Update on NHL coverage and other features at HF

By League Press Release

As you may have noticed, we elected to wrap up our NHL coverage at Hockey's Future at the end of last week. The primary reason for this decision was the simple fact that, due to limitations in our current content admin, the NHL content was overwhelming what is still our bread-and-butter content, the NHL prospect coverage. We didn't want that to continue, of course, hence the decision to suspend most of this coverage.

I say “most” because there will most likely be some articles popping up here and there through the rest of this season that will be related to NHL coverage. But the daily coverage has been set aside until next season, when we have a new admin in place and a new look at Hockey's Future.

This decision was in no way related to the actual content that was produced by our writers as I thought that they all did a fine job with the coverage structure that was handed to them in a rather rushed fashion.

As for next season's NHL coverage, it might look like the coverage provided in the final portion of this season, or it might take a different form. But NHL coverage is currently a part of the plan for next season at HF, so I just want to make that clear.

A couple changes coming in the near term would be the introduction of a couple of new article series' related to the NHL prospects. First, the April article is now an awards article, an example of which can be found at this link – http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/14131/ivan_telegin_dominates_first_edition_of_jets_prospect_awards/ . This will be done for all 30 NHL prospect pools. And in May, we'll provide a playoff update for the prospects that have been noteworthy in the postseason, which replaces the minor league update article that we used to provide in that month.

After that comes our NHL Draft coverage, which includes the draft previews, mock draft, draft profiles, and maybe a couple more features that haven't been available in the past. Also, the first phase of our site upgrade should be in place by early June, so that is something else to look forward to.

If you have any thoughts on features that you'd like to see at the site next season, feel free to contact me at [email protected] with those suggestions.

Thank you for your continued support of Hockey's Future.

Ken McKenna

Managing Editor, Hockey's Future

P.S. The latest ranking of the top 50 NHL prospects will be released next week, with the Organizational Rankings following in mid-May.