stayed after practice was over, and kept practicing his
shots. When he was done he took 3 pucks off the ice with him and gave
them to the security guards to throw to the fans. And then he went and had his
picture taken with a fan.