Rangers Cut 6 Players

By Brandon LeBourveau
Today General Manager Glen Sather announced 6 more cuts for the 2000-01
New York Rangers. A couple of these are very surprising to me, as I really
thought most of these guys would make the team, but, I guess not. Well,
here’s the cuts and a few notes about each player.

Forwards Manny Malhotra, Jeff Ulmer and Derek Armstrong were sent to
Hartford of the AHL along with goaltender J-F Labbe. Forwards Pavel Brendl
and Jamie Lundmark were returned to their junior teams in the Western Hockey

Manny Malhotra: I thought he had a chance, but I guess the Rangers will keep
Taylor as their 4th line center for now. However, Sather may try and trade
Taylor so he can bring up Manny from the minors later in the season.

Jeff Ulmer: Him being cut doesn’t surprise me. He did play well, but from the
start of camp I knew he was going to be sent to the AHL.

Derek Armstrong: Same goes for Armstrong. A possible trade to another team
could be the best for Armstrong, as it doesn’t appear he will ever be an
NHLer as long as he’s Rangers property.

J-F Labbe: This is the biggest surprise to me. I can’t believe he was cut.
When Holmqvist was sent down I was almost 100% sure Labbe would be the
backup, but now it appears that Jason Labarbera has won the job. I’m very
excited to see Labarbera strut his stuff.

Pavel Brendl: Darn it, Darn it, DARN IT! I really wanted to see this kid on
the big club this year. He really played well in camp in my opinion. He
played solid defense, and finally racked up some points towards the end of
camp when he was given lots of power play and 1st line ice time. Now we’ll
just have to wait another year to see this kid on Broadway..

Jamie Lundmark: I think he played just as good this year as he did last year,
but I think sending him back to Junior was the best thing for him. His wrist
injury appears to have set him back a bit, and he’ll have another season to
put on some upper body weight.

Right now the Rangers have 26 players on their roster, 14 forwards, 9
defenseman and 3 goaltenders. They need to get their roster down to 23 by the
end of today, and it will be surprising to see who gets cut. Johan Witehall,
Dale Purinton, Mike Mottau, Jason Labarbera and Jason Doig still remain.
Either Sather is trying to work out a last minute trade to make room for some
of these guys, or he’s still thinking of who to send down. All in all, these
last 3 cuts should be very surprising.