Wings Team D, the ‘Come Back Kids’

By Jessica Haskin
Team D were the “Come Back Kids” scoring 5 goals in the third period of
a 7 to 4 game. Although it didn’t look too bright for them at the
beginning of the game Team D won the bronze.

The first goal of this high scoring game came on a four on four when
Jesse Wallin and Ryan Barnes were sent to the box for roughing. Their
was a small dispute between them and they had a little WWF going on for
those fans that are both hockey and wrestling fans. Shawn McNeil found
the back of the net for Team D with an assist from Dustin Kuk.

The next goal came from Boyd Devereaux who put the puck past Manny
Legace after he had gotten it from Tomas Holmstrom, 2-0 Team D.

Less than a minute later Team C scored yet again. Lee Jinman, standing
on the left side of the net, received a pass from Marc Rodgers, spotting
Anton Borodkin standing wide open on the right side with plenty of
shooting room. Jinman made a beautiful pass to Borodkin who slammed it
home behind Legace who didn’t have a chance of getting over in time for

Legace had a nice glove save on Darren McCarty with less than 4 minutes
left. Then it was Chris Osgood’s turn to show Legace that he could make
nice glove saves too when he stoned Alexandre Jacques.

Less than a minute into the second period Osgood had to play spectacular
when Pat Verbeek took a shot, hitting Osgood’s pads. Doug Brown was
right there banging at the puck trying to shove it past Osgood. But
Osgood would have no such thing and continued to preserve his shut out.

Holmstrom tried to get in good position in front of the net to be able
to screen Osgood and hopefully tip a puck into the net. But Wallin
wouldn’t let Holmstrom take up camp in front of the net tonight. Wallin
played very well defensively making sure everyone knew not to stand in
the slot without expecting to pay for it.

At 10:53 both teams switched goalies. Martin Villeneuve came in to
replace Osgood, and Ron Vogel to replace Legace.

Twenty seconds later, Larry Murphy passed the puck to Sean Avery who put
the puck past Vogel.

Exactly 2 minutes later Pat Verbeek scored on a Brent Gilchrist’s
rebound, putting Team D on the board.

A minute and a half later, James Patterson with helpers from Justin
Kearns and Wallin. Patterson’s shot went past Villeneuve’s glove and
got stuck in between the netting and the back cross bar.

Seven minutes into the third period Jacques had another nice scoring
chance, but Villeneuve stoned him.

Mike Sgroi found twine at 9:30 with assists going Matthew Dzieduszycki,
and Josh Chambers.

Murphy came very close to scoring when he fired the puck from the blue
line and hit the boards, the puck bounced off the boards flying back
towards the net hitting Vogel’s skates. Luckily for Vogel it was losing
the power from Murphy’s shot by then and didn’t bounce into the net.
Vogel laid down and covered the puck while Holmstrom dug for it, but
Vogel won the war with the Ref blowing the whistle.

Wallin and Kori Davison exchanged some blows but neither one got in a
good hay maker. Each went to their respective penalty boxes to sit for
5 minutes.

Gilchrist found netting at 11:45 with assists from Kirk Maltby and Pat

Less than a minute later the three of them working together scored
again. This time it was Verbeek getting the goal. Maltby received a
pass from Gilchrist and sent the puck sailing in the air towards the
net. Verbeek realizing that it was going wide decided to play a little
baseball and batted the puck past Villeneuve into the net.

With a little under 4 minutes left in the game Jacques finally found the
back of the net on a power play, his helpers were Josh Chambers and

With less than three minutes to go Wallin broke up a 2 on 1 poke
checking the puck away to the boards helping his team maintain the lead.

With just over a minute left in the game Team C pulled Villeneuve.

Maltby stole the puck and put the puck in the empty net getting an
unassisted goal making the final score 7 to 4 Team D.